IO Episode 164 - Disney Employee Nick Caturano On Woke Propaganda

February 27, 2023

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Host L Todd Wood speaks with current Disney employee Nick Caturano on the woke environment at the company, the lack of attention to employees and guests, and the focus on globalist propaganda.

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2 comments on “IO Episode 164 - Disney Employee Nick Caturano On Woke Propaganda”

  1. I work for a company with 75 employees. I stood my ground along with four other employees who resisted taking the vaccine. We put up with weekly COVID tests and subtle discrimination but we survived.

    I protested against CRT training and refused to participate in the "indoctrination" programming. I survived that also.

    DEI, on the other hand, has been a little more difficult to tackle because it does not affect me directly. I so appreciate the light being shown on it by Governor DeSantis, Cris Rufo and others.

    Thank you Todd for another great podcast.

  2. Nick did a great job on your show discussing the wioke agenda at Disney! I am praying more Disney employees will become emboldened by his strong leadership and join the fight to save our country!

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