America’s Pastors Are Failing US Miserably

July 30, 2022

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The annus horribilis, 2020, was an unmitigated disaster for American churches – and it has only gotten worse since then.

Like many, I was at first cowed by the Covid lockdowns and mask mandates, as supposed measures “for the public good.”  While living in the Free State of Florida, eventually, lessened the blows, the tyrannical mayor of my home town, Miami Beach, forbade any gatherings of two or more people in public or private. Only when lifted later in 2020 did it become clear that churches were the priority target, when the City Manager announced up-front that limited worship services could resume for on-line broadcast.  Imagine that: all worship services, other than a guitar-strumming pastor, banned for half a year!

Like many a church-goer, I was horrified by the politically-correct reaction of my pastor to the George Floyd riots.  Instead of condemning the violence which, like the Watts riots, would largely destroy inner cities, he gushed sympathy for what our black brothers and sisters were going through.

Then there was the election.  The otherwise conservative pastor of a theologically conservative non-denominational church refused to support Trump.  The closest he could come was to urge all members to read each party platform and decide which more closely matched their belief system.

Such was his guilt after the stolen election, that his following sermon was a stem-winder against abortion!

Last but not least, instead of supporting election integrity, our pastor threw up his hands and spread among the church leadership the pablum that God chooses all leaders and you just have to get with the program.

Hell no.

I still believe in God, country, and family.  My love of God does not negate my love of country – especially when the attacks are constant and ferocious.

What could be the sources of the emasculation of so many American churches?  Why, apparently, have a great majority of pastors failed us so miserably?

Jesus Himself foreshadowed the decay of End Times churches in his letter to Laodicea, which he condemns with:

“Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:” (Rev. 3:17)

Surely this points to late-stage American churches which are materialistically rich and spiritually poor. So many pastors, sadly, seem more concerned with filling tithe-paying seats and skirting the IRS threat to rescind their tax-exempt status if they preach politics from the pulpit.  The leader of my first Bible study group aptly calls this the Commercial Church.

Who can doubt that Satan had a field day in 2020?  Tragically few pastors decided to defy the unconstitutional and anti-God lockdowns – for fear of fines and financial and/or reputational harm.  (To his credit, my pastor at the time gathered more than permitted for in-church worship services for on-line distribution.)

Unbiblical fear flooded the nation, distorting and destroying loyalties, tearing apart communities and churches.  (Could the George Floyd riots have been half as destructive if churches had never closed?)  At my new post-panic church, the pastor started to divide the church body into those vaxxed and unvaxxed. I persuaded him not to.

In sum, commercialism, lack of courage or understanding of the U.S. Constitution, a misreading of the Bible, and unbiblical fear paralyzed countless pastors – and still does.

Why is this important, even for “non-religious” Americans to know?  We are in the middle of a massive spiritual battle, and it is unlikely the forces for good can win (doing God’s will) on the battlefield of ideas and politics if we don’t engage in the spiritual one for the heart and soul of our churches.

What, then, is a patriotic church-goer to do?

First, he must get informed.  This includes both dedicated study of the U.S. Constitution and the Bible itself, so as to counter hoary mis-interpretations of “separation of church and state” as well as respect for any and all “governing authorities” or their unGodly and unconstitutional mandates.  Both concepts are poppycock.

Second, he must influence the church body and encourage his pastor to re-evaluate (as I was able to do re mask mandates targeting the unvaxxed) both unbiblical and unpatriotic positions.  Like the Black Robe Regiment during the War of Independence, our pastors must engage in politics or face loss of legitimacy.

I know biblically-literate Christians brothers who foreswear any involvement in politics, including voting.  I fear this misguided exegesis is married to an uncharitable desire to bring on the Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Coming as soon as possible. We are called with the help of the Holy Spirit to be “restrainers” (John 16:7-11, Thessalonians 2:6-7), not idle spectators or even facilitators of End Time cataclysms, wishing for rewards more quickly.  

Come join a growing army of church-going patriots, by signing up at County Citizens Defending Freedom, taking a Biblical Citizenship course, and influencing your church leaders.  

The time is late, the need is great, and the laborers are few.

Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel books and recently became the Faith Division Leader, Miami-Dade, for County Citizens Defending Freedom.  Contact him at his author site is


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24 comments on “America’s Pastors Are Failing US Miserably”

  1. I agree with everything that you have said except the problem of mixing the vaxed and the unvaxed. There is such a thing as shedding on the part of the vaxed. It is real. I don't know what the answer is to this except to trust God, but my church, and probably most churches are doing the shaking hands thing at every single service. Ours stopped in the winter but started up again in the spring. This shows that the ignorance of the shedding problem is real, and that frankly, the covid virus is 24/7. It is impossible to educate those that don't want to be, and I'm afraid that Christians are high on the list of those choose to be ignorant. Like the revelations on vax damage it will take another year or two for the shedding problem to hit the MSM if it ever does. I am old. If I die from having to coexist with Christians who took the vax then so be it. But there is something about it that is just wrong. People don't have a right to privacy when the choices they make affect the rest of us, and they need to face up to the fact that it is they that made the wrong choice, not us.

    1. Jeane, I really sympathize with your situation. Both the bioweapon attack and the EGT (experimental gene therapy) have horrendous consequences. You are well ahead of the curve – both worldly and among church body – in being wary of shedding. Each of us must take the appropriate cautions, along with prayer, needed for our individual situation. My point was that pastors/churches should not discriminate between members and/or against a sub-group such as those who reject experimental therapies. What a tragedy that not one pastor that I am aware of cautioned against the EGTs.

  2. I am always disgusted and repelled by these phony christian churches that are working for satan. Find a real church. Good churches are in short supply. Reward the best churches with your support.

  3. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I am compelled, by the very nature of what happened during that time, to explain what took place to those that are involved with the U.S. Christian organizations of note.

    Funny thing, though, every time I call or visit or write to such organizations, not a single one has shown any interest at all in hearing me out.

    To me, the Christian church is dead, void of Spirit. It seems they are content closing their eyes to the real power of the Trinity, instead force feeding a very limited set of truths on their parishioners, ones put forth to maximize their bottom line.

    I'm very disappointed in Christian churches.

    Let me leave you with this:

    The Bible is a perfect document, and that goes not only for all that is said in it, but also through its form. Really, form is the key.

    The Trinity is threefold and the Bible is threefold, which is nice because it just so happen to matter, as follows with this useful observation:

    What component of the Trinity dominates the Old Testament? That would be God.

    What component of the Trinity dominates the Gospels? That would be Jesus Christ.

    What component of the Trinity dominates the New Testament? That would be the Holy Spirit.

    The Scribes and Pharisees were unable to perceive the shift in required emphasis when Jesus Christ arrived in the flesh. The same is true today for many, for many are like the Scribes and Pharisees were; they also are unable to make the required shift in emphasis in these times.

    Jesus said at the Last Supper that he has to leave so that the Advocate, the Holy Spirit could come. He specifically states that it will not come until he has departed. But still, no one apparently listens to those words.

    Until the Christian church listens to those that claim to have information from the Holy Spirit they will continue in a downward spiral. It's really that simple.

    Still, I reach out to supposed Christians, asking if they are interested in hearing what was shown to me while I was filled by the Holy Spirit. Maybe someday, one will open their door, invite me in, and we will talk.

    I know you want to say to me now, "Hey, if it's so important just write it down and post it in the Internet".

    I will not cast my pearls before swine. No, until a real Christian shows a genuine interest I will not say what certainly must be said. It would be a waste of time, and detrimental, if I proceed as you suggest.

    Only a very small number of Christians make it through the End Times. I will find that group eventually.

    For now, I must conclude that the type of Christian I will talk to does not run a large Christian church or organization.

    Like I said, I'll find them eventually. I've probably contacted 150 individuals or organizations at this point. If it takes another 150 attempts then so be it. I will find a real Christian, one that acknowledges all of the Bible, eventually.

    I have very great news to tell. My search continues.

    1. Jacob, I’m so glad you hold the Bible as “perfect,” as do I: every single word, jot and tittle. I see you agree about the sad and tragic situation of the Commercial Church. Keep up your search and dedication to the Word!

  4. As to the non-political restrictions most white churches seem to accept, the black churches do not. They have politicians speaking to congregations in the lead up to elections. Furthermore -- the progressivism, leftism, collectivism, so-called secular humanism and Marxism in which the opposition resides is entirely political and entirely religious. The Democrat party is carrying out satan's will, pure and simple. The one unifying feature of their fragmented and inharmonious philosophy is that each of their initiatives is related to all the others by being directly opposed to God. When the Bible says "male and female created He them," Democrats say no... that it's a matter of choice. When our reading of scripture leads us inevitably to understand that abortion is forbidden , Democrats say it's not only permitted but it's laudable, courageous, virtuous. When God throughout scripture affirms the family as a sanctified entity, Democrats say no. The list is endless. Democrats are the party of satan, the accuser, the father of lies and one who opposes and undermines all pronouncements of God. Of course, Democrats will say, just as they do about the constitution, that it's all opinion. Neither the constitution or the Bible are sacrosanct. So in order to argue their religious belief's ours must give way, be abolished and banned. The left is a religion. We owe them nothing but resistance and an ongoing refusal to comply. Any pastor who is stupid enough to believe the government is not imitating Christ. The government(s) crucified Him. Today they are trying to do it all over again. Resist. I hope you won't say that Paul said obey the authorities. He did say that but if the "authorities" had advocated killing and enslaving the citizenry God would not expect our people to obediently take part or fail to resist. I could give many examples but I'll just close by saying one last time -- if there's a satan He's alive and operating by proxy in the world and heavily in the USA via Obama's illegitimate third term (perpetrated through a pitifully depleted and very corrupt man, Joe Biden) If this sounds Americacentric, it is. Without the USA's leadership, this world catches fire and millions die. Climate change is the left's horrendous long-running fraud. They're trying to destroy and enslave us.

    1. Thank you Rod. It is heartening to hear of churches which address political issues from the pulpit. Like you, I don’t believe Apostle Paul orders us to obey “governing authorities” – which is in fact a mis-translation in most modern versions of Romans 13:1. I plan to address this very issue in public talks on this critical subject.

  5. The Second Coming has already taken place. Just like Elijah came with a new name-John-Jesus came with a new name. That new name is Sun Myung Moon. What we need to do now is work together to usher in God's Kingdom.

  6. It is interesting to watch the comments that build from these articles. In my humble opine the problems faced in this country and the world in general is our complete disobedience to the Creator God that calls all to repentance and a turning from our sins back to His commandments. If you take the time to do the study you will find that His common theme throughout His Word is to "FOLLOW MY COMMANDMENTS" yet everyone seems to blissfully breeze right over that fact.

    Most everyone of the "Christian" faith give new converts the book of John to read as a introduction to learning of "Jesus". But I have come to the understanding the solid story of the true Gospel of the True KINGDOM is found in Acts 6:29 -7. It is the same message Yeshua came to tell and to turn the elders back to the Father, and he was killed for it. The same thing happened to Stephen. So if you are serious about following the Messiah, get the message down and go and teach that. It is not the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Messiah. It is repenting and turning back to our Father in heaven and following His commandments. Yes, Messiah Yeshua died not only for our sins but to take back charge of the world that was lost in the garden. Now to give you and me the authority He was given to go into all the world making DISCIPLES of all nations. Baptizing in His name.
    He is either God or a liar. He said "these things you shall do and greater..." The "Church" tells us all "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever". If so then there can be no separation of OT and NT, it is His Word and means what He told us it meant. Or he's a liar... Anyone worth their salt knows it is the devil that is the one the comes to "steal, kill and destroy", and is the author of confusion. So stop being confused, repent, turn from sin and begin again, in Him!

    1. Thank you for your exegesis. For sure God is not a liar, we have His “pure and preserved” Word available (Psalms 12:6-7), it was and continues to be Satan’s primordial strategy to cast doubt on it (Genesis 3:1) – as well as on our God-willed purpose on earth.

  7. The author of the article makes reference in the second sentence of the second paragraph to Acts 6:29-7 but the book of Acts, Chapter 6, ends at the 15th verse in the approved King James Version. This appears to be a typographical error. Please respond.

    1. Tom, please direct your inquiry to C.Josef.D whose comment, not mine, refers to such a verse in Acts 6. Good catch and glad you use the “pure and preserved” KJB. (Psalms 12:6-7.) I always try to double and triple check my Bible citations, but to fail is human.

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