May 10, 2024
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    Did you know that the state of Florida has it’s very own Treason Statute?

    Contained within the Florida Statutes chapter on treason are a few very interesting sections on subversion.

    Of particular interest is the Florida Statute definition of what a subversive organization is. Now for the purposes of this discussion we are going to use the traditional definition of the word “IS” not the Bill Clinton definition.

    Imagine if there was a group of people who made a club with a goal to break the rules of how our country or state is run. They might try to change things by using force or doing things that are not allowed by law. This kind of club is called a "subversive organization." This means the club’s main purpose is to upset or overthrow the way our government works, which is supposed to follow specific rules written in the Constitution, without using peaceful or legal ways to make changes.

    In Florida some very bad people came together and formed just such a club and they incorporated it into quite the criminal money making operation. It is called the Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc also known as FSE INC.

    FSE INC. was the shadowy subversive organization behind SB7050 aka the Florida Election Fraud Legalization Act and the recently killed SB721 a bill that was intended to make questioning election results a 3rd degree felony.

    Who are the members of this “Subversive Organization” ?

    FSE INC membership is comprised of all 67 Florida Supervisors of elections. They all pay annual dues based on a percentage of their annual salary. This salary is paid for by the tax dollars of the citizens of each Supervisor of Elections home county.

    The current president of FSE INC is the Sarasota Supervisor of Elections Ron Turner. I have written extensively about Ron Turner and his forging, altering and concealing of state and Federal election documents.

    Below is the FSE INC invoice for Ron Turner’s membership for 2020.

    Below is proof of payment by Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County to FSE INC.

    Below is the approval for the expenditure.

    Ron Turner approved this expenditure certifying that the funds were being spent for a “PUBLIC PURPOSE”.

    What does all this mean Christos?

    It means that FSE INC. aka Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc is subject to Florida Public Records Requests. So armed with this knowledge, I exercised my rights under the Florida Constitution, and Chapter 119 of Florida Statutes and sent a “Public Records Request” to FSE INC and their current president Ron Turner.

    We have over the past few years been compiling mountains of evidence pertaining to FSE INC and their unlawful activities, and their conspiracy to deprive Florida voters of free, fair and transparent elections.

    We have extensively documented the changing of laws to hide widespread corruption and election fraud by Florida Election administrators.

    Of particular interest most recently were the following items:

    - Any related communications, notes, or minutes from meetings involving SB7050, SB721, Restricting Public Records Requests, Blank Ballots, Precinct Level Reporting, Voter Roll List Maintenance, Prevention of Non US Citizens registering to vote or voting, annual legislative agendas from 2018 to present. 

    - Electronic correspondences including emails, email attachments, text messages, and messages on other messaging platforms relevant to or involving SB7050, SB721, Restricting Public Records Requests, Blank Ballots, Voter Roll List Maintenance, Prevention of Non US Citizens registering to vote or voting, Precinct Level Reporting, annual legislative agendas from 2018 to present with the 67 Florida Supervisor of Elections and The National Association of Secretaries of State. 

    - Electronic correspondences including emails, email attachments, text messages, and messages on other messaging platforms relevant to or involving SB7050, SB721, Restricting Public Records Requests, Blank Ballots, Voter Roll List Maintenance, Prevention of Non US Citizens registering to vote or voting, Precinct Level Reporting, annual legislative agendas from 2018 to present with the following individuals, Evan Power, David Ramba, Ronald Labasky, Mark Early, Ron Turner, Cord Byrd, and Maria Matthews.

    - Copies of Invoices and Payments between FSE INC - Florida Supervisors of Elections Inc and VR Systems Inc. 

    - Copies of Invoices and Receipt of Payments from all 67 Florida Supervisors of Elections for their annual dues paid by county taxpayer funds based on a percentage of the Supervisor of Elections Annual Salaries.

    Who is Evan Power?

    He is the current chairman of the RPOF - Republican Party of Florida.

    He is also a lobbyist for FSE INC.

    Why would a subversive organization need a lobbyist?

    Why would a subversive organization paid for by taxpayer dollars lobby the Florida House and Senate to create laws to subvert elections and hide widespread fraud by county and state election officials?Subscribe

    Who else is involved with FSE INC?


    Q: Is America a Democracy or is America a Constitutional Republic?

    What were the 2024 Legislative Priorities for FSE INC?

    Ron Turner discussed his take in a public meeting on January 10, 2024.

    They were very happy with getting SB7050 passed by the Florida House and Florida Senate. I covered why it was huge leap backwards for real election integrity as it concealed “Official Election Records” and attempted to hide at the precinct level the algorithms used to subvert our elections and change votes using remote access technologies.


    Why would anyone want to do that?


    Why would anyone want to do that?

    FSE INC has an annual Election Fraud Mafia Conference. Last year it was in Lee County Florida.

    Laura Loomer confronted a Dominion Executive at the FSE INC at the Tampa Conference.

    This year the Florida Election Fraud Mafia will be conducting their annual crime conference in Orlando Florida.

    2024 FSE Summer Conference
    May 19 - 23, 2024
    For additional information, see link below


    Interested in seeing what goes on behind closed doors at FSE INC?

    You should go and try to attend the “FSE Summer Conference”.

    “Under Florida law, there is no such thing as an ‘informal’ conference or ‘unofficial’ caucus or pass-you-in-the hallway information gathering (or sharing) by two or more government officials subject to the Sunshine Law which would thereby remove such communication from the Sunshine Law’s ambit. Indeed, such ‘innocuous’ meetings have been held to be illegal and nothing short of the unlawful crystallization of secret decisions to a point just short of public discussion and ceremonial acceptance.” Parris v. State, 359 So. 3d 1178 (Fla. 4th DCA 2023) (Ciklin, J., concurring specially).

    If such a conference is paid for by an organization that is funded by taxpayer money and is attended by Florida Supervisors of Elections who are also paid by taxpayer dollars is this conference or meeting open to the public?

    In previous years concerned florida taxpayers and voters tried to attend and view the content presented at these meetings. They were thrown out and threatened with being trespassed by the venues holding the conferences.

    So public meetings can be recorded.

    The Sunshine Law expressly requires that “Public Meetings” be open to the public at “all times”.

    What does this mean?

    Did FSE INC illegally subvert the Florida Constitutional provisions of OPEN GOVERNMENT by holding secret conferences related to the conducting of our elections?

    YES? NO?


    This seems like quite a racketeering operation. One that has played a massive role in the infiltration of a criminal element with a FOR PROFIT motive.

    Who is going to hold them accountable?

    If you know something say something. You can request a “Special Investigation” by your local county grand jury if you are a qualified elector (voter) or a candidate prior to an election. (As is right now…)

    We are currently doing this in Pinellas County Florida. We have amassed over 200 “Special Investigation” requests by qualified electors to investigate Pinellas County Supervisor of Election Julie Marcus and her 99 John Doe and 99 Jane Doe co-conspirators.

    The Pinellas County Watchdogs were behind that effort.

    You can check them out here:

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