• Trump To Rikers Island Prison??

    June 6, 2024
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    Is The Leak From Alvin Bragg Correct?

    Image by Tim Rodenberg

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    Over the weekend, a pro-Trump website, “We Love Trump”, revealed that Alvin Bragg, the DA of NY County, has ‘“confided” in Sunny Hostin, high-powered lawyer, albeit idiot-in-residence from The View, that The US Junta is going to try to send Donald Trump to Rikers Island on July 11.

    Since early May, 2024, it has been said that Rikers will be ready for Trump’s incarceration. Ah, yes…before the actual verdict! Funny how that works in totalitarian countries.

    If that should happen, it would involve an innocent man being placed in a “tiny cell with a toilet and a bench” - and life-threatening conditions.

    Think about it…If Jeffrey Epstein, who had some dirt on some of the rich and infamous, couldn’t survive in a Manhattan prison that was marginally safer than Rikers, what are the chances of the Left’s main foe, Donald Trump, who is nearly twice Epstein’s age, if he should be thrown into Rikers, as the enemy is planning? Oh, I forgot…Epstein was “suicidal”. Silly me.

    NB: We KNOW up front, that Donald Trump is NOT SUICIDAL. Just for the record.

    Penalties for first-time offenders of the crimes for which Donald Trump was convicted but did not commit, are traditionally fines or house arrest, not incarceration in a dangerous hell hole.

    To really understand the issue, the horror of a Trump imprisonment in Rikers, we have to know what that really means. We must be ready, as he says he is.

    Rikers Island, in the Hudson River, is a NY State prison, notorious for its dark, dirty and violent conditions. Fifteen inmates died there in 2021.

    A report by an independent federal monitor in 2022, says, "the conditions in the jail remain dangerously unsafe and the monitoring team remains gravely concerned about the alarming number of in-custody deaths." Horrible conditions are augmented by regularly AWOL staff and security personnel.” Corrections officers are quitting in record numbers, reported ABC 7 News in Nov., 2022.

    In 2024, Rikers “dysfuntion remains the reality”, reports the Legal Aid Society in a final push for federal takeover of the prison. “The Legal Aid Society said that the “devastating status quo,” which includes high rates of violence between officers and detainees, violence between incarcerated New Yorkers and dozens of deaths, has remained over the past eight years, despite countless promises to change made by the city’s Department of Correction – not to mention, a 2015 consent decree requiring the city correct dangerous conditions at its jails.”

    Watch…all of a sudden, before the July 11 Trump sentencing, the feds will magnanimously take over Rikers…. THAT would most certainly signal deadly plans by the Obama/Biden Junta.

    Yes, a former President DOES have Secret Service protection by law, continual protection by his personal detail. They should accompany him to prison, if he goes. (Would THEY even be safe?)

    In April, when Bragg was busy planning for the illegal outcome of the sham trial, House Dems also tried to remove Trump’s SS detail. This Fox report is the last word I can find on that.

    NB: I said, “BY LAW”. Little else about our law has been followed since the enemy combatants in DC stole the country in the 2020 “election”. Therefore, we cannot count on Donald Trump’s being safe anywhere he goes. Defying the Constitution - aka breaking the law - is how and why he was tried and “convicted” in the first place. So, protecting him because the law says so is NOT a given.

    We do know that Donald Trump can still become POTUS despite the blatantly fake trial and verdict. Here is ABC Newswire, to explain. This terrifies the Left.

    We are up against a hideous reality.

    If Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t stay alive, then think about the chances for Donald Trump’s safety. That’s where the national nausea rises, and along with it, anger.

    NEVER FORGET: Don’t give in to that anger. They want us on the streets, armed, and they will keep pushing to make that happen. Many of those border invaders are already trained and ready to, in Obama’s 2015 words, to put down “an American Insurrection.” Seven or eight years ago, that was puzzling. NOW WE KNOW.

    I have to circle back" here and ask, WHAT ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE TRUMP FAMILY FEELING? Eric, as you know, was the only family member in the courtroom at the delivery of the verdict.

    I listened to a Lara Trump an interview with Joe Pags this past weekend. She speaks with some passion about this being totally political attack. She hits notes like, “frustrating” and “disgusting”. I am very happy to see this, believe me, but we need to hear more.

    Has I been doing that interview, I would have had a few more questions for Mrs. Trump.

    What about the RNC’s insistence on BALLOT HARVESTING, DROP BOXES and EARLY VOTING? Are they ready to acknowledge that this PROVEN methodology to help the Globalists to pull off another steal??

    What I’d REALLY like to have asked her is why at least three major states have tossed trump electors and gear. (GA, FL, and TX) What is going on there? Was she even aware?? Her home state was one….

    Remember, Lara Trump has yet to respond to Florida Trump supporters who have asked her to comment on the treatment of Trump supporters within the party structure and outside of it. I am speaking of RPOF Committeemen Peter Feaman, and the Florida Republican Assembly.
    See War of The Elephants, RPOF Now Purging Its Own, and War of the Elephants is ON.

    Lara, How about a change of dates for the RNC Convention, to nominate Donald Trump on JULY 4. a week BEFORE he is to be sentenced?? Yes, it would require some hustling of arrangements, which would be more than worth it for the nomination

    Is it true that, as insiders tell us, that the former chair Rona, and all her attorneys are still on the payroll?

    I’d also love to hear similar from the other co-Chair, Michael Whatley. Perhaps, now that he has his law license, he could explain that, and the specifics (including proof) about all those thousands of lawyers who are supposed to be assigned to covering polling places in November.

    Lol! This is why the “biggies” stay with safer outlets I guess. We ordinary people ask too many (real) questions.

    Just as we must remind every elected official that THEY WORK FOR US, so we must keep up the drumbeat with the RNC and state parties.

    Again, our donations for Donald Trump MUST keep going and growing, and are still better sent to our POTUS candidate at WinRed as he has asked.

    Our time will be well spent staying close to our local politicians, at the town, county and state levels. Request the list of Trump electors in your state. Contact them and let them know you expect their vote to be true. We are entitled to this information. Make them give it to you.

    Hold a Trump lemonade party and ask all your local politicians to attend…

    And pray. Never forget to do that.

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    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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