• Florida Senate Passes Bill To Allow State To Relocate Illegal Migrants

    February 13, 2023
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    The Florida House and Senate have passed a bill permitting the state to transport illegal immigrants who have been processed by federal authorities in any state.

    On Friday, the Florida House passed SB-6B, a bill that would create the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program.

    The measure would also allocate $10 million in funding to be used for the purpose of relocating migrants. It would also allow the state to hire contractors to assist with transportation.

    After passing the House with a vote of 77-34 and 27-12 in the Senate, the bill is now headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis's desk to be signed into law.

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    The legislation was designed to bolster the governor's authority to continue his immigrant relocation policy. In September, DeSants gave the order to have a group of Venezuelan migrants who had illegally crossed the border into Texas to be flown to Martha's Vineyard.

    At the time, an NBC/Telemundo poll found that 52 percent of naturalized legal immigrants in Florida supported the Governor's move.

    Many conservatives have argued that the practice of relocating illegal migrants is necessary to bring attention to the border crisis as the Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye to the flood of illegal immigrants flooding into and overwhelming U.S. border cities.

    During Thursday's floor debate, Republican state Rep. John Snyder noted that the program was "humanitarian" as it would offer a "free chartered flight" to migrants looking to relocate within the country.

    At a press conference earlier this month, DeSantis explained his reasoning for the program, saying, "I think people are sick of having an open border with no rule of law in this country. We can just sit here and do nothing about it, or we can actually stand up and say whatever tools we have at our disposal, we are going to use."

    It is not yet clear when DeSantis will sign the bill into law or when it will take effect.



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