• Gerry James Gains Momentum In St. Augustine

    April 27, 2024
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    Gerry James Supporters Hold Online Fundraiser

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    Doral, Florida - Gerry James is the MAGA conservative candidate running in the Republican primary election for Florida Senate District 7 around St. Augustine. This election is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20, with two weeks of early voting. His supporters, not only in Senate District 7, but also across the state and around the nation, are sending postcards and phone banking on his behalf.

    The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida released its Legislative Scorecard for this year’s session earlier this spring. The RLC is a national grassroots organization advancing the principles of individual rights, limited government, free markets, and personal freedom and responsibility - - in sum, conservative principles. In this Scorecard, they awarded a grade of “F” to each of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Show that to your Florida Republican legislator the next time he tells you that he is a rock-ribbed Reagan conservative.

    Gerry James in the Florida Senate would represent a champion for the conservative cause. He has signed the Legislative Pledge Card from Defend Florida, a grassroots conservative group.

    This pledge provides that Gerry will:
    (1) Support election security legislation.
    (2) Seek input from constituents for legislation before and after it is introduced.
    (3) Demonstrate independence from lobbyists.
    (4) Oppose legislation that infringes on the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.
    (5) Oppose legislation that infringes on the rights of poll watchers to observe elections.
    (6) Return promptly all phone calls, e-mails and texts from constituents.
    (7) Make himself and staff highly available to meet with constituents.
    (8) Take a responsive attitude toward input from constituents.
    So far, Gerry’s opponent in the Republican primary, RINO Tom Leek, has refused to sign it.

    Gerry James at Jacksonville Airport

    Even before joining the Florida Senate, Gerry is already championing the conservative cause. As we all know, the Obama-Biden 3.0 administration has an open-border policy to let in illegal aliens in order to change the American electorate. However, they are not simply letting in illegal aliens; they are reaching out and flying them in. These flights usually land in the middle of the night at scattered airports, often in Red States like Florida.

    In the last few months, Gerry has been made aware by a gate attendant at Jacksonville airport that three times each week, in the middle of the night, commercial aircraft are flying in dozens of illegal aliens. They receive cash and cell phones from federal agents, and are put on buses to various cities. Airport employees trying to document these flights have been silenced.

    Gerry pledges to expose these flights and call on our so-called Republican state government to fight back. These illegal aliens are receiving voter registration forms from Florida administrative agencies, and present a risk to turn our State Blue. This is what happened in California after federal amnesty was granted in 1986 to illegal aliens.

    Comparing Gerry James with Tom Leek

    Gerry has a trustworthy record as a grassroots conservative: (1) He has always publicly supported Donald Trump for President. (2) He is a participant in the MAGA movement. (3) He is a professional golfer and financial adviser, with an income and net worth independent of politics. In fact, going into politics costs him. (4) His funding comes from fellow grassroots conservatives, not from special interests. (5) He is a constitutional conservative who will stand up for the Bill of Rights. (6) He opposes the ravages of the administrative state in all its forms. (7) He considers election integrity a top priority.

    Gerry has been endorsed by Fred Funk and Bryson DeChambeau, professional golfers on the PGA/LIV tours. His priorities include property and auto insurance reform, the Second Amendment, protecting medical freedom and parental rights in education, and election integrity.

    On the other hand, Leek has an establishment record: (1) He publicly endorsed Governor DeSantis for President over Donald Trump. (2) He is a product of the Florida RINO establishment. (3) He is a professional politician and lawyer for Big Insurance. (4) His campaign PAC is funded by special interests. (5) He voted to obscure Florida’s Sunshine Laws, which provide transparency in government. (6) He has consistently voted to swell the state budget. (7) He has publicly opined that the presidential election of 2020 was fair.

    Leek has been endorsed by departing District 7 Senator Travis Hutson, who is term limited. Hutson boasted publicly last year that the anti-election integrity legislation adopted by the Florida legislature with a Republican super-majority, Senate Bill 7050, had been passed with input from: (1) the Florida Association of Supervisors of Elections—FSE; (2) Republican Senate and House leadership; and (3) Secretary of State Cord Byrd, appointed by Governor DeSantis. He did not mention any input from the many grassroots conservative groups who opposed that legislation, because their views were ignored by the RINO establishment.

    Insurance legislation backed by Representative Leek requires that homeowners replace their roofs every 15 years, whether they need it or not, including when they still have years remaining under warranty.

    Leek’s Gun Control

    Representative Leek has also consistently voted for “red flag” laws and gun control, and against the Second Amendment. He boasts that he does not “take any money from the National Rifle Association nor any pro-gun group.” Instead, he accepts donations from such gun grabbers as: (1) Wilton Stimson, former Senate President and current Commissioner of Agriculture; and (2) Norman Braman, owner of Braman Automotive Group in Miami and co-founder of Americans for Gun Safety Now, a gun-control group.

    Leek’s Campaign Funding

    Representative Leek’s sources of campaign donations and support include RINO operator Stafford Jones, Chairman of the Rules Committee of the Republican Party of Florida. Jones’ campaign clients include Governor DeSantis, House Speaker Renner and Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Stimson.
    Jones is also associated with a “social justice” political action committee that supports Democrat candidates. He has funded mailers that disparaged America First and Donald Trump, and that were aimed against MAGA candidates challenging establishment RINO’s in Republican primary elections, like Gerry James is doing this year. He often encourages a third candidate to run in Republican primary elections in order to split the anti-establishment protest vote. He also opposes requiring primaries to be won with a majority, not merely a plurality, and having a runoff if necessary.

    Jones was booed at the Republican Executive Committee in Duval County after he made a presentation there last fall, and has funneled at least $21,000 to the Leek campaign. Leek himself has also donated to Democrat candidates and accepted donations from progressive labor unions. He also recently donated $25,000 to the Republican Party of Florida.

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    Third Candidate in Primary

    In the next month or so, a third candidate is expected to join the Republican primary race for Senate District 7. This candidate will be well funded by trial lawyers, who have their own reasons for opposing insurance industry Representative Leek. The effect of third candidates, however, is to divide the protest vote against establishment candidates like Leek. The trial lawyers could have supported Gerry instead of running their own candidate, but they cannot stomach Gerry’s conservative, MAGA and America First positions. This shows you that Gerry is authentic, when trial lawyers can’t stand him!

    Please support Gerry’s campaign with a generous contribution.



    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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