• Argentine Prosecutor Filed A Complaint Against The Leading Opposition Presidential Candidate

    October 18, 2023
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    Image by Ilan Berkenwald

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    Guest post by Roberto Campos

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - Borrowing a page from the Democrat playbook in the United States, an Argentine prosecutor linked to the current Kirchner government, Franco Picardi, brought a complaint against the libertarian candidate for Argentine president in next Sunday's election, Javier Milei. Milei is leading in the polls and is expected to win the Presidency, whether on Sunday’s election or in a runoff election thereafter.

    The complaint is for the alleged crime of public intimidation, which had been initially brought up last week by the current President, Alberto Fernández, after Milei, when asked by a journalist about saving in Argentine pesos, responded: “never in pesos, The peso is the currency issued by the Argentine politician, therefore it cannot even be used as excrement, because that garbage is not even useful for fertilizer.”

    In this way, the Argentine government seeks to hold the libertarian candidate responsible for the rise in the value of the United States dollar, which strictly speaking represents a sustained devaluation of the Argentine peso, that began several years ago, but which in recent months has suffered an even greater fall.

    Contrary to what President Fernández and prosecutor Picardi (who served as a Kirchnerist judicial operator until he was appointed federal prosecutor by Cristina Kirchner's government in 2015), state, there is an almost exact correspondence between the level of monetary issuance carried out by the government. and the resulting degree of inflation in the Argentine economy (see table below).

    In this sense, the outlook for the coming weeks is not at all encouraging since the delay resulting from monetary issuance is increasing. According to a study by an Argentine think tank, this year 8.2 billion Argentine pesos were issued just to pay interest on remunerated liabilities that represent 6.6% of GDP, and the monetary base doubles approximately every 13 weeks.

    Javier Milei responded to the accusations with a press conference last week, where he stated that the government is trying to ban the political force with the most votes in the upcoming elections, and recalled that his words that were the subject of the complaint are part of what he has been maintaining since years ago. Proof of this are the numerous videos that circulate on the Internet, where the consistency and coherence of the libertarian candidate's speech can be seen.

    The truth is that these forced accusations show that a cycle dominated by two political parties--(1) Kirchnerism, an updated brand of Peronism; and (2) Juntos por el Cambio—the political party of former president Mauricio Macri—seems to be coming to an end. These two parties have lost the center of the political battlefield. in the face of the emergence of a new libertarian-oriented force led by Javier Milei, who is a sensation. Milei seeks to reach the government in the coming days with the promise of ending the Argentine decadence that has been going on for more than a century.

    In America, our decadence has been brought on by a combination of: (1) a Democrat party that has been completely captured by woke progressive ideology; and (2) RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) who are too cowardly, crooked or complacent to fight back effectively.

    In both America and Argentina, the forces of decadence are threatened by the likely results coming up in Presidential elections, so they have had to resort to lawfare (unfair prosecutions and litigation) in order to try to do in courts of law what they can no longer do at the ballot boxes.

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