• Brazil’s Best, Great Hope Is…US

    April 13, 2023
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    It late November, my airport driver (who also drives for a Federal Deputy) told me the election crisis would “end in pizza.” This is a colorful Brazilian phrase meaning all (or most) sides would settle for their slice of the pie. He was right and I was wrong.

    Last fall the free world looked on with awe, as Brazilians outraged by the stolen presidential election in October engaged in the largest, peaceful protest movement in history, with tens of millions taking to the streets at the same time. (Despite relentless censorship by both Big Tech and all corporate media, in and out of Brazil.)

    As those who followed the inspiring story – at Gateway Pundit, Steve Bannon’s Warroom, or CD Media – know, Brazil’s military is granted a critical constitutional role: to audit disputed national elections. In manifestations repeated all over the country in city large and small, patriotic Brazilians gathered outside military barracks, praying for them to do their duty.

    They did not, which became evident in early January. The military’s betrayal – they only managed a bland statement saying they were unable to verify fraud or lack of it, as they had been denied access to the electoral computer codes – may go down as the greatest in Brazilian history.

    Brazilians, left and right, know that lower- and mid-ranked soldiers are courageous patriots. Essentially, enough generals sold out to make any forcing function – including insisting on receiving the closely-held codes – impossible.

    Brazilians are disappointed to the point of despair, as the judicial dictatorship that existed for a year or more prior became a de facto political one, erasing all hope that it will ever be possible to remove the Communists via the ballot box.

    In the critical task of beating back the Communist wave worldwide, America’s November election was an essential first step: flipping the U.S. House to not only Republican, but to conservative control. Hopes were high that the Brazilians could beat back an electoral steal and, getting their hands on the evidence, expose the Far Left’s perfidy – starting off a wave of global investigations.

    It didn’t happen. Clearly, we expected too much of Brazilians, hoping they would have the courage that we have largely lacked.

    So what next?

    One hope was in the strongly patriotic Congress elected alongside the Socialist Workers’ Party Lula – which, if one believes the lie, signified massive vote-splitting. Brazil has a weak direct-election and party system. Except for Presidents, in federal elections one does not vote for individuals (which improves accountability) but for parties – and there are many of them. So, while in principle there are many more rightists than leftists in Congress, a number of right-of-center parties have smoked the peace pipe with Lula’s Workers’ Party – to have access to power, positions, and federal largesse. So even the Congressional elections ended up in pizza.

    Copying the socialist playbook from the U.S., a protest in Brasília at the impending leftist coup turned into a trap and ambush, with 1,200 patriots rounded up like animals and falsely accused. (It is amazing what you can get away with when Big Tech and corporate media are on the side of the Communists.) Despite the media’s relentless support of the false narrative, the persecution enraged even average Brazilians – and eventually all 1,200 had to be released.

    Lula and his Far Left masters, ring-leader and former Chief of Staff José Dirceu and former President Michel Temer – are not dumb (like the naive Peruvian Communist president who tried to shut down Peru’s Congress and ended up impeached and imprisoned for his efforts), and realized that the mood of the population is both dark and volatile.

    So – after assuming total power – they backpedalled, and have imprisoned and/or fined fewer citizens and elected politicians for exercising free speech. While the Lula regime may have a majority of factitious parties in both houses of Congress, out-and-out abuses had to be constrained, so as to not incite a civil war.

    Former convict Lula remains deeply unpopular and is nearly everywhere booed – as he was in public throughout the campaign, except at tightly controlled political rallies – and may be replaced eventually by his vice president (and former governor of São Paulo) Geraldo Alckmin. Apparently, that would entail exchanging a corrupt ideologue for a corrupt globalist – both increasingly at the beck and call of the Chinese Commuinists.

    Sadly, with the “conservative” Congress ending up in pizza, there is very little chance that congressional investigations can or will reveal the massive electoral crimes – which means that Brazilian elections, going forward, will only worsen as fraud filters down to the Congressional races.

    Brazil, as a constitutional republic, is officially dead.

    Where, then, is there hope?

    As mentioned, don’t count on Brazil’s experienced Far Left ts to make major missteps that would spark outright rebellion among the citizenry. The noose is tightening slowly but surely.

    I’ll predict right now: barring a major disturbance, Brazil will ease into a Chinese-like Faustian bargain. If the government(s) deliver on modest economic growth, the citizenry will relinquish all civil rights.

    That would be a bleak outcome for the most important nation – the cornerstone – of Latin America.

    What is to be done?

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    The monkey is once again on the back of American patriots. It was our surrendering, after all, to the fraudulent 2020 U.S. presidential election that opened the door for every subsequent major presidential election south of the border to be stolen.

    Any hope that the world can survive the current Communist wave depends entirely on American patriots – who have a year and a half to right the ship.

    Only if America cleans up our corrupted electoral system enough – by exposing and blocking the in-your-face crimes of the 2020 election – and elect Donald Trump (for the third time) as U.S. President starting in January, 2025, is there any hope for Brazil.


    The Brazilian elites, including military ones, have shown they only respond to financial incentives or disincentives. If the U.S. has a chance of blocking Communist China’s control of our Southern Hemisphere, Trump will have to do what he did to Mexico – threaten economically crippling sanctions unless Brazil comes clean – and follows through on what Bolsonaro ordered, but the Brazilian Supreme Court blocked: a paper voting trail to eliminate the risk of digital fraud.

    President Bolsonaro is a brave man. After three months of exile in the U.S, he recently returned to Brazil, where he could easily be imprisoned by the dictatorial Supreme Court. Can and will Trump be courageous enough in 2025 to help save Brazil and, with it, perhaps our entire Southern Hemisphere?

    Dick Borden (a pseudonym) is a Brazilanist who has published numerous articles and a book on Brazil, as well as lectured on the country to various audiences, including the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in New York City and Brazilian diplomats. A resident of Florida, until recently he was at an undisclosed location in Brazil.

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    1 year ago

    I would worry more about rampant political imprisonment and Constitutional overide in USA before Brasil. USA, UK, Canada, Germany & France are a conquered people and the Cavalry is not coming, because your Generals are planning your demise.

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