• Florida's Randy Governor

    October 30, 2023

    Desperate for Recognition, He Sends Military Hardware to Israel

    Image by Gage Skidmore

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    As reported by ABC News, the Guardian and others, Ron DeSantis, the failed POTUS candidate and problematic governor of Florida, made the claim that he has arranged to send drones, weapons and ammunition to Israel as it prepared for an incursion of Gaza, now already underway. In an AP article dated 10/26, Jeremy Redfern, a spokesman for DeSantis, says that Florida has “sent cargo planes with healthcare supplies, drones, body armor and helmets”. “They have also worked with groups to supply unspecified amounts of weapons and ammunition that were privately funded.”

    Tallahassee said they did this at the request of Israel’s consul general, Maor Elbaz Starnsky, in Miami. The consul general, however, said that he had NOT worked with DeSantis on this ; Tallahassee had contacted lower Israeli officials, Elbaz-Starinsky later learned.

    Again from WUSF.org, “DeSantis has often applied his official powers to take actions that coincide with his larger political goals.” They cited his using state funds to fly migrants form TX to Martha’s Vineyard, and sending rescue planes to bring back 700 Jewish residents of Florida from Israel. He has also ordered state universities to disband pro-Palestinian groups.

    DeSantis “has called a special session of the Florida legislature for early next month to approve state sanctions on Iranian businesses and interests.”

    This all, just before the weekend appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition conference 10/28, in Las Vegas with other presidential candidates. What a surprise. Lol, as they say.

    John Kirby, Biden’s spokestool, said that it is not illegal for a governor to offer a “measure of foreign assistance” to another country”, but that it all needs to go through the Dept. of Commerce. At the time he was asked, Kirby did not know whether DeGov has done this. I’m guessing he did not. This whole issue of the violence in Israel, and the Gaza strip, came up quickly, and we KNOW the government does not respond that fast. To me, this smells of desperation to get support for a dying campaign.

    Governor DeSantis’s first concern should be the people of his state, regardless of their religious or ethnic preference. Instead, in his grab for the brass ring, he used his citizens’ money to support one group, and fight against another. This is the second time in the last six months that he has used people’s money for undesignated purposes. The First, of course, was the moving of $80 million in gubernatorial campaign funds to his campaign war chest for the presidential run.. This time, however, it’s not only about their money.

    Ron DeSantis has chosen sides in a war with explosive potential. He is endangering everyone in his entire state by doing so. Let me count the ways.

    First of all, and maybe the most fundamental, it is really stupid and dangerous to poke at at a people and an institution with violence in their credo. The worshiper of Allah is charged, in the Quran, with helping to make Shariah the law of the land. Every land, including the USA. The mandated mechanisms for doing so are Taqiya (lying) or jihad (struggle, which is frequently violent). Any of the faithful who does NOT do one or the other of these is considered untrue to their faith. This violence may well be acted out in the Sunshine State, in a worse way than has already happened, endangering the lives of every citizen.

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    Then, there is the first amendment of the US Constitution. Whether or not an individual feels disinclined toward a certain group does not change this. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of our free republic. Everybody has the right to express themselves, like it or not. This, of course, does not lead to the right to do violence or destruction, but speech IS a basic right in America, including the state of Florida.

    DeSantis forgets this repeatedly, as in the instance last February, 2023, when he had a dozen or so senior citizens wearing Trump gear and carrying Trump signs, REMOVED - by police - from a shopping center parking lot. The group stood outside, while he was inside a store signing copies of his new book, The Courage to be Free. They did nothing illegal. It just bothered DeGov, so they had to go. Is there a more obvious irony?

    Then, there was the removal of his antagonist, Laura Loomer, a journalist who has helped to expose the underbelly of DeBeast, RD. She had purchased a ticket to a public appearance by the governor earlier this year, but was blocked entry by police, as the request of DeCourageous one. We know that Ron DeSantis does not do well in unscripted, uncontrolled situations - which is why he is such a dud on the campaign trail - and Loomer inside the event, may well have presented another spontaneous situation. Had she been allowed entry, she might have asked (knowing Loomer, I’d say WOULD have asked) some uncomfortable questions. So, just eliminate that situation; forget freedom of speech OR the press. Eh, Gov? What courage!

    I wrote then, and I repeat now, Ron DeSantis demonstrates, time and again, that he does not believe in the freedom he touts. When will he turn that on the next group that gets in his way? With his track record, it’s only a matter of time. That book was only for making money.

    I could go on, but I won’t. You get the picture here. DeSantis, like an animal in heat, is “randy”, desperate for love, and apparently will do anything to get it. His failing poll numbers and depleated campaign fund have made him even less mindful of our Constitution and Bill of Rights than ever before. This man is definitely NOT Presidential material, and, frankly, IMHO, not even really fit to run a “good red state” like Florida.



    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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    Polluted River
    Polluted River
    6 months ago

    Better than sending to Ukraine!!!!!

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Polluted River

    That's a very low bar. It's like saying I didn't gamble our money away, I invested it in hookers.

    Plato v2.0
    Plato v2.0
    6 months ago

    This is the equivalent of Obama sending blankets and socks to Ukraine. DeSymbolism is trying really really hard to not look like a BUSH family member! How pitiful is this freaking guy?

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