State Rep Sabatini Declares It's Time For Florida To Sever Ties with Federal Agencies, Arrest Corrupt Federal Agents, Supports Florida Police Protection For Trump

August 9, 2022

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Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini declared late yesterday after the raid on the Mar-a-Lago Trump home that it's time for Florida to sever ties with Federal agencies, specifically from the U.S. Department of Justice, and arrest FBI agents 'conducting law enforcement functions outside the purview of our State'.

When asked, Sabatini also informed The Miami Independent he would support Florida police protection for Trump against corrupt Federal agents.

Sabatini, an Army veteran, is running for the U.S. Congress in Florida's 7th district. He is known as a strong MAGA candidate and supporter of the former President.


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10 comments on “State Rep Sabatini Declares It's Time For Florida To Sever Ties with Federal Agencies, Arrest Corrupt Federal Agents, Supports Florida Police Protection For Trump”

  1. Kudos to Representative Sabatini! He is just the type of fighter America needs to fight globalism.

    And a note to Miami Independent: you need a proofreader who knows English. It’s not “severe” ties. It’s SEVER (to cut)!

  2. It is high time to break up the massive federal bureaucracies and the media/tech oligarchies to return to the Constitutional order of federalism. Where does the U.S. Constitution delegate any “public health” powers to the federal government, for instance? Who could doubt that Florida’s equivalent of the CDC is far more responsive, competent, and respectful of citizens’ rights? Break them all up, block grant all the funds back to the states, and close down the tyrannical cess pool called the nation’s capital. Only then we will be able to breath and live freely again.

  3. Love the idea, but how does it work under the Constitution? The FBI is an administrative operation under the Executive Branch, and not referenced in any way, shape or form in the Constitution- I thus wonder if States can simply just reject giving them any jurisdiction.

  4. This brings back what is done in Cuba, Venezuela, and now here in US. If an ex-President is treated in this manner Can you imagine how regular citizens will be handled? It’s scary what this country is turning to…..a Banana Republic!!!

  5. I appreciate the spirit, but is does not work that way. It is wrong to agitate others as secession is an all-or-nothing proposition. Now, the state can arrest the agents for violation of state law when they act like the Gestapo, or a federal cartel. Failure to disclose a search warrant is in effect the same as not having one, as the agents trespassed,burgaled, and committed grand larceny, all State offenses. They can extradite those culpable that ordered the crimes, and issue standing warrants for their arrest should they come into the state.

    Example, should you be pulled over for a traffic citation and are unwilling to present your license, you will be treated as not having one. Acting as though you have a search warrant and being unwilling to present it very much the same thing.

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