Destroy (Peacefully), Not Drain, The Swamp

August 15, 2022
Image by William Tung

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During the Obama Administration, the Washington, DC suburbs boasted 6 of the 10 wealthiest counties nationally, replacing those around New York City.

The Federal leviathan grew massively, a bureaucratic swamp-monster that sucks the life-blood out of the nation.

The body politic is now in critical care, with not only our livelihoods but our very freedoms and existence in peril.

The rancid miasmas that emanate from DC have turned life threatening.

Our federal health bureaucracy is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths: between suppressing safe, effective, and cheap therapeutics or any advance treatment for Covid to forcing, yes forcing, knowingly unsafe and ineffective gene therapies, take your pick which was more deadly.  Who would have thought this possible as recently as three years ago?

Since Trump’s rise in 2015, the federal justice, law, and intelligence agencies have been continuously used to undermine the public’s will: a slow-motion coup d’etat which culminated in the 2020 steal.  The illegal raid on Mar-o-Lago reveals the FBI and the DOJ as the jackboots of our authoritarian overlords.

More recently, the IRS – previously weaponized during the Obama/Lois Lerner epoch of targeting conservative organizations – wishes to hire 87,000 new agents with lethal force (per job postings asking for “willing[ness] to use deadly force”) to terrorize the patriot population.

What is a law-abiding and Constitution-loving citizens to do?

Wrestling back power this November is far from sufficient – that is, if the election is rid of the cancer of election fraud (Virginia’s last year, apparently yes; Georgia’s this year, apparently not.)

What is needed is a radical restructuring of governmental power, an outright American political revolution.  Sadly, as the proverb confirms, absolute power corrupts absolutely – no matter the political party.

Our state’s courageous Anthony Sabatini (candidate for FL 7th – R) got it right when he said the FBI needs to be defunded.  It is far too corrupted to reform.  But that is just the start of it.

ALL federal encroachments on the Constitutional order need to be reversed.  Where in the U.S. Constitution did the people via their state representatives give ANY authority over, for instance, health or education or environmental issues to the leviathan?  They didn’t.  Police power was presciently lodged with the states.

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Whole departments, such as Education, the IRS, and EPA need to be eliminated.

Sounds too difficult?  We must think big – or die small.

Eliminate the IRS by simply having Treasury issue a 15% flat tax via one postcard-sized form.  

ALL regulatory controls by our deadly health bureaucracies need to immediately revert to the states, with only minimal data-gathering retained at the federal level.  Yes, allow Big Pharma to arduously and transparently gain drug approvals state by state.

Think of it, the meager amount of federalism we were able to maintain these past years – in which, ultimately, governors decided on the level of repression and tyranny per state – is what saved most of us from already being dead: either physically or spiritually.

The task won’t be easy.  

Voting blindly for someone with an ‘R’ after their name is useless.  Half the Republican caucus is part of the problem.  We desperately need politicians of any party to agree to a radical revamping and reining in of the leviathan.  Our representatives will need to vote themselves out of power, in the sense of devolving massive amounts and monies back to the states and people.

Furthermore, Trump preferred to wield vast, centralized powers for conservative causes rather than put them on a diet.  The time for a diet is long past: a full fast is more like it – along with fervent prayer.

I have a vision: DC shrinks to a third of current budget (block grants to the states smooth the transition of power back to where it belongs), federal personnel shrinks to a quarter, even the military’s budget is cut in half.  (Sorry, no more woke, gender-bending training.)

How to do that in a world spinning out of control? For our bases in developed countries, if the host country doesn’t pay 90% of costs, either remove the base or impose corrective tariffs.  For the U.S. to avoid fiscal catastrophe (and metastasizing tyranny), we need a massive reduction in federal outlays with sacrifices made by all.  If our NATO allies won’t immediately spend the long agreed to minimum 2% on defense (including for our military bases), then place corrective tarrifs equal to the shortfall to help fund our overseas operations.

We need to re-evaluate all responsibilities and re-imagine how to function as a constitutional republic once more.  An immediate return to the limited and delegated powers of a law-abiding central government is our only hope.



Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel yarns and recently became the Faith Division Leader, Miami-Dade, for County Citizens Defending Freedom.  Contact him at his author site


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10 comments on “Destroy (Peacefully), Not Drain, The Swamp”

  1. Too late my friend. It's way too far gone. The criminals are feeling cornered and will resort to anything to keep out of prison.

  2. I agree it must be done even though it won't be easy with half the population still asleep and the amount of criminals still in office! Excellent article!

  3. Lots of good stuff in this article.
    If, If, If...
    If there are midterm elections;
    If the fraud can be suppressed;
    If MAGA candidates win enough seats;
    Then we should try to have a constitutional convention with the goals that the power and Independence of the states would rival those states after independence.
    The Federal Government will not give up power without violence.
    The Commie Globalist DEMs want to destroy what patriots want to build.
    The 87,000 IRS Antifa types will be used against Americans.
    The way in which the Government advertised for these IRS Agents was designed to attract the worst possible people...
    It's like, "There is going to be a lot of shooting up the road, want a chance to have some fun?".

  4. I hope and pray not, Thunderclap, and will keep on working on it as long as God deems it fit to keep me going.

  5. Thank you Lynn. We're in a very tough situation, with a lot of people sadly sleepwalking. What will wake them up? Besides a spiritual awakening, I have to think that the mounting death toll brought on by the criminals will have to impact people's thinking, eventually, as the truth seeps out.

  6. pc_PHAGE, thanks. I know it may seem like threading a very small needle, but if majorities (for Maga) are large enough in elections clean enough – in other words, patriots overwhelm the retail fraud – then the Marxists might give in peacefully. I agree a Constitutional Convention may be necessary, especially if our reps aren’t brave enough to defund the IRS, CDC, EPA, etc. immediately and vote themselves less power and influence. More ifs, sorry. As for the intended 87,000 hired thugs, the U.S. remains the most difficult developed country to crack as we still have the 2nd amendment, which forces the tyrants have to plan accordingly. Stay tuned.

    1. That’s kind of you to say so, pc_PHAGE! I’m on Gab as well and enjoying the liberty there. I suspect TMI needs to moderate due to bots and spam blasts. As this site was only launched 15 days ago, we are all racing to make Free Press in SoFlo work. Only today did I get access to help moderate, and immediately approved your main comment. Thanks for your patience with us, we’re all in the same fox hole fighting the same satanic forces.

  7. One way to keep the peace...
    Red State governors must form an alliance like the Confederates did in 1860.
    Not to declare independence but to acknowledge the wisdom of strength in numbers and organization.
    Red State governors must replace National guard Commanders with those who will refuse to be Federalized and will remain loyal to their states.
    This is the only way to oppose our communistic overlords.
    And it would be easier to facilitate the birth of a Constitutional Convention whose purpose would be the clarification and extension of state's rights vis a vis the Federal Leviation.

  8. All good ideas! I would add: work hard to elect patriot Sheriffs, who are being attacked by Soros and his minions, as they are the ultimate arbitrators of who can and cannot operative within the law within the county - outside an occupation by federalized national guards.

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