• Why Are "Uncertifiable" Voting Systems Being Used To Administer Elections In Florida?

    July 15, 2023

    Ron DeSantis Appointed Secretary of State Cord Byrd and DeSantis Donor Dominion Voting Systems Might Be The Key To Unraveling The Entire Election Fraud RICO Enterprise Nationwide

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    Governor Ron DeSantis Claims Florida Is The Gold Standard For Elections

    Uncertifiable Electronic Voting Systems? This tweet by Ron Desantis at first glance seemed legitimate at the time. Donald Trump won overall in Florida. However, after the past few years of investigative work by concerned Florida citizens in examining Florida elections there has been mounting evidence of massive election fraud in Florida and in other states.

    The Discovery of "Uncertifiable" Voting Systems Use

    During the 2022 election cycle it was uncovered that there were significant issues with the voting systems and widespread election fraud throughout Florida in the 2020 election. These concerns were brought to the attention of DeSantis appointed Secretary of State Cord Byrd by alarmed citizens and even a few elected officials. In their numerous appeals they requested that the paper ballots and all election data for 2020 be preserved and fully audited.

    In August of 2022, Governor DeSantis, Cord Byrd and their new Election Crimes Unit held a press conference at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office. DeSantis announced that they would be prosecuting individuals whom they identified as illegally voting and Governor DeSantis announced that they would be preserving all of the election data.

     In Governor DeSantis’ speech, he mentioned that “I also want to be very clear going forward that we’re going to continue to make sure that our laws are rigorously enforced and one of the things that we are doing is we want to ensure that ALL THE RECORDS THAT WE HAVE FROM THE MOST RECENT ELECTION IN 2020 ARE PRESERVED”.


    As soon as the Federally mandated time for election records elapsed in October of 2022, Ron DeSantis and Cord Byrd did nothing to preserve the evidence or election fraud and the election data was destroyed. Why would the Secretary of State hand picked by Governor Ron DeSantis allow for the destruction of evidence of such great importance?

    Why would two very intelligent attorneys conspire with others to destroy evidence of election fraud related to a highly contested Presidential election?

    Information and evidence had been presented that the Florida Electronic Voting Systems had significant security issues and had been compromised. One such report was submitted by an organization Florida First Freedom Alliance.

    Numerous other concerned voter groups were conducting public records requests in an effort to obtain key information necessary to evaluate if the Florida elections were truly the most secure in Florida history.

    The information that these groups have obtained tell a very different story than that of the Florida political establishment and the mockingbird media.

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    Dominion Voting Systems Used In Florida Are "UNCERTIFIABLE"

    Through public records requests and research concerned voters make a very interesting discovery.

    DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS CERTIFICATION REPORTS VIOLATE STATED REQUIRED RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RELEASE DVS Democracy Suite, Release 4.14.37, Version 1 (Cert. Feb 2016), Version 2 (Cert. Jan 2020) and Version 3 (Cert. Oct 2020).

    Executive Summary Ver.1,2 and 3 BVSC will not recommend future DVS approvals unless
    Continuous Improvement/Recommendations are no longer issues.

    Dominion Voting Systems are Uncertifiable

    DVS Ver. 1,2 and 3 Continuous Improvement/Recommendations Items 1 and 2: BVSC states the
    unacceptable DVS anomalies are required to be addressed prior to future certification. (Screen
    shot 2)

    More proof of Dominion Voting Systems are Uncertifiable

    DVS Ver. 1,2 and 3 Conclusion: BVSC Certification of Ver.1,2 and 3 with qualification that BVSC
    will not recommend future DVS approvals unless remedied, yet the same issues appear in
    subsequent certified release versions. (Screen shot 2)

    DVS Ver. 1,2 and 3 Continuous Improvement/ Recommendations Item no. 1: Contest Title
    Character Anomaly (Screen shot 3)

    Dominion Systems - Not Secure - High Error Rates

    DVS Ver. 1,2 and 3 Continuous Improvement/Recommendations Item no. 1: Copy of ICE and ICP
    Tapes (Screen shot 4)

    Dominion ICE Tape Defects Exceed Maximum Allowable Error Rates

    DVS Ver. 1, 2 and 3 Continuous Improvement/Recommendation Item no 2: Graceful Shutdown,
    Disabled audit mark feature. (Screen shot 5)

    Dominion Unexpected Scanner Shut Downs

    DVS Ver. 1 Date and time in ICP ballot tabulator scanner is designed by vendor to be manually
    adjusted by election official. (Screen shot 6)

    Dominion Systems Allow For Manual Date Alterations

    DVS Ver. 3 October 2020 Adds Dell 5270 Series Computer required to run in Windows 7
    Compatibility mode – Microsoft ended Window 7 security updates and support in Jan 2020.
    (Screen shot 7)

    Dominion Systems Using Unsecure Operating Systems Windows 7 support ended prior to the elections in question.

    Q: How is it possible to run the most secure election in Florida history on computer systems that stopped receiving security patches and updates 10 months earlier?

    A. You can't. The entire system is "Uncertifiable"

    Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

    Microsoft ended support for Server 2008 on January 14, 2020.

    When every aspect of the Florida Electronic Voting Systems are examined nothing is certifiable. Every single aspect of the technology is years out of compliance with security updates and is "Uncertifiable". The critical election infrastructure exemption being claimed is a farce. The goal is not to secure the elections. The goal is to conceal the evidence of their vast criminal election fraud and RICO enterprise.

    Do you you see the difference between the two "certifications" above?

    If you follow the money and watch the actions of the "selected" legislators and public officials you see what is really going on.

    DeSantis Fundraiser Hosted By "Uncertifiable" Dominion Systems Attorney

    Dominion Payoffs to Ron DeSantis to allow uncertifiable electronic voting systems.
    The best ROI of any investment is the purchasing politicians.

    Q: How Are "Uncertifiable" Electronic Voting Systems Used To Administer Elections In Florida?

    A) Bribery & Payoffs

    B) Backroom Deals

    C) Blackmail

    D) Buying Legislation

    E) All of the above

    When Ron DeSantis signed SB7050 into law he signed into existence the Florida Election Fraud Legalization Act. This legislation was drafted by the Election Fraud Mafia of which Dominion is a key player. SB7050 effectively hides from public records view the fraud being used to rig elections and disenfranchise Florida voters. The best ROI of any investment is the purchase of politicians.



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    11 months ago

    Excellent article, Chris. Thank you for all the source material. It's great to have all the details when writing to politicians who just want to answer voter queries with, "Everything is fine with Florida elections." I hope we'll be able to clean up our state and get back our voices.

    Owain Morgan
    Owain Morgan
    11 months ago


    11 months ago

    What is the"critical election infrastructure exemption" you write about, and how does the voting machine issues not fixed(audit marks?, security patch updates) affect the ability to conceal election results.Also, other than clarity, what is the difference you point out between the two certs? I tend to believe all the Rino backroom deals, bribery, and payoffs exist, but nothing specific was explained or pointed out

    11 months ago
    Reply to  gogators52

    The 'critical election infrastructure exemption' phrase is likely what Supervisors of Elections and their employees fraudulently use as an excuse to without public records from citizens.

    11 months ago
    Reply to  gogators52

    Any machine with built-in modems are not secure and, therefore not certifiable.

    None of the ES&S machines used in Florida's 2020 or 2022 elections were federally certified which means the machines could not be used in Florida's elections, per the EAC/HAVA agreements Florida, county commissioners and SOEs

    11 months ago
    Reply to  Name

    That argument is understood, but what does that have to do with concealing election results, and where is all the nefarious conduct/deals

    11 months ago
    Reply to  gogators52

    The solution is one day voting, paper ballot and ID.

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