• America Has A Tale Of Two Presidents

    February 12, 2024
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    Since January 2021 the job of President of the United States has been divided between two men: (1) our de jure President is Crooked Joe Biden, the Big Guy of the Biden Crime Family; and (2) our de facto President is Caliph Barack Hussein Obama: a globalist who has made fun of American exceptionalism; a Jihadist practicing taqiyya (dissimulation) who supports the Iranian mullahs and drew a moral equivalence in the Hamas massacre; and a Communist who attended a baseball game in Cuba hand-in-hand with a bloody totalitarian dictator.

    Our de facto President governs with the full cooperation of the federal administrative state. In effect, our executive branch is the Obama-Biden 3.0 administration. Our current presidency represents Obama’s third term, in violation of the United States Constitution. Biden was inaugurated into office, but the real authority is wielded by Obama, living in a Kalorama mansion a mile from the White House, together with the administrative state, which hardly needs to be told what to do.

    De Facto and De Jure

    According to the Encyclopedia Britannica (yes, that is still a thing) online: “De facto (Latin: from the fact) is a legal concept used to refer to what happens in reality or in practice; as opposed to de jure (Latin: from the law) which refers to what is actually written in a legal code.” For example: “A de facto leader is someone who exerts authority over a country, but whose legitimacy is not established by law; while a de jure leader has a legal right to authority, whether or not that authority is realized or exercised.”

    According to the World Bank: “A de facto government comes into, or remains in, power by means not provided for in the country’s constitution, such as a coup d’etat, revolution, usurpation, abrogation or suspension of the constitution.”

    How We Got Here

    In effect, Obama is a usurper, but he made Biden President, so Biden has no standing to object. Biden was losing badly in the Democrat presidential primaries of 2020 held in Iowa and New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders was winning and threatening to become the nominee for the second time, having been in a similar position in 2016. Democrats feared that Bernie’s known socialist views would lead them to defeat.

    Accordingly, in order to prevent Bernie from winning the nomination, just before the South Carolina primary Congressman Jim Clybourn (acting for the leadership of the Democrat national party) announced that Biden was the party’s selected nominee. Clybourn directed all other candidates to suspend their campaigns and support Biden, which they all did. In return, Biden pledged to follow the extreme progressive agenda of the Democrat leadership, including choosing a black woman for Vice President. Biden wanted Governor Whitmer of Michigan, but Obama imposed Senator Kamala Harris.

    Biden was the presidential candidate selected by this leadership group, which includes former President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer. The party then went on to steal the election for Biden, using Vote-By-Mail under cover of Covid, while he campaigned from his basement. Biden was inaugurated as President during January 2021, but Obama was settling into a mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood of the District of Columbia, around a mile away from the White House. Staying in Washington after his term ended is unprecedented for any United States President.

    Obama revealed in an interview with Steven Colbert during the Trump administration that his preferred approach to a third term as President would be if he could make an arrangement where he had a stand-in or front man, with an ear piece installed so that Obama could deliver the lines for the front man to repeat. Obama’s puppeteer act is closely coordinated with the administrative state that enacts progressive policies. Both Obama and the bureaucrats have the same objective - - the fundamental transformation of America into a totalitarian socialist technocracy, governed by so-called elite experts from our managerial class. Both abhor true democratic accountability and government of, by and for the people.

    Thus, Obama selected Biden twice, once for Vice President in 2008, and then again for President in 2020. He also selected Kamala Harris for Vice President, even though she is neither black nor African. Neither Biden nor Harris are fit for their jobs, and now everyone can see that, even Obama. Secretary Rumsfeld used to say that A’s hire A’s, B’s hire C’s, and so on. Obama has hired a couple of F’s!

    People Have Noticed

    In his recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Russian President Putin observed that the administrative state directs United States foreign policy, and has over-ruled Presidents in some cases. In response to the question of who actually runs the United States, Putin replied: “The same forces which have always run it. You may change Presidents, but you do not change those in real power. That is who we have to deal with. Joe Biden is just a façade for this power structure.” See: https://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/europe/2024/02/06/breaking-putin-confirms-to-tucker-carlson-president-biden-is-not-running-the-united-states/. So, to an astute foreign observer, the administrative state runs every President’s foreign policy.

    Of course, Putin understands that he still has to deal with the quirks of individual Presidents. This was shown during the 2012 presidential campaign, when a hot microphone caught Obama explaining to Putin’s deputy that after his re-election, he would have more flexibility in dealing with Russia. A couple of years later, in 2014 Putin reconquered the entire Crimea peninsula from Ukraine without any objection from the then Obama-Biden 2.0 administration.

    Hot Time in the Old Town this Summer

    Now Obama has realized that his legacy is at stake, because Biden cannot win re-election to install the Obama-Biden 4.0 administration. Accordingly, he has resolved to defenestrate Biden and replace him with someone. Not Kamala Harris, but maybe Michelle Obama or GovernorGavin Newsom, nephew of Speaker Pelosi. The transition has started. A couple of weeks ago Michelle gave an interview to a wellness influencer on social media, where she in effect announced that she is available. Democrat donors have been sounded out about the possibility of a Michelle candidacy and given a positive response.

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    Special Counsel Hur, with the approval of Attorney General Garland, has released a report absolving Biden from prosecution for his handling of classified documents, on the grounds that he lacks the mental capacity to stand trial. But if he lacks that, then he also lacks the mental capacity to serve as President. The Department of Justice acts, in former Attorney General Holder’s words, as Obama’s wingman, so they released the report anyway in order to undermine Biden at Obama’s behest. Biden, of course, foolishly took the bait, and confirmed what the report concluded - - that he lacks the mental capacity to serve as President. Now Obama has Biden hooked, so the question is when Obama will reel him in.

    That will happen not later than the Democrat national convention in Chicago during August this year. By then Obama needs to find a substitute candidate, and it may very well be Michelle. Chicago is her home town, but she has not been based there since her husband was elected President in 2008. The incompetence of the last two Democrat mayors means that a large part of the black community is upset with their governance, especially regarding soaring street crime and the preferential treatment of illegal aliens by this Sanctuary City.

    Governor Newsom has held office during a period when California has lost population for the first time since it was admitted as a state in 1850. People vote with their feet, so that is a bad omen for his candidacy. Also, he could not hold his own in a debate with Governor DeSantis, with the result that his wife threw in the towel to end the match.

    It will be a hot time in the old town this summer!



    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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    4 months ago

    "...while a de jure leader has a legal right to authority, whether or not that authority is realized or exercised.”

    he does not have a legal right to the authority since the election was stolen.

    Ed Vidal
    3 months ago
    Reply to  Anne

    Good point, but it is too late now to argue that point. Look to win in November!

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