BREAKING: Democrat Whistleblower Outs Ballot Harvesting Scheme In Florida

October 27, 2022

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Cynthia Harris, former Orange County Commission District 6 candidate, describes the methods being used to harvest ballots and identify what ballots they want to destroy.

She also describes a ballot harvester who came to her house in 2017.

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3 comments on “BREAKING: Democrat Whistleblower Outs Ballot Harvesting Scheme In Florida”

  1. Remember when we heard, how showing an ID is racist?
    Are we now to believe, that these people, that look like her, are just too damned lazy?

  2. You can bet that this is how Oziden got so many black votes. Two things make me say that. One, Trump had made it where they and all minorities were having the lowest unemployment numbers in history and his jail reform that help so many get back into society and be productive. Two, I think that what Oziden said about not being black if they didn't vote for him would have certainly insulted most blacks. 99.9% of blacks that I know were highly insulted by his remark. How else could he have gotten more votes than Oblunder?

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