• Brazil, The Essential Country

    September 10, 2022

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    Happy independence day, Brazil! But other than a good party, why does it matter?

    Next month the Brazilian presidential elections will seal the fate of Latin America for a generation – or, as in Cuba, for much longer.

    Unsurprisingly, after the tyrannical Left seized power in the U.S. by stealing the 2020 election, every major country south of the border has fallen to the same extremism. Brazil, simply put, is the last hope, the last man standing. If it falls, the entire continent will go dark.

    Realizing the growing threat to the country he loves, President Bolsonaro last year directed that paper receipts be made available to every voter in one of the most centralized and digital voting systems in the world.

    But the Communist Supreme Court struck down his initiative. Why?

    I do not describe it as Communist lightly. Incredibly, the same unelected Supreme Court forced Bolsonaro to wear a mask in public during the power-flexing lockdowns. (You may recall that Bolsonaro was one of the only Western leaders to refuse the experimental gene therapies, or EGTs, for himself and sympathized with poorer citizens needing to defy local Governors’ radical shutdowns in order to put food on the table – which alone makes him one of the world’s most intelligent leaders.)

    I can also personally testify to this Communist characterization. While researching colonial documents for one of my books, I visited the sumptuous private library of a rich, retired Supreme Court justice. When the librarian gave me a tour, she showed me the Great Man’s office, which included a large desk behind which was prominently displayed a large, oil portrait – of whom? Joseph Stalin.

    Bolsonaro is known as the Little Trump: for his populist common sense, salty, un-PC comments, and obvious love of country and the trodden-down worker. The vitriol which the global elites direct at him is remarkable, with even French president Macron attacking him via false and misleading statements re the burning of the Amazon.

    Brazil’s radical Leftist courts freed the past Worker Party president Lula from jail and allowed him to run again. Remember him? He is the president who crippled the Brazilian economy over nearly a decade, brought endemic corruption to a new level, yet whom Obama called “my man” and the world’s most popular politician. Now he’s running for a life-long term.

    Bolsonaro needs to make a critical decision. As we have learned in the U.S., a stolen election is nearly impossible to reverse after the fact. Either Bolsonaro must have full confidence that the October balloting will be fair and square, or he needs to dissolve the tyrannical Supreme and Electoral Courts, implement the election integrity measures they blocked, and guarantee a clean election as soon as possible.

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    Freedom-loving Americans – of which I count myself one – will need to support Bolsonaro vociferously. Many of my Brazilian friends are concerned that if Bolsonaro guarantees clean elections, the Brazilian economy will suffer massive globalist attacks, hitting its struggling citizens in the pocketbook.

    My response: unless this November’s U.S. congressional elections are even more massively manipulated and stolen than 2020's, the new Congress will be run by clear-sighted Rightists starting in January, and Brazil’s pain should, accordingly, be temporary. Furthermore, Bolsonaro has intelligently played against the obstructionist Biden administration by currying relations with Russia. Even the Biden administration can’t be so stupid as to drive Brazil entirely into Russia’s and China’s arms.

    The globalist elites already have their knives out for Bolsanaro, as The Economist just published an article claiming “Win or lose, Jair Bolsonaro poses a threat to Brazilian democracy: All the signs are that he will lose an election and say he won it.” Wrong. Leftist suppression polls try to show Lula ahead; my and many alert Brazilians’ assessment – including informal polls by taxi cab drivers in São Paulo, Brazil’s Elite Central city, saying an astonishing 70% support the president – is that Bolsonaro would win another landslide victory in a clean election.

    An even shriller opinion piece at the Grey (and dying) Lady claimed two days ago that “Bolsonaro Isn’t Preparing for a Coup. He’s Preparing for a Revolution.”

    Pray for Brazil. Pray that it experience another independence day, in which the threat of Leftist shackles are thrown off. Either the globalist, tyrannical tide turns in Brazil in the next month – giving freedom-loving patriots around the world hope once again – or all of Latin America slides into darkness and desperation.

    I know which side I am on: that of hope and light.

    Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel yarns and recently became the Faith Division Leader, Miami-Dade, for County Citizens Defending Freedom. Contact him at his author site benbatchelder.com



    Ben Batchelder

    Ben Batchelder was born into leftism and has been a black sheep ever since. A writer now for several decades, he first converted to conservatism after college during a world trip on $10 a day, to Christianity at a later date, and to populist nationalism after Trump. A graduate of two Ivy League schools, he has had to unlearn most of what he learned there.

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    1 year ago

    Remember what Joseph Stalin said : "Those who vote decide nothing.Those who count the vote decide everything" The progressive left (aka Communist) never win without lying or having a fair election.

    Diogo D.
    1 year ago

    I'm going to use a translator, I'm Brazilian, the American media not even Fox News more in the center shows the greatness of Bolsonaro,

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