BREAKING: Miami-Dade Elections Refuses To Provide Reports Required By FL Constitution As Awareness Of Massive Election Fraud Spreads Across State

May 3, 2023
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The Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee Election Integrity Subcommittee has requested certain election machine reports they feel are needed to prove elections in the jurisdiction are run in a free and fair manner.

Miami-Dade Elections refused to provide the information, saying it was 'secret'.

These are simply update logs for the machines so Florida residents can assure their vote was cast and recorded properly. These reports have nothing to do with 'proprietary software'.

In addition, the information is part of an audit trail needed to verify an individuals vote was recorded correctly, and therefore required specifically under the Florida Constitution.

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The refusal comes on the heels of the receipt of other reports through open records requests which proved massive machine election fraud throughout Florida via the use of the 'blank ballot' scheme, resulting in large numbers of ballots being designated as 'blank' and adjudicated by machine software.

Why would Miami-Dade Elections refuse to provide the information?

Readers can decide for themselves.

You can read the response to the Miami-Dade REC subcommittee below:

From: Miami-Dade Elections Department - Records Request <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, May 2, 2023 at 12:44 PM
Subject: RE: Public Records Request - EL68A

Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting the Miami-Dade County Elections Department with your inquiry.

Please note that the requested logs (Report EL68A System Log, EL68, Manual Entry Report, & Results Corrections Log), as advised by our vendor, ES&S, contains trade secret information, and information relating to critical infrastructure and/or network schematics, hardware, and software information is exempt and/or confidential pursuant to Florida Statutes 119.0715, 119.0725 and 815.045.


Ramon Castellanos, Election Records Manager

Government Affairs and Media Relations Division

Miami-Dade County Elections Department

2700 NW 87th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33172

Office 305-499-8541

"Delivering Excellence Every Day"

Miami-Dade County is a public entity subject to Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes concerning public records. Email messages are covered under such laws and thus subject to disclosure.


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1 month ago

These election officials are not in a jail cell right now?

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