• Immediately After Given Public Records Request For Machine Election Reports That Could Prove Election Fraud, Hillsborough County Elections Say They've Been Hacked

    May 4, 2023

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    Immediately after presented with an extensive public records request for election machine reports required to be provided to the public by the Florida Constitution, the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections said they've been hacked.

    Florida election integrity activists presented the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Department on May 1 with a list of election machine reports which they believe will prove massive machine election fraud in the county.

    Today, Hillsborough officials say they've been hacked, but election systems were not compromised.

    Today, I want to share information about criminal cyberactivity that took place and is
    currently under investigation. It’s my intent to provide the public with as much information
    as possible without compromising the integrity of the investigation. As someone who spent
    35 years in law enforcement, I take all criminal activity seriously, and I consider an intrusion
    into an elections office an extremely serious offense
    , said Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer in a press release.

    We learned that an unauthorized user illegally accessed files on a shared drive on our
    network and we immediately notified federal, state and local law enforcement partners,
    including the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Law
    Enforcement, the FBI, MS-ISAC, the Florida Department of State, and the cybersecurity
    division of Hillsborough County’s Information and Innovation Office. We are working closely
    with those partners to ensure that this incident is thoroughly investigated.

    It’s very important to note that the unauthorized user did not have access to our voter
    registration system or our ballot tabulation system. Our voter registration system has
    multiple layers of protection, monitoring and redundancy. Our tabulation system does too,
    and uses a stand-alone, air gapped server that is not connected to anything else. That
    server has not been compromised in any way.

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    Dano S.
    Dano S.
    1 year ago

    Seize the affected computers as evidence in the crime. Then do a forensic analysis and see if there is any evidence of hacking. My guess is they won't find any. I base my assumption on the suspicious timing of their claim. Then the people responsible can face several serious federal charges, in addition to state charges. And that will put an end to the fiasco that is Hillsborough County Elections.

    You gonna eat that?
    You gonna eat that?
    1 year ago

    When? 2020? 2022? There's already enough people awakening to the fact something fishy happened in the 2022 Florida primaries. Then the legislature passes a bill changing the constitution of Florida and preventing access to voting data. Now this guy is giving a vague report of hacking but doesn't say when and wants us to believe everything is on the up and up and he takes this serious? Sounds as if there needs to be a full audit of every states elections in 2020 2022 and every election going forward. No more mail in voting absentee only with a reasonable excuse and voter ID required. This election fraud has to stop immediately. We already know thousands of mail in ballots were sent out with "Do Not Forward" missing from the mailing envelope and no one can account for those ballots. Obviously Florida's elections aren't "Safe and Secure" as MSM and Ron the RINO want us to believe.

    1 year ago

    What a scam. We'll accept this, too.

    1 year ago


    Russ D
    Russ D
    1 year ago

    Come on now. We have the best govt. $ can buy 😉

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