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    October 16, 2023
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    ‘Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite,' a quote attributed to French diplomat and philosopher Joseph de Maistre, translates to 'Every country deserves their leadership.' If government reflects our character, values, and choices, this concept suggests that if dissatisfied, we bear some responsibility for it, either by our actions or acquiescence.

    Given Ron DeSantis as Governor and an overwhelming red legislature, Florida should be ironclad in terms of enshrining individual liberties for its citizens. Instead, the 2023 legislative session was underwhelming at best, with losses regarding election security, limited government, and second amendment protections, among others.

    Moreover, as Floridians experience a hike in homeowners insurance premiums by 20% to 40%, tightening of eligibility criteria, or companies simply fleeing the state, the cost of insuring their homes is not only getting out of hand but also becoming an impossible situation. Florida’s political leadership voting record has transitioned from philosophical possibilities to practical matters, hitting citizens where it hurts: in their pockets. In other words, the problems have become personal.

    The Citizen Coalition is a grassroots organization that seeks to educate constituents about their elected officials’ job performance. The people who elected Representative Tom Leek deserve to know why SB 76, HB 837, and other laws benefit the insurance industry while they must bear the brunt of a problem that has not been of their making. In addition, the coalition will present that Representative Leek voted for legislation clouding Florida’s Sunshine Laws, enabling power companies to charge higher prices, and shielding healthcare providers who refused to administer Ivermectin and other promising treatments from lawsuits. In short, the Citizen Coalition aims to instruct fellow voters about Tom Leek’s legislative record by examining the laws passed under his tenure.

    Representative Leek has been invited to attend this meeting so he may explain his voting record and why his votes correlate with the donations received by his political action committee named “Living Life with Purpose.” As an insurance industry insider and attorney, Leek was ideally suited to draft and support fair and equitable laws for his constituents. An analysis of such laws indicates that the insurance companies and carriers have benefited at the expense of the policyholders.

    Tom Leek is serving his last term as Florida Representative for District 28, which includes Daytona and Ormond Beach in Volusia County. He has announced his candidacy for Senate District 7, which expands to St. Johns, Putnam, and Flagler County. Citizens from those new areas have been invited to attend the event so they may become more informed and involved voters.

    Anyone working in corporate America is familiar with yearly performance appraisals to evaluate job results such as product quality (legislation and bills), customer retention (constituent satisfaction), profitability (economic impact), etc. How are politicians accountable for their actions? Isn’t it time elected public servants are held to the same standard? Citizen engagement in governance is key to safeguarding our individual freedoms and liberties. This initiative is the first of its kind in the state of Florida and offers an approach that can be emulated by other citizens in their own counties.

    Legislators, county commissioners, city officials, school boards … be advised.

    The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.


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    Debbie Faris

    Soccer mom, author, and a few other trades. Relevant is that I smelled the election fraud within hours...thus becoming a citizen journalist and election integrity advocate. prayingmantis.substack.com

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