August 29, 2022
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    Frida Kahlo’s “Fantasmones Siniestros” was transformed to live eternally in the digital realm, at a Frida Celebration Party in Miami, FL, to help certain charities, and change the Art, Charity, NFT, and Healthcare World forever

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    The Miami crypto scene is on fire as those who live on the Florida south coast fully understand.

    The concept of an NFT is new to many but the business is taking the blockchain world by storm.

    Last month, Philanthropist and Social Entrepreneur Mr. Martin Mobarak burnt Frida’s famous painting to transform it into FRIDA.NFT

    On July 30th, 2022, history was made by Mr. Martin Mobarak when he burnt a rare piece of Frida art, to transform and revolutionize the Art, NFT, Charity Worlds, and Health Sector.He made this profound act, for children and the less fortunate around the world to receive hope, declared a press release.

    “Frida Kahlo became immortalized in the NFT form. Her art that is now shared around the world has created donations that will continue to grow in perpetuity. I am proud to say this event will solve some of the world’s biggest problems in honor of Frida Kahlo,” said Mr. Mobarak.

    “Our mission is to transform the pain of Frida, and the pain of the suffering kids, abused women, and the needy in this world into relieving pain. This painting Fantasmones Siniestros (Massive Sinister Ghosts) does not exist in the material world anymore, but FRIDA.NFT will be eternal and it will be a gift that keeps on giving, as a consistent donation stream to charities near & dear to our hearts while rewarding those willing to embark on this journey with us, from the museums to the Metaverse. “ explains Mr. Mobarak. 

    While it is nice to have traditional art masterpieces hanging on a private wall, Martin Mobarak has decided to take his, valued well over $10,000,000, to be the first perpetual royalty charity initiative. To review the details and authenticity of the original painting that was burnt, go to: https://fridanft.org/assets/docs/Authentication_Cert.pdf

    “Yes, I did burn it. But why did I do it?  I did something very profound that will live for eternity in the hearts of all the children and women that will be helped through Frida.nft.” added Mobarak.

    Each Fantasmones Siniestros NFT grants the holder membership to the exclusive art-driven charity foundation along with a host of ever evolving benefits including, but not limited to, access to luxurious amenities, unique experiences, and exclusive events around the globe. 

    About FRIDA.NFT Frida.nft creates the permanent bridge between the traditional art world and the expanding potential of Web 3.0. This community-driven initiative has a vision to redefine how we raise perpetual funds  with close to zero effort from charities. We also introduce Frida’s work into the metaverse and leverage her powerful likeness to bring together a community of collectors, creators, and art lovers on a mission to merge the traditional art world with the digital art world’s expanding potential and immortalize humanity’s story.

    To buy the NFT and be part of the giving community please go to www.fridanft.org. To be part of this revolution to change the world, and to purchase a limited number of NFTs, go to www.fridanft.org.


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