• Trump Is The First American President Ever To Be Arrested

    June 15, 2023
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    On the darkest day ever in the Republic of the United States of America the 45th president of the United States has now been indicted and arrested by a grand jury in Miami, FL, in the 11th District Federal Court. Never before has politics sunk to this level in this Republic. The crowd present at the courthouse included thousands of trump supporters and a handful of rude and obnoxious gloaters who attempted to goad trump supporters into violence or other embarrassing acts.

    Present in the crowd were political hopefuls such as Kerry Lake, defeated in last year's Arizona governor contest, Laura Loomer, a congressional candidate in West Palm Beach county, and Carlos Garin, who ran against former Miami-Dade county mayor Carlos Gimenez for Congress. The crowd was energized and reminiscent of the 2020 and 2016 election cycles, where endless caravans of Trump-bannered vehicles paraded proudly on Miami's streets and avenues.

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    Buses arrived from all over Florida loaded with Trump supporters bearing signs, posters, flags, and all sorts of political devices. We interviewed one traveler, Jay, from Venice, Florida. When asked how he felt about the Trump indictment, he responded, "To support of President Trump, grave injustice is being done,(there's) a two-tier justice system, so I'd like to support our president." I asked Jay how he thought the case would proceed, and He said, "I don't(know) you know I'm not a lawyer. I don't understand the legalities of it as an average human being with some rational understanding of the world. I see Biden with his boxes strewn all around his Corvette and Chinatown, and I say Hillary with her 33,000 emails and servers, and I see a whole bunch of, you know, others committing far greater crimes, and you know this is the president of the United States he can declassify whatever wants, and he did and to go after him for a box of papers which is really what it comes down to you about all the legalese you know you probably get it from whatever you can but that's not right that's not fair certainly it's not the principles of America." I pointed out that many other Republicans and Democrats have been found to hold classified documents, and those cases seem to either be dropped or nothing is happening from the Department of Justice. How do you feel about these? Jay says, "You're chasing all the little edges of the problem. The problem started in 2020 (when) the election was stolen. I wouldn't be standing here if that had not been for the election was stolen. January 6 was created to cover that up and create a big deal about it, and then this unending, you know, sort of accusations of one thing or another it's like a bad spouse if you don't have one reason the food isn't good or something else that's wrong." I asked Jay if he thought next year's election would be fair. He answered, "If past performance is any indicator for future performance, the answer is no, obviously you know we are now seeing more and more of the actual evidence that the mail-in ballots at the harvesting and the machines the ballot boxes with the printers and they're tabulators they sent a long list right I mean you can draw and show how this falls way outside the standard statistical significance you can do all that stuff, but the reality is that no unless there's some serious you know changes made such as paper ballots or that real accountability not these one plot of land with 48 people registered to you know I don't think that much will change".

    We also came across former congressional candidate and current mayoral candidate Carlos Garin, and this is what he had to say about the current fiasco in downtown Miami. I asked him about the two-tiered justice system that is on display here today in Miami, and he said, " We're here to support the real president of the United States of America, the 45 and 46 president of the United States of America, (the) violation of our constitution and for some reason all the people are here at the core of the Miami-Dade county to support our president for our constitution for our freedom for our family for our kids for everything for everything American way of life this is the reason we're here no more play how do you feel about election integrity coming into this election next year by God sure forget it America we have not America the countries out of the country America not existing we need to fight our country for that we need to form our president America great again!"

    I asked Mr. Garin to also provide a message in Spanish to his voters here in Miami-Dade County as he runs for Mayor. He said,” hoy condado Miami dade y lo único que estimulamos nosotros es a que vayan a votar que entiendan que el voto es la herramienta que tienen los pueblos para poder elegir a sus dirigentes no importa lo que digan que la política es corrupta que los políticos son corruptos si hacemos caso a esas cosas nunca vamos a cambiar a lo que tenemos hoy lo buscamos y mantenemos a los corruptos es hora del cambio soy Carlos Garín y soy una americana igual que ustedes del pueblo igual que ustedes que pago igual que ustedes que sufre igual que ustedes y estoy aquí para servir son políticos desde hace muchos años está incorrecto como Donald Trump y por eso estoy corriendo para poder salvar a nuestros soldados llevarlo a donde debe ser volverlo a casa de Dios hoy Dios los bendiga.”

    The vast sentiment of the crowd indicated that America had now become a banana republic in the vein of Nicaragua or Venezuela; however, this correspondent would also point to the current presidency of Brazil, where a convicted man is now president despite politics. As Donald J. Trump exits the Federal Court House in Miami and cooly rolls into Versailles restaurant on Calle Oche to the throngs of supporters, he prays with local religious leaders and has an early happy birthday sung to him. We wonder, is this the Samson of today? Is America suffering the same plight as the ancient Israelites at the hands of the Philistines? Will Trump defeat this two-tiered justice system commandeered by the modern Democrats, or should we say Philistocrats? Stay tuned, as the ride is going to be rough.



    Douglass Ross

    Douglas J. Ross is originally from Wisconsin and is a long-time resident of Miami, Florida. He is a veteran Navy pilot from the Cold War period, having graduated from the US Naval Academy. After retiring as an international airline Captain, he now works as an Investment Advisor and also volunteers with Patriotic groups like the Convention of States and the Association of Mature American Citizens. In his free time, he enjoys writing.

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