June 27, 2024
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    What are Craig Latimer, Julie Marcus and their co-conspirators in the Florida Election Fraud RICO Enterprise Hiding?

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    Who in their right mind would take time out of their busy everyday life to cast a “100% BLANK BALLOT”?

    Would you or anyone you know take the time to go to a polling place during early voting or on election day and cast a ballot with not one single voting position, for a candidate or ballot measure?

    Step 1: Drive to polling place

    Step 2: Wait in line to sign into polling place

    Step 3: Verify ID and sign into the polls.

    Step 4: Obtain a ballot and pen

    Step 5: Go to poll box

    Step 6: Fill out not one voting position for any candidate, or any ballot measure

    Step 7: Insert a “100% Blank Ballot” into the electronic voting machine

    Step 8: When the “100% Blank Ballot” is inserted a warning screen is shown to the voter.

    Step 9: Confirm that you wanted to cast a “100% Blank Ballot” by selecting “Cast Blank Ballot”.

    Step 10: Get your “I Voted Sticker”

    According to the 2014 EAC Statutory Survey compiled by the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) a “BLANK BALLOT” is a ballot that has been cast with not one single voting position filled in.

    According to the past two directors of the Florida Division of Elections going back to at least the 2010 election, a “BLANK BALLOT” is a ballot that has been cast with not one single voting position filled in.

    According to the electronic voting machine manufacturer ES&S a “BLANK BALLOT” is a ballot with not one single voting position filled in.

    The image above was obtained via the ES&S Operators Manuals for the DS200 Tabulators and the DS850 Tabulators.

    According to the manufacturer of automated election auditing hardware/software Clear Ballot, a “BLANK BALLOT” is a ballot that has been cast with not one single voting position filled in.

    According to the EAC Certification and Scope document that is relied upon for Federal and State Certifications for use to administer elections, a “Blank Ballot” is a 100% Blank Ballot.


    Both Julie Marcus, Craig Latimer and their co-conspirators claim that a “Blank Ballot” is a blank page of a multi page ballot. However, as of today’s date neither of them have been able to produce a single document or shred of evidence to back up their position.

    In fact, Julie Marcus attempted to conceal the number of “Blank Ballots” cast in Pinellas County elections. It was this illegal concealment of election records that prompted my lawsuit against Julie Marcus.

    The hiding of these “Ballot Types” from the “Final Official Results” was 100% intentional. Was there really no provisional ballots cast in the 2020 General Election in Pinellas County?

    To intentionally not report the contest information regarding “Blank Ballots” was a purposeful selection made in the election reporting software by someone within the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office. The image below was obtained from the ES&S Election Reporting Software manual.

    • Why do you think Julie Marcus would intentionally conceal “BLANK BALLOTS”?
    • This is critical contest reporting data. Why completely omit this from the “FINAL OFFICIAL RESULTS”?
    • Do you really think that 18,804 people in Pinellas County went out during early voting, on election day or provisionally cast a 100% BLANK BALLOT?
    • What happened to all of those voters ballots?
    • What happened to every single voting choice that they made in the 2020 election?
    • Is this something that typically happens?
    • In the 2020 Hillsborough County General Election how many voters cast a “100% Blank Ballot” ?
    • In the 2020 Hillsborough County Election were there really not one single “Provisional Ballot” cast?
    • Do you really think that 21,884 Hillsborough County voters went out during early voting, election day and via vote by mail and cast a 100% BLANK BALLOT ?
    • What are they hiding?
    • Do you think that a public servant knowingly and intentionally obtained a benefit for any person or caused unlawful harm to another by this type of activity?
    • Is purposefully omitting the “BLANK BALLOT” contest data falsifying an official record or official document?
    • Is purposefully concealing, covering up, destroying,mutilating or altering official election records acceptable to you?
    • Do you think that knowingly and willfully obstructing, delaying, or preventing the communication of information relating to the commission of a felony that directly involves or affects the government entity served by the public servant or contractor is acceptable when it comes to the administration of our elections?
    • The Tampa Bay Times has labeled me an “Election Skeptic” ?
    • Based on the information above wouldn’t any intellectually honest and reasonably prudent person be skeptical?

    The answer is very simple. Julie Marcus and Craig Latimer both need to provide the unaltered and unredacted “Audit Logs” for the electronic voting systems used to administer our elections.

    Julie Marcus sent Defend Florida an invoice for over $330,000 to provide the audit logs for the 2020 General Election. This data would take less than 10 minutes to generate and can be transmitted electronically for free.

    Julie Marcus sent me an invoice for over $30,000 to provide me a report that most counties across Florida provided to me free of charge as it takes less than two minutes and can be transmitted via email.

    • Why would you charge such exorbitant fees to the public for election data and reports that they are legally required to provide at a state and federal level?
    • Do you think that is transparency?

    Do you think that this engenders trust in our electoral process?

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    Johnny Seed
    Johnny Seed
    18 days ago

    It is fishy, but to be open, it also encompasses irregular markings or idiots who can't read instructions and circle their candidate instead of filling the ballot in correctly. That number isn't 0. Nor is it 18K+... 0 mismarked ballots is impossible in today's society, there's always a few idiots.

    Last edited 18 days ago by Johnny Seed

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