• Brazil is Our Future Unless US Wakes Up

    July 18, 2023

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    It has been tragic to watch Brazil spiral down into soft, and not so soft, tyranny.

    The year prior to the stolen presidential election in 2022 was the worst. Congressmen and journalists were fined for free speech and some even rounded up, detained, and imprisoned.

    The elites’ hatred of President Jair Bolsanaro was so great that extreme measures were tolerated, even encouraged, by the gate-keepers of political discourse, media hits, and good taste.

    The first indication was when Bolsanaro’s common sense executive order, calling for printed ballot proof at the voting booth (since 1996, Brazil moved from paper to electronic voting), was blocked by the leftist Supreme Court (in order to secure the steal) and then couldn’t get a supermajority in Congress in 2021.

    That same Supreme Court, including the Electoral Court just beneath it, brooked no criticism of their Highnesses or of the electoral system, raining down fines, judgements, and sentences on such unruly citizens.

    After last October election steal, the reigning leftist tyrants – taking a page from the Pelosi playbook – orchestrated an ambush of election-steal protestors, hauling 1,200 of them off like cattle to an open-air detention center – where up to four died due to the inhumane conditions.

    President Bolsanaro felt compelled to flee the country (to Florida) during the transition of power, but bravely returned in March.

    Why brave?

    Because, as the exiled Brazilian journalist Paulo Figuerido terms it, Brazil has devolved from a constitutional republic to a “jurisdocracy,” where far left jurists can and do anything they please to punish the opposition and destroy what remains of the constitutional republic.

    For example, last month the Electoral Court convicted Bolsanaro of “political abuse of power” and “improper use of media” because he held meetings early last year with ambassadors of several countries at which he criticized the Brazilian electoral system. As punishment, he is prohibited from running for any elected office for eight years.

    There is, of course, no legal basis for such a kangaroo-court decision. Since Bolsanaro’s return in March he has been hauled in for questioning five times by the Federal Police, while his home was invaded and searched in May. (Sound familiar?) This charge is only the first of sixteen brought against him at the Electoral Court, all of them political cases for political crimes, with out any charges of corruption whatsoever.

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    Figuereido claims that Bolsanaro will eventually be imprisoned, as he is far too popular (he is met by large, adoring crowds wherever he goes) and could easily win election for the third time.

    Some of my contacts here in Brazil don’t believe Bolsanaro’s arrest would be feasible, as crowds of patriots would block, storm, and riot, barring such proceedings. I’m not so sure.

    It is uncanny how the descent into “democratic tyranny” (tyranny with “democratic” clothing or forms) are between the two behemoths of the New World. What the juristocracy has accomplished in Brazil with Bolsanao is a dry run of what the Far Left and Deep State wishes to do with Trump.

    The main difference being, true, that America’s institutions are somewhat stronger than Brazil’s – for now.

    Yet are we not already barreling down the path of judicial tyranny?

    In retrospect, Trump’s surprise victory in 2016 was nothing short of a miracle.

    Had his three Supreme Court justice picks been Hilary’s, our form of a jurisdocracy would be nearly as complete as Brazil’s.

    As it is, “conservative” justices are so harshly criticized, hectored, and even suffer assassination attempts (e.g. that of Judge Kavanaugh and his family last year), that out of a survival instinct they trend leftist, like John Roberts, who flips positions (always from conservative to leftist) with abandon.

    The successful intimidation of Kavanaugh – by the likes of Senator Schumer threatening “consequences” from the steps of the Supreme Court, which then manifested themselves in the June 2022 assassination attempt – may explain his recent abandonment of conservative principles,. Just last month he sided with liberals in a ruling against Alabama’s electoral map – a major flip-flop, as he voted in its favor a year ago.

    The Brazilian Congress, like America’s, is considering impeachment proceedings again Lula – the ex-felon convicted of corruption charges which the lawless Supreme Court annulled prior to springing him from jail in time to run for president. The difficulty is that an impeachment less than two years into a term results in a new election – which would promptly be stolen again.

    What are the patriots of the two largest countries in the Americas to do?

    Time is running out for the American electorate to awaken sufficiently – and seriously prod the corrupt, survival-only RINOs in D.C. – or Brazilian chaos and malaise is our future.

    Dick Borden (a pseudonym) is a Brazilianist who has published numerous articles and a book on Brazil, as well as lectured on the country to various audiences, including to the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in New York City and Brazilian diplomats. While a resident of Florida, he is currently at an undisclosed location in Brazil.

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    10 months ago

    "Unless we wake up"? This implies that we slept through the theft of our last election! WE DID NOT. 95% of the Brazilian population were wide awake while their election was stolen (with US help) and the fascist dictator Lula took over the country. No one was asleep. Waking up therefore, is not a solution to stolen elections.

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