• New Disney Board Eliminates 'Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion' Programs

    August 3, 2023
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    New Disney Board Eliminates 'Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion' Programs
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    In a statement released this week, the new board overseeing the Disney jurisdiction in Florida ended all DEI discriminatory practices, according to a statement issued.

    The Reedy Creek Improvement District was abolished earlier in the year by Governor DeSantis. The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) was appointed by the Governor in its place.

    "Today, District Administrator Glenton Gilzean announced the abolition of all DEI programs at the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District," the district said in a public statement on Aug. 1.

    "The announcement comes after the Reedy Creek Improvement District implemented hiring and contracting programs that discriminated against Americans based on gender and race, costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

    "The announcement comes after an internal investigation into the district's policies," according to the statement.

    "The district's DEI committee will be dissolved and any DEI job duties will be eliminated. CFTOD staff will also no longer be permitted to use any staff time to pursue DEI initiatives.

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    "The so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives were advanced during the tenure of the previous board and they were illegal and simply un-American," said Mr. Gilzean.

    "Our district will no longer participate in any attempt to divide us by race or advance the notion that we are not created equal.

    "As the former head of the Central Florida Urban League, a civil rights organization, I can say definitively that our community thrives only when we work together despite our differences."

    According to the statement, Reedy Creek, under its Minority/Women Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program, routinely awarded contracts "based on racially and gender driven goals to businesses on the basis of their owners' race and gender."

    The Reedy Creek district instituted gender and racial quotas "to ensure that contractors met a certain threshold of diversity," the new district said in the statement.

    "In order to meet those quotas, it is estimated that the district had to pay millions of dollars more in order to find businesses who could comply."

    The new district further alleged in the statement that Reedy Creek employees, after entering a contract, "aggressively monitored [the] contractor's racial and gender practices, wasting taxpayer dollars," reported Epoch Times.


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