• BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: VR Systems Inc And Florida Elections

    May 9, 2024

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    Who is VR Systems Inc? What do they do?

    They offer a variety of services to county and state election administrators all across America.

    They even offer training and support services to county and state election administrators.

    One of the services and products that VR Systems offers is the management of the voter rolls and voter roll maintenance.

    They offer quite a solution according to their website.

    Not only does VR Systems provide the statewide voter registration system, they operate and maintain it too.

    VR Systems also offers websites to all of their election administrators that are packed with features to assist our “trusted public servants” in their everyday tasks.

    Some key features include the following:

    • Candidate Management
    • Security & Seamless Integration
    • Cost Savings


    VR Systems Inc has control over most aspects related to elections in Florida. Is this something to be concerned about? Can we trust VR Systems? Can we trust the Florida Supervisors of Elections that have outsourced all of their duties to a private for profit corporation?

    Is that legal? Maybe AG Ashley Moody will offer a legal opinion…

    According to Florida Statute - 98.035(3) The department may not contract with any other entity for the operation of the statewide voter registration system.

    How about their Supervisor of Elections Websites? Candidate Management? Election Night Reporting? Can the county election officials outsource that?

    Let’s explore Candidate Management. It would appear that VR Systems manages, and retains the electronic records for the county level campaign finance data including contributions and expenditures.

    For example let us take a look at Pinellas County…

    What happens when you try to log in?


    You get rerouted to another website. One owned and operated by VR Systems Inc.


    How about if you want to see the campaign finance reports for contributions or expenditures?

    VR Systems Inc is the repository for Pinellas County Campaign Finance Data…

    How about we try another county…

    And another…

    And another… It become crystal clear that VR Systems is the actual custodian of public records as these “PUBLIC RECORDS” and “OFFICIAL ELECTION RECORDS” and all of this data is sitting in the VR Systems Inc data repository.

    Last Friday a public records request was sent to VR Systems Inc. requesting the data for all the Florida County level campaign finance reports from 01/01/2015 - Present.

    Shortly after I received a reply from the VR Systems Inc, CEO. This is the first time in making tens of thousands of “Public Records Requests” that the CEO personally responded.

    Mindy Perkins claims that her company does not have to comply with Public Records Requests.

    The Florida Sunshine Manual actually addresses this for us.

    Delegating responsibilities like the retention of Public Records related to campaign finance expenditures and contributions?

    In fact Florida Statutes have a few very interesting provisions that address this.

    Section 119.0701, F.S., mandates that all agency contracts for services must contain specific provisions requiring the contractor to comply with public records laws, including retention and public access requirements. The term “contractor” is defined to mean “an individual, partnership, corporation or business entity that enters into a contract for services with a public agency and is acting on behalf of the public agency as provided under s. 119.011(2), [F.S.].” Section 119.0701(1)(a), F.S. (e.s.).

    What this means is that Florida law mandates that all contracts with Florida agencies, Secretary of State, Division of Elections, Supervisor of Elections, etc must have a provision that requires “THE CONTRACTOR” in this case VR Systems Inc must comply with Florida Public Records requirements.

    Mindy Perkins insists that VR Systems Inc. does not have to follow the laws of Florida. According to her…

    What happens when a corporation that provides electronic records retention services to Florida agencies refuses to comply with Public Records Requests?

    Luckily Section 287.058(1)(c), F.S., provides, that every procurement for contracted services by a state agency be evidenced by a written agreement containing a provision allowing unilateral cancellation by the agency for the contractor’s refusal to allow public access to “all documents, papers, letters, or other material made or received by the contractor in conjunction with the contract. 

    I pointed out all of this to Mindy Perkins in a detailed response citing statutes and well established case law.

    Her reply would be comical if it wasn’t so felonious.

    Mindy the VR System Election Tech CEO… Doesn’t do tech very well… Nor does Mindy have a grasp on logic and reason. As you can clearly read above, Mindy admits that her company “VR Systems hosts the databases for individual Supervisors of Elections”.

    So let’s recap… VR Systems Inc is the electronic records repository for many if not all Florida County Level Campaign Finance Data…

    This is the very definition of outsourced electronic records retention via a contract with a Florida state/county agency.

    Her willful refusal to comply with the public records request is grounds for immediate unilateral cancellation of the VR Systems contracts in every county across Florida.

    Is the VR Systems Inc CEO really someone who you can trust to secure the voter rolls for Florida?

    Is this a company that can be trusted to provide election night reporting? How has that worked out in previous elections? Ask Laura Loomer and countless other Florida candidates who were winning their elections, then suddenly the websites crashed and when the sites had come back up they lost their races by a very narrow margin.

    Is this transparent elections? Is this secure elections? NOPE

    Why does Mindy feel that she can get away with this?

    Ask Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd or Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody…


    VR Systems Inc hosts the database for the Florida Voter Rolls.

    Who has obtained access and made changes to the voter rolls?

    Where are the change logs?

    Where are the admin/user logs that show who connected to and made changes to the Florida voter rolls?

    Who accessed the election night reporting? Where are those audit logs/admin logs?

    What IP Addresses uploaded data from the voting machines to the VR Systems Inc databases that VR Systems hosts?

    How about the EVID Pollbooks?

    Who has had access to them?

    Who accessed that data?

    Where are the audit logs/admin logs?


    All sitting in the VR SYSTEMS INC… Databases…


    How many other states have trusted their elections to VR Systems Inc and Mindy Perkins?

    Do you trust Mindy Perkins?

    Do you trust the elections administrators who illegally outsourced all of their responsibilities to VR Systems?

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    14 days ago

    The truth is, and everyone needs to understand and accept it, the entire voting system in this country is rigged. We do not have "elections," we have appointments. And the citizens are not the ones making the appointment. Greed, money, lies, and corruption are the pillars supporting that system.

    David Smith
    David Smith
    14 days ago

    Don't trust any of them. The deep state actors in government have basically contracted out their criminality to left leaning companies.
    Force the upholding of voter laws in court to get them removed.

    Darci Braz
    Darci Braz
    14 days ago

    What a great article! Sharing with many in the Martin County REC.. We now know exactly why NOTHING was done with regard to election integrity bills this session.

    Kj Meckert
    Kj Meckert
    14 days ago

    I have been waiting for this article! VR systems has too much control of our rolls and elections (don’t forget their Voter Focus product-manages VBM). Wendy Link of PBC didn’t know her county rolls had 60,000 voters removed until We The People informed her! Our SOE’s have no understanding of what is truly going on. Why did Desantis appoint an attorney as SOE when voting is essentially an electronic or tech business. Time to get tech smart SOE’s until we go back to hand counted paper ballots!

    Kj Meckert
    Kj Meckert
    14 days ago

    Furthermore,VR Systems, NONE of their technologies are certified! VR Elections to manage the voter database, EVID pollbooks which is constantly updating the voter rolls throughout election knowing who has voted and more importantly who has not, Voter Focus which manages VBM who has requested, who has not, who sent in their ballot, and election night reporting ALL races hosted on their web services-some counties go down at peculiar times while others do not. How many websites crash these days??

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