• Are Our Elections Legally Valid?

    April 24, 2024
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    Many US citizens have questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Given the disturbing details that have emerged such as bloated voter rolls, algorithms creating fake voters (New York Citizens Audit), canvassing efforts showing 20% of mailed ballots were not validly cast (Defend Florida 2021 canvassing efforts), US election systems software being written in Serbia, and more recently in Georgia, a Fulton County Election Board member testifying that no signature verification was performed on their 147,000 mail-in ballots, it is no wonder why.

    A group of concerned citizens, led by New York Citizens Audit founder, Marly Hornik, and elections & cyber security expert, Harry Haury, has emerged to confront the issue of illegal and therefore invalid elections. This non-partisan group, United Sovereign Americans (USA for short), has teams in over 20 states that are doing deep dives into the election issues in their state and are developing an elections scorecards summarizing those issues which likely violate existing election law. Accompanying the state’s Scorecard is a Resolution that calls on state officials to help in righting the wrongs of these apparently illegally conducted elections, which appear to violate citizens’ civil rights. The Resolution asks them to support valid, legal elections that follow the law - a no-brainer (one would think).

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    One of the 20 plus states with a USA chapter is Florida, where officials often tout that the state is the “Gold Standard” in elections. The highly experienced USA data team spent countless hours analyzing official state data – provided directly by the state – to determine whether there were significant issues with the administration of the 2022 General Election or if Florida’s election was truly golden. The results were quite shocking.

    The completed Florida Scorecard shows over 560,000 potentially invalid or suspect registered voters. These include voters, many of whom voted by mail, with invalid or incomplete addresses; others with duplicate registrations; thousands who have invalid names, like no first or middle name or even initial, null or one-letter last names; and tens of thousands registered on a Sunday or Federal holiday, prior to online registration, when registration offices were likely closed. There were over 10,000 people registered at single apartments with between 6 and 89 people registered there and a similar number of small, single-family homes with 10-15 voters registered at the address.

    While some may excuse this assloppy maintenance,” it is actually a violation of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) which requires that “Voter rolls must be accurate.”

    As if one major law violation isn’t bad enough, it gets worse.

    The Florida USA data team took a deeper dive and reviewed these voters’ voting history and found there were over 117,000 votes cast in the 2022 General Election by these voters with suspect registrations. The US Constitution, 14th Amendment, Section 2 states that “Votes counted must be from eligible voters.” With more than 117,000 votes cast by questionable registrants, it is highly unlikely that all were from true and eligible voters.

    Another tenet of election law states, logically, that the number of votes counted must match the number of voters that voted. The Florida data team also analyzed the voter history records versus what was reported by the state as the official number of votes cast. This number excludes unsuccessfully cast votes like those who cast an unaccepted provisional ballot or had their mail-in ballot rejected. Florida reported total votes cast of 7,796,916. The December voter history file, the one closest to and just following the certification of the 2022 General Election, shows 7,651,607 voters that successfully voted, a discrepancy of 145,309 missing voters. While over 130,000 additional voters appear in the January file, still not matching the number of votes reported, one has to question why did they not appear in December? And if the votes cast did not match the number of voters who voted, how was the election certified?

    And as if these violations were not enough, there’s more. You may have heard about an issue surrounding what are called “Blank Ballots.” I personally was on a call with Secretary of State Cord Byrd when he was asked about blank ballots. He claimed that these were a blank page on a multi-page ballot; however, I have found no official documentation supporting this definition. The blank ballot numbers reported by counties had no correlation with the number of ballot pages. The Election Assistance Commission, the Florida Department of State, and both of the main election system suppliers, Dominion and ES&S, define a blank ballot as an entirely blank ballot, with no votes cast at all. Some counties, like Broward, reported tens of thousands of blank ballots, while others reported none, or 2 or 3. In our county’s recent Logic and Accuracy testing, our Supervisor of Elections made a point of defining blank ballots as entirely blank, for which the tabulator alerted the voter. Undervotes, which could include a blank page, did not have an alert set for them. Therefore, there was a clear distinction between blank ballots (entirely blank) and undervotes (which could include a blank page).

    The Florida Division of Elections reported 88,635 blank ballots in the 2022 General Election per their official report on Overvotes and Undervotes. Again, blank ballots are reported separately from undervotes (a blank vote or possibly a blank page). Counties individually reported more than 105,000 blank ballots. (Broward reported over 60,000, Brevard over 10,000, Pinellas nearly 15,000 and Sarasota County over 17,000.) Why yet another discrepancy in the numbers? And perhaps more importantly, are over 100,000 people in Florida actually submitting a ballot with zero votes on it? Doubtful. And did the tabulators not alert the voters that their ballot was supposedly blank as they now are set to do (at least in my county)? In 2020, the counties reported over 247,000 blank ballots while the state reported just over 207,000, another discrepancy in the numbers. And were these ballots sent to adjudication or simply cast away as blank?

    These issues are included in the USA Florida Scorecard. United Sovereign Americans (USA) will be looking to state officials for answers to these questions and the potential violations of state and federal law. USA will also be making demands for them to correct the issues and follow the law. Should they refuse, USA has an answer and will follow by taking legal action against these and other invalid elections.

    To learn more about USA and how you can help, please visit www.Unite4Freedom.com. To attend one of their upcoming Florida events in Ft Lauderdale, Naples, & West Palm Beach, April 26-29, please email [email protected].


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