• Florida Covid Victims Press Conference Oct 13

    October 10, 2022
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    Florida Covid Victims Press Conference Oct 13

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    Florida’s COVID-19 Victims Tell Their Stories A special press conference will be held on Thursday, October 13, 2022, at the Nacion De Fe Church in Kissimmee, FL, where many COVID-19 victims (next-of-kin of loved ones lost and “vax-injured” persons) will have the opportunity to speak about their disastrous experiences (losses) at Florida hospitals and terrible side effects of the COVID-19 experimental gene therapies, i. e., “vaccines”. See enclosed event flyer.

    The victims believe that it is very important for the public to understand how their loved ones died (some say were murdered) in the hospitals and how their lives (if “vax-injured”) have drastically changed due to the harmful effects of the inoculations.

    A common desire of all the victims is justice. They seek justice for all the wrongs and harm done to them and their lost loved ones.

    For further information, contact Amy Heidmann at > [email protected]


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    Linda Leonardi
    Linda Leonardi
    1 year ago

    My husband was murdered in University now Woodmont Hospital in Tamarac Florida with 49 excessive toxic doses of Remdisivir along with fentanyl Precedex midazolam Versed&a shot of Haldol because he REFUSED a pneumonia vax in ICU.HALDOL should not have been given to a mild mannered pleasant 72 yr old with heart stents.He was injected with sedation narcotics, Drugs EVERYDAY along with Olumiant and probenecid which are not to be combined according to the pharmacological literature. They did it anyway.This daily
    death protocol did nothing to help his pneumonia which led to a heart attack &he succumbed to ventilation in front of me, which they annex. By giving him More Precedex at 7am before I arrived. This was premeditated Murder for profit over patient care,leaving our family in total devastation, despondent, & crushed I am completely Heartbroken. THIS IS A CRIMINAL ACT

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