• Florida Presidential Primary Analysis

    March 21, 2024
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    We have some data to look at one day after the Florida Presidential Preference Primary election. At least on the Republican side of the coin, as the Democrats elected to cancel their primary to avoid making the current doddering President look bad with any opposition and also avoid more appearances in a state that has made the transition from azure blue to cherry red.

    We looked at a selection of counties ranging from bluish to reddish. Interestingly enough, Miami-Dade, the state's most populous county, had a comparatively pro-Trump showing. The electoral results, which have yet to be confirmed by county canvassing boards, ranged from a low support for Trump of 73% in State Capitol Leon County to a high of 96% in little Baker County northwest of Gainesville. Unsurprisingly, the blue counties are all high-density metropolitan areas, and the staunchly conservative are rural.

    Another interesting point is that in all counties evaluated, the Republican candidate in second place was Nikki Haley and not the current governor, Ron DeSantis, even though both have withdrawn from the presidential race. We suspect that perhaps bridges have mended a bit between the great governor and the 45th President, at least in the eyes of voters. We also suspect that many of these voters see "red man bad" and voted for former governor Haley as a way to support the RINO, globalist element of the Republican party, and thumb their nose at the current Republican nominee. In the blue metro counties, we evaluated votes for Haley, averaging 10 to 15 points higher than in conservative counties. We suspect that these voters will NOT vote for Trump in the general election if they vote at all, and this gives some credence to the theory that Haley acquired voters that had more affinity with Liberals and globalists.

    Miami-Dade County, once counted firmly in the ranks of the Democratic Party, showed an 87% approval rating for Trump and only 11% for Haley. This fact bodes well for America Firsters going into the election if their votes are allowed to be counted fairly. With 5.2 million State-wide registered Republican voters, this election had just under a 22% turnout, which is not bad considering most voters were aware the candidates were already chosen for the big rematch from 2020. Florida voter registrations now show an 800,000 lead by Republicans as Democrats have lost over 1 million voters since the 2020 debacle.

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    For locals, there were several county-wide races around the state, and of interest here in Miami-Dade County, the City of Surfside returned former Mayor Charles Burkett over current Mayor Shlomoh Danziger by about 100 votes. We understand that one issue of contention was how the re-development of the Champlain Towers following their tragic collapse was potentially being bid out to foreign investors. Lastly, the South Miami re-development initiative passed, and it looks like the outdated government complex will go out to another high-end developer. Stay tuned as we cover all the important happenings in this busy election season of 2024.



    Douglass Ross

    Douglas J. Ross is originally from Wisconsin and is a long-time resident of Miami, Florida. He is a veteran Navy pilot from the Cold War period, having graduated from the US Naval Academy. After retiring as an international airline Captain, he now works as an Investment Advisor and also volunteers with Patriotic groups like the Convention of States and the Association of Mature American Citizens. In his free time, he enjoys writing.

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