• BREAKING: Evan Power Elected Chair RPOF

    January 8, 2024
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    Florida America First Movement Issues Call To Support Sharon Regan For RPOF Chair

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    Trent Wayman of Manatee County Precinct 117 sent out the following email which describes today's vote:

    As you are all aware - Because of the Christian Zeigler scandal that broke in December, there was a special meeting called in which Zeigler was censured.   A special meeting was called in December for January 8 to remove Zeigler as Chari and the meeting was to be held in Tallahassee on a Monday afternoon.

    When we heard about this meeting and that they intended to immediately vote on a new Chair after removing the current Chair, we started a grassroots petition (couple weeks ago) and sent it out to REC members.  You can view the petition in the link below.   We collected upwards of 800 signatures, despite the efforts from the RPOF to stifle communication between REC’s and Precinct Committee persons.  Yesterday we shared those results with the state committee members.  They (not all of them but obviously a majority) chose to ignore the grassroots on this.  Any claim that the RPOF is a grassroots organization is simply not true.  Once they get elected, they ignore the local members and make the decisions on their own accord without the input of the people who put them there.

    We were simply asking for a postponement of the election from a special meeting called for today until the annual meeting in February.  The meeting was in Tallahassee so Evan Power automatically had 40 votes from the legislators.  The normal meetings for voting are held in a central location, like Orlando, which gives the southern part of the state a chance to get there.   Additionally, voting meetings are held on Saturdays, this meeting was today, Monday the 8th at 1PM.

    The results of todays meeting:

    Evan Power 135; Peter Feaman 65. 3 spoiled ballots.

    All the legislators attended - they never show up but they did this time and most likely voted one way (40 baked in votes from the legislators)

    Minus the 40 votes if the location was central (orlando) and on a Saturday and add about 70 votes didn't make it.  We don’t know which way those 70 would have went but it would have been a much closer race.

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