August 9, 2023
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    Guest post by Tracy Sharp

    A strange car sits at the end of your driveway. The occupant watches your home. When you leave, he follows. In the supermarket, he is behind you. He examines everything you buy, how much you spend, even your produce. He follows you to the mall, the gas station, and finally home, where he settles into his favorite parking spot with a clear view of your front door. He is always there.

    Celebrities have had admirers get too close for comfort. Some weirdo infatuated with a particular celebrity starts following them everywhere. It’s creepy. It’s threatening. It produces extreme anxiety. Thus, all 50 States have outlawed stalking. Stalking is illegal…unless you’re the State. Then this following and ‘in your business at all times’ behavior is something you’re supposed to accept in the name of security.

    State-driven technological stalking was identified in the Montana Republican Platform (MTGOP) as “Surveillance Stalking”. This practice should be as illegal as any other form of warrantless listening, following, tracking, and spying. Governmental surveillance stalking is exploding into the Orwellian nightmare one would expect given today’s technology. If you look at the engineering leaps forward made in the last ten years, today’s capabilities are Stalin’s wildest dream come true, and today's China is the test-bed.

    Surveillance stalking is about government seizing control of your life. Just ask Nigel Farage. His ability to bank in England has been eliminated, effectively making him a non-person. Free thinking, even if it wins the day in an election, will not be permitted. You must be controlled.

    In the days of the Soviet and East German STASI, the data collected by stalking the citizenry needed to be compiled and analyzed by some unseen committee that would then prepare a report resulting in you being sent off to the Gulag for reasons never shared with you. Today we can see a future where the analysis of surveillance data is done in real time by artificial intelligence. And there are even greater intrusive threats to the life of the free citizen.

    Yuval Noah Harari—advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF) leader Klaus Schwab—spoke on not just observing, but placing surveillance stalking capability "under the skin" of the citizenry. For him, the merging of the information technology revolution and biological sciences will allow a spying technology that converts biological responses into digital data that can be analyzed by computers. Harari says, “...this is the key for getting to know people better than they know themselves.” He goes on to state this would allow them to “...be watching the minds and the brains of all the population all the time.” One-hundred percent surveillance stalking is the goal.

    It is easy to envision how facial recognition software linked to already in place surveillance systems throughout the world can be used to manipulate the citizen into forced behaviors. It can be used to punish ‘wrong think’. The stalker is watching your every move, your every purchase, and with biometric surveillance, they are monitoring your every reaction. There are few things more anti-American than a government that assumes unto itself the right to stalk the free citizen at all times and pass judgment.

    Cameras recording activities in stores to protect people and property are sensible. Pulling the tapes once there is probable cause affords the citizen protections. Surveillance stalking, however, tosses probable cause to the wind. It creates the circumstance where an unseen committee can pass judgments based on their version of what constitutes ‘right’. This is the heart and soul of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as well as the idea of a 'social credit score'. Perhaps your automated teller machine will not give you any money because you bought too much diesel last month. Perhaps you bought guns, and the committee doesn’t like guns. Maybe a surveillance stalking device overheard you say something they dislike. Surveillance stalking will shut down your life until you the citizen mouth the words they want you to say. Until then, no loan for your business and no bank transactions. This is what ESG is all about; wresting control away from the free citizen because to the masterminds of the committees—the collectivists—we the people exercising free will are a threat.

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    Government and global businesses will merge and use all the systems they have to force compliance. The merging of business and government is the very definition of fascism, yet those actual fascists will accuse you of being the fascist for reminding them that we are a government of the people; we are not the government’s play-things. The charade that private businesses were acting on their own has been shredded as it has come to light that the Biden administration teamed up with corporations to achieve government directed censorship. Porsche and Mercedes Benz probably no longer feel as bad for having produced weapons and tanks for a fascist regime. After all, it was just private companies doing their part, right?

    The government has no right to thumb through the pages of your life simply because they want to. It is certainly not within the government’s right to punish you for an opinion—ever—no matter how distasteful to their sensibilities.

    What today’s technology makes possible is nothing short of enslavement of the free citizen. That is not American; that is not Constitutional; that is not the future envisioned by our forefathers. It is a return to totalitarianism. Surveillance stalking is the elites’ tool of first resort to make the return to authoritarianism a reality in short order. Free people must fight this tooth and nail before it envelops us all. Recognizing surveillance stalking as the threat to freedom it truly is and not a security measure imposed by the government for our own good is a start.

    Tracy Sharp, Chair, Lake County Republican Central Committee


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