• Christi Tasker For Republican State Committeewoman From Miami-Dade County

    May 23, 2024
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    Doral, Florida - Christi Tasker is now a veteran of local political campaigns, having run twice last year for Miami City Commissioner. She is a tall, blonde, Anglo, Christian, conservative and Republican woman, with an independent temperament. She is married and has seven grandchildren, three biological and four legal. Now she is running for Republican State Committeewoman from Miami-Dade County, and her election will be held on Tuesday, August 20, with two weeks of early voting.

    Winston Churchill observed that courage is the most important virtue, because it makes all the other virtues possible. Christi has shown her courage by enduring a wrongful arrest by a handful of Miami City police officers for snooping on a traffic stop. It took nine dirty cops to subdue her. One police officer put his knee on her back while she was on the ground handcuffed behind her back in the style of George Floyd. We wonder how she could breathe?

    Now, like Trump and others who have shown their courage by standing up against injustice, Christi has a mug shot. Strait Outta Dade!

    Accordingly, Christi has the courage to confront the corrupt, perverted and incompetent Republican party at the state and local level in Florida. She will champion the conservative cause in the midst of the establishment, and the MAGA movement against RINO losers. She has consistently supported Trump for President, while many other local Republicans abandoned him for Governor DeSantis.

    Political Posts

    In acknowledgment of her political acumen and probity, Damian Pardo, newly-elected Miami City Commissioner for District 2, has appointed Christi to the City’s Code Enforcement Board. This Board reviews compliance with the City’s construction regulations, business licenses and transportation permits. Given Miami’s rapid growth and pace of construction, business expansion and transportation initiatives, this Board reviews many significant cases. Commissioner Pardo defeated Christi in the election for his office last year, but in doing so he recognized the political talent represented by Christi, and is seeking to promote her in public office to serve the citizens of Miami.

    Christi is a founder of the Election Integrity Brigade of Miami-Dade County, and serves as its Media Director and webmaster. This group spun off from the REC last year and is thriving reviewing voter rolls, checking voting machines, and lobbying to protect the rights of poll-watchers, limit the use of Vote-By-Mail, and require United States citizenship for voter registration. They are doing the election integrity work that the REC doesn’t do.

    She is also a founder and President of the Liberty Authority of Miami-Dade County, which vets candidates for public office and publishes a Voter Guide for all citizens. They constitute an alliance of grassroots conservative groups like Defend Florida, Convention of States, Heritage Sentinels, AMAC Action, Republican National Hispanic Assembly, Citizens First, Citizens Defending Freedom, Republican Liberty Caucus and Florida Republican Assembly.

    Christi’s Opponent

    Christi’s opponent is Liliana Ros, the incumbent State Committeewoman for the Republican Executive Committee of Miami-Dade County. She is a woman of a certain age who will celebrate her 82nd birthday later this year. That’s as old as Crooked Joe Biden!

    (1) She is the longest-serving state committeewoman in the Union, having been elected in 1992, during the administration of President Poppy Bush. She has used the powers and privileges of incumbency, and the proximity of her name to that of popular former Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, to stay in office past her “Use By” date. Christi’s opponent is the “Fake Ros.” She needs to meet Mr. Term Limits at the ballot box.
    (2) When she was first elected in 1992, she succeeded Mary Collins, who has a community center named after her in Miami Lakes. Surely we can find some edifice to name after her in Little Havana, like Domino Park.
    (3) She associates with people of dubious repute. At least two of her senior colleagues in the REC have been indicted over the last couple of years, one by federal authorities in Atlanta, and the other by state prosecutors from Broward County.
    (4) Last October she welcomed the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida to make a presentation in Coral Gables. This occurred only two months before he was forced to resign after engaging in a threesome with his wife and another woman, who then accused him of sexual assault.

    (5) She also refuses to open REC meetings to the public (Members Only), to expand the REC in order to recruit more members, door knockers and poll-watchers, and to register more Republican voters. As a result, in Miami-Dade County the number of registered Republicans, 444,000, is lower than not only of Democrats, 509,000, but also of No-Party-Affiliates, 463,000.
    (6) Miami-Dade County has around 700 precincts and almost 1,500,000 registered voters, but only a maximum of 160 Republican Committeepersons to reach them. She would rather exercise control over a smaller party (La Cosa Nostra) than share control of a larger and growing party.
    (7) She declines to use Robert’s Rules of Order in REC meetings, and participated in a walk-out to undo a quorum, after a quorum had already been established at the beginning of a meeting, in order to avoid topics that she would rather not discuss.

    (8) Such topics include the violation since March 2021 by the REC Board of the Florida Statutes, Title IX, Chapter 103, Section 091(3). This statute requires the REC to provide a list of its members to the Supervisor of Elections. She does not respect the rule of law.
    (9) She has undermined efforts to promote election integrity in Miami-Dade County by approving the dismantling by the REC of its Subcommittee devoted to that cause.
    (10) She has participated in the manipulation of elections to fill available seats in the REC by favoring some candidates over others, and withholding notice of newly-opened seats. These practices have continued even after members filed over 40 pages of grievances with the RPOF in Tallahassee.

    This long train of abuses and usurpations has aroused Christi’s righteous indignation and prompted her to run for this position.

    Christi has challenged Liliana to debate at any time in any place and in any format, in Trump style. No mug shot needed for admission.

    County Candidates

    The counterpart of Christi’s opponent in the Democrat party, Daniella Levine Cava, the County Mayor and former County Commissioner, represents a formidable barrier to Republican candidates for county offices. The County Mayor has assembled a slate of well-funded candidates for such offices. In contrast, the Republican Executive Committee has been slow to field candidates and help them raise competitive funding, and in some cases has not fielded any candidates at all:

    (1) For County Mayor, the Democrat incumbent has accumulated at least $3,900,000 in campaign funds, while the main Republican challenger is the Mayor of a small suburb with a campaign chest of some $400,000. This amount represents around 10% of the funds available to the incumbent. On her watch, the County Mayor has increased the annual spending on her office from $3 million per year to over $10 million per year in less than four years. She is a far-left woke progressive who is almost Che Guevara in a skirt!
    (2) County Commissioners in Districts 1, 3, 5 and 9, Oliver Gilbert, Keon Hardemon, Eileen Higgins and Kionne McGhee, respectively, and the School Board member in District 1, Steven Gallon, are all Democrat incumbents with no Republican challengers. Democrats hold a majority of the seats in the County Commission, and there is no Republican outreach to the black community. The County Mayor keeps taxpayers’ money flowing to all public office-holders in the county from both parties, and consequently even Republicans are reluctant to challenge her and her candidates. Earlier this month the county paid for Fani Willis, the disgraced prosecutor of Fulton County, Georgia, and other members of the National Association of Black County Officials, to party in Miami for a weekend.
    (3) In School Board Districts 3 and 9, conservative Republican candidates are running against woke progressive Democrats: (A) In District 3, which runs from Aventura to Coconut Grove, Haley Ross is running against a former State Representative and Chairman of the county Democrat party, Joseph Geller. (B) In District 9, which runs from Pinecrest to Florida City, Kimberly Beltran is running against the incumbent, Luisa Santos. In both cases, the Republican establishment, from the RPOF to the REC, has failed to provide any support.
    (4) In the races for Supervisor of Elections and Tax Collector, both open seats, each of the Democrat candidates, Juan Carlos Planas and David Richardson, respectively, has a campaign chest of at least $500,000, against Republicans starting almost from scratch, including Alina Garcia for Supervisor of Elections.
    (5) In the races for States’ Attorney and Public Defender, long-serving Democrat incumbents, Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Carlos Martinez, respectively, face no Republican challengers at all.

    Given the polls showing that Trump is likely to win Miami-Dade County this year, the failure by the Republican establishment to field a competitive and well-funded slate of candidates, who would sew coat tails on the Trumpster, represents professional political malpractice. The time is overdue for a new State Committeewoman to champion the conservative cause, and Christi s ready, willing and able to provide new leadership.

    Christi also pledges to reach out to the black community, not on the basis of preferential quotas or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, but on the basis of equal opportunity, treatment and respect. This outreach will connect with the Bible-based, church-centered and family-focused community.

    Fresh Ideas

    Christi brings fresh ideas to this position, with transparency, communication and common sense. She represents conservative values, and commits to the unity and growth of the Republican party in Miami-Dade County. Her opponent cannot commit to party unity, when she walks out of meetings in order to undo a quorum, nor commit to party growth, when she opposes growing membership that will include more registered voters, activists and poll-watchers.

    Republicans in Miami-Dade County deserve honesty, transparency and effective communications on a timely basis from their State Committeewoman. Christi is an award-winning business owner and mentor to entrepreneurs, who has a track record of responsiveness to her partners and customers. She will not disappoint her constituents.

    Recently conservatives in Missouri (the Show-Me State) took back their Republican party. Something similar also happened in Nebraska (the Cornhusker State).

    Now is the time to start doing the same in Florida.

    If you are a conservative, make sure that you are registered Republican, not Democrat, No Party Affiliation, Libertarian or anything else, so that you can vote in the primary elections on Tuesday, August 20, with two weeks of early voting.

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    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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    23 days ago

    Thank you for this transparency, Ed! The time for the REC to change is NOW!

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