• Election Integrity Activist Gleason: BSB 7050 = "Florida Election Fraud Legalization Act"

    April 11, 2023
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    The following is reprinted from Chris Gleason's Immutable Truth - Election Integrity Substack.

    Florida has a very ugly problem with its elections and is certainly not the “Gold Standard” that Governor Ron DeSantis and Cord Byrd would have you believe. This ugly truth can be seen in the most recent “Election Integrity Bill” that was drafted by the Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc, and being pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis and Cord Byrd.

    For quite some time the “Election Integrity” activists across Florida have been waiting with bated breath to see the long-promised improvements to stop the continued theft of our elections through election fraud and voter fraud.

    Last week one day after the Proposed Senate Bill 7050 was released, the bill was heard by the Ethics and Election Integrity Committee. There were a few dissenting voices on the committee but it was passed to move on to the next stage.

    There were numerous voices against the bill claiming that it was 98 pages of voter disenfranchisement. These voices against the bill came from many leftist organizations with direct funding ties to the shadowy network of Soros and Marxist organizations.

    When I read the proposed bill I was floored and totally disgusted, albeit for some different reasons that the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the AFL-CIO. They mainly took issue with the fact that their third-party voter registration efforts faced increased fines and scrutiny. They claim that this will hamper their efforts to register new voters. This however is really not a legitimate concern as the largest new voter registration mechanism in Florida is the Department of Motor Vehicles by a VERY wide margin.

    I first discussed this on Creative Destruction Media last week, the story was published on the Miami Independant.

    Over the past year, I have worked with many different voter integrity groups throughout Florida. Prior to my local Florida involvement, I had been pushing the Florida Secretary of State on the largest violations of campaign finance violations in United States history. I was under the impression that my concerns were being properly investigated by the General Counsel at the Secretary of State’s Office. Since May of 2022, I have come to understand that is the furthest thing from true.

    Working in connection with other election integrity groups it became very clear that Florida has selections not elections and election fraud is being facilitated at the numerous Supervisor of Elections offices, the Division of Elections, Florida Secretary of State, Election Crimes Division, the Attorney General’s office and at the Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc office.

    Many of the election frauds that I and others in Florida have been uncovering have been extensively documented in numerous challenges and emails to those involved in the Florida Election Fraud RICO Enterprise.

    In these many emails corresponding with the Florida Election Fraud Cartel, there were line-by-line election law crimes disclosed.

    These numerous emails detailing the extent of the rigging of Florida elections in the Primaries and the General Elections are mind-numbing. However, these emails lay the groundwork for real election integrity change.

    During the 2022 Primary, we uncovered how bad the voter rolls really were, we uncovered how the ballot printers like Cathedral Corporation and Runbeck played a key role in the theft of the 2020 election and the 2022 Primary elections. We uncovered how many primary races were rigged, most notable was the Congressional race between Laura Loomer and Daniel Webster, where multiple vectors of fraud were discovered including the Red Belly Road voter roll manipulation uncovered by Kris Jerski and the election integrity team in Lake County.

    An election integrity non-profit that I was asked to join as a board member uncovered many issues with electronic voting machines and the illegal lobbyist group Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc which wrote SB 7050 and has been actively subverting Florida elections.

    We conducted massive public records requests and uncovered massive evidence of election fraud on the part of numerous Supervisors of Elections. This conspiracy of subverting Florida elections always leads back to the Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc.

    In the lead-up to the November 2022 Election, a new friend that I had made in the Florida Election Integrity battle uncovered what seemed to be an anomaly in the election results data. She asked me to help her get further clarity on this data point and we found massive evidence that has been the groundwork for identifying massive widespread election fraud occurring in numerous states.

    This election summary data uncovered in Maryland is part of the basis of a Federal RICO case tied to the abrupt resignation of Linda Lamone in Maryland. The other part of her abrupt retirement was based on the O’Keefe Media group videos on a nationwide money laundering network that I uncovered that is tied to ActBlue.

    Why is this important? Why the long story?

    Everything that we have uncovered here in Florida is now being covered up and hidden through the rewriting of Florida Election Statutes by the FSE - Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc and Cord Byrd.

    They are looking to eliminate all data reporting and visibility of data that we in the world of “Election Integrity” have used to expose the theft of our elections using our tax dollars weaponized against “We the People”.

    The proposed bill actually does a great deal to weaken existing election law statutes with regard to list maintenance and the quality of the data contained in the voter rolls.

    Why would anyone want to remove the requirement for a voter to have a social security number? When you are allowing non citizens to register to vote via the DMV and you want to cover up your crimes this is an important factor.

    One of the most egregious sections of this proposed bill completely strips out the ability to obtain key data from electronic voting machines and exempts the bad actors from disclosing the Election Summary Data that allowed us to determine to the precinct level where the election fraud was occurring by hiding “Ballots Cast - Blank” from the Election Summary Reports.

    This data that is being stripped out by “Election Fraud Inc” was key to understanding how the ES&S and Dominion Voting machines were used to disenfranchise millions and millions of voters nationwide. In Broward County Florida this data helped uncover the fact that it was reported at over 60 THOUSAND voters cast ballots in the 2022 November election were adjudicated as being “100% Blank” This works out to approximately 10% of all of the ballots cast in Broward County were “BLANK” and 10% of all the voters in Broward County had been disenfranchised. Below you can see that the EL45A report shows that 22,321 Blank Ballots were cast on Election Day (ED), 19,582 Blank Ballots were cast in vote by mail (AV), 18,251 Blank Ballots were cast during Early Voting (EV), and more shockingly 11 Blank Ballots were cast as “Provisional Votes). How does this happen?

    The November 2022 Election Report EL52 showed us exactly which precincts contained the massive numbers of “Ballots Cast - Blank” were generated.

    Does it really make any sense that 60,165 voters would go through the hassle of casting a 100% Blank Ballot?

    The maximum allowable hardware error rate is 0.0008%.

    The maximum allowable software error rate is absolute at 0%.

    Why would someone want to pass legislation that makes elections less transparent? To cover up fraud and the election crimes that have been a part of the “Florida Selections” as we do not have “Elections”.

    What you can clearly see in Broward County is an error rate that is higher than 10% of all the ballots cast. Who does this affect? The very same election fraud industry that wrote SB 7050 “The Election Fraud Legalization Act”.

    The findings of our efforts here in Florida clearly show that numerous Supervisors of Elections have altered, forged, and uttered “Official Election Summary Reports”. The proposed SB 7050 allows all of this data to be hidden from “We the People”.

    Much of the Florida “Election Fraud” has been used to help further the fake narrative that Donald J. Trump lost the November 2020 Election. There have been numerous whistleblowers who have come forward confirming much of what we had suspected and concluded based on the data that we had uncovered.

    Many of the “Official Election Summary Reports” sent to us as part of our public records requests had had massive amounts of “Missing Data” that we know are contained in the Election Summary Reports. ES&S has three reports that most of the Supervisor of Elections Offices have been fighting us to obtain. These would be the EL45A, EL30A and EL52 reports.

    In Pinellas County Florida Julie Marcus and Dustin Chase have altered the EL45A reports to hide the number of “Ballots Cast - Blank”. When a further request was made for clarification on the missing data field no explanation was given. When further pressed for the EL30A and EL52 reports we were met with completely unreasonable requests for payment of over $10K for a report that they have sitting in a .txt file format that they were required to submit to the Secretary of State’s Office as part of the “Official Election Results”.

    The reason for the unreasonable cost is directly tied to the fact that the evidence of the altering of the EL45A “Official Election Documents” is contained in the EL52 and EL30A reports.

    Is this occurring just in Pinellas County? NO. This is occurring in many of the counties in Florida. Over 70% of Americans do not think that we have free, fair and transparent elections. They feel that there is election fraud and voter fraud.

    Does Governor Ron DeSantis know this? YES.

    Does Secretary of State Cord Byrd know this? YES

    This is why they want to strip out the data that is being reported.

    Last week there was a statewide Zoom meeting of Florida “Election Integrity” activists called the Florida Free Elections Group. When I voiced my concerns about how SB 7050 was effectively the “Florida Election Fraud Legalization Act” I was abruptly removed by the new chairperson Wendy Nissan.

    Why would a group that holds itself out to be about election integrity remove a voice of concern? Especially, a voice that has already brought to much corruption to light.

    To understand this one would have to know that my interactions with Cord Byrd and Ron DeSantis have been quite explosive with their findings. Wendy Nissan and numerous others in the “Election Integrity” space were copied on most if not all of these emails. Wendy knows full well the issues that Cord Byrd and Ron DeSantis have been made aware of and have worked actively to hide.

    The following email was sent to Cord Byrd as a recap of a face to face meeting that we had in Tallahassee to discuss serious issues with Florida elections.

    Here are a few links to the .pdf reports that were attached to this email.

    Right after the meeting and the above email being sent out “Election Fraud Inc” circled the wagons to protect Cord Byrd and do damage control. You can watch the video that was posted on Rumble and see the damage control in full effect.

    As a result of the email above the Office of the Chief Inspector General opened an investigation into the allegations that I made about the malfeasance on the party of Cord Byrd and Ashley Moody.

    When evidence of election crimes was presented to the CIG and an investigation of the Florida Secretary of State and Florida Attorney General was requested several interesting facts became clear.

    #1. Cord Byrd, the Florida Secretary of State who was hand-picked by DeSantis, has ZERO interest in real election integrity. 

    #2. The CIG who answers directly to DeSantis has ZERO interest in doing their duty in ensuring that DeSantis' appointee is not violating Florida laws. 

    #3. There is no acceptable explanation that DeSantis is not complicit in the elections in Florida being compromised. 

    Wendy Nissan has hitched her wagon to Team DeSantis and has no problem trying to hide the fact that the 2020 Florida Elections in counties that Trump lost were due to massive election fraud that both DeSantis and Byrd have been working very hard to hide. Wendy Nissan has been mentored by Cleta Mitchell who was part of the Cord Byrd cover-up.

    A source very close to Wendy Nissan told me that they were told that they needed to get on board with Cleta Mitchell and Ron DeSantis.

    Are we looking to get behind election integrity? If so then we all must exert maximum pressure on Florida elected officials to stop SB 7050, SB 7005, and the corresponding Florida House Bill due out any day now.

    Florida does not have elections, it has selections. The passing of these horrible bills is nothing more than an attempt to hide the massive RICO enterprise and conspiracy to keep the evidence of the widespread fraud hidden from public view.

    There is a case pending currently in Leon County about the rigged elections implicating Ron DeSantis and others trusted to ensure that we have actual elections, the case is 2022 CA 002105 - SCOTT, CHRISTINE vs DESANTIS, RONALD.

    These election crimes and election fraud on the part of Florida public officials must end immediately and a full release of all the data that is the property of “We the People” must be open to all.

    Any attempt to continue down the path of rigged elections and the hiding of the evidence is truly treason against the people of Florida and must not be tolerated any longer. The illegal and subversive activities by Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    These are serious crimes. That every Floridian regardless of political affiliation must hold public officials accountable for.

    The stakes are very high for this RICO conspiracy. Why hide the evidence by creating unconstitutional laws?

    You are either for free, fair, and transparent elections or you are a domestic enemy of the Constitution waging war against “We the People”.

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    doug Kanter
    doug Kanter
    1 year ago

    Something seems amiss. Cleta Mitchell has fought for Trump and represented him for a while. She has been key in fighting this kind of ballot fraud. Why would she now be in favor of letting Dems/Rinos get away with hiding election machine data

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