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    November 25, 2023

    DeGov Has Turned a DeAf Ear to his Citizens, Yet Again

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    Several weeks ago a grassroots Republican group, the Florida Republican Assembly, wrote a resolution asking Governor Ronald DeSantis to come back to Florida and do the job he was elected to do, the one he vowed not to leave. DeGov has ignored them, as he so often does, the consititutional conservatives in his state. The J6 families once again come to mind here.

    Florida had the most patriot sof any state, in DC that fateful day. One hundred and three families had one or more loved ones travel hundreds of miles to stand behind Donald Trump and tell the world that they KNEW the election had been stolen. I believe they hoped that then VP, Pence, would do his constiotutional duty and stop the certificatiion of the bogus numbers while calling for more canvas of results. Pence did NOT, and the rest, shall we say, is history - a disgusting, deplorable and unprecedented chapter in American history. This may have been the first time many of us recognized the VP to be the traitor that he is.

    Governor DeSantis did his anti-American best by totally ignoring the pleas for help from his citizens. He had his minions tell them that it was a “federal matter” - with which he agreed as it happened - and that there was nothing he could do.

    “I am actually glad to see some of these people being arrested fom the DC thing, because I think the prosecutions will really make a difference,” said the Governor. Oh, they have made a difference, alright, Ron. This once-free country has lost the lives of six innocent patriots at the hand of its first PURGE and ruined the lives of many more. This, just for starters, Sir. Our nation may never be the same, thanks to you and yours.

    Other states quietly found a way to help prisoners’ families, , but DeGov just “couldn’t”, (read, “wouldn’t”). .

    Ron DeSantis has had much practice ignoring the desires of his citizens, in addition to the “come back” resolution and the patriots’ plight. This habit is causing citizens to draw away. Let me remind you of a few other glaring examples of his ignoring his constituents.

    The big one, in most peoples’ minds, is that he vowed to fulfill his term as the 46th Governor of Florida if elected in 2022. His POTUS campaign, sick and sorry as it is, was planned years before that promise, and PACS were forming as early as 2021. oops…Ron lied. Running for POTUS was not a last-mnute decision.

    The head of the largest, “Never Back Down”, Chris Jankowski, resigned yesterday First, though, he had NBD pass $1 million over to a new super PAC, Fight Right, which is funding negative ads against Nikki Haley. I guess they forget that they are all Globalists together, whose major goal is to stop the Trump train.

    Remember, too, that back in September, the founder of “Ron to the Rescue” PAC closed that one down and jumped over to support Trump.

    There were also those two pieces of legislation, hastily and quietly passed just BEFORE DeGov broke the BIG promise to remain as governor. Both of these also ignored citizens’ wishes.

    First, the medical freedom legislation. THIS was the real snake in the grass move. A large group of citizens worked with two legislators to write and submit a bill asking that their health care decisions be their own - kind of like it used to be in a free America. They asked that their health care decisions be regarded as a “civil right”.

    As we’ve reported before, Tallahassee didn’t like that term, so the citizens’ bill was quietly changed AND PASSED as SB252 , which protects citizens from all things, “Covid”, but not much else. Remember, Covid was officially cancelled just a few weeks after the bill was signed. (Ever hear of a flu being “cancelled”?? Me, either.) SB 252 does NOT protect citizens from any other health mandates from the DC cabal or the World Health Organization. This was HUGE disregard for the protections the citizens had asked.

    Then, there was the election integrity legislationSB7050. Citizens asked that voting machines be replaced or paralleled with hand-counting of ballots; that drop boxes be made illegal, and that the early and absentee voting periods be shortened and carefully regulated. A group of election integrity specialists had already proven thousands of ballots in 2022 had been send to KNOWN “undeliverable addresses” yet CAME BACK VOTED AND SIGNED, in ink jet with 100% signature match. See https://www.the-peoples-audit.org

    Remember, as an ERIC member, in 2020, Florida had 101.6% of all possible citizens of voting age registered on the voter rolls, according to the pages of the US Election Assistance Commission (USEAC) website, “2020 Election Administration and Voting Survey Report”, https://www.eac.gov/research-and-date/studies-and-reports. Go to that link at the USEAC today, and you will find the page, removed.

    I wrote on this in July of 2022. The voter rolls are a lot cleaner today, but only due to citizens’ anlytics - those citizens which are now by law, forbidden from doing this kind of thing again.

    SB 7050, as passed and signed however, mandated just the opposite of what many Floridians asked. Machine voting is now mandatory in the state of Florida, drop boxes and early voting essentially untouched. Signature verification was loosened, and audits by anyone OTHER THAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, disallowed. Can’t have those citizens messing us the game again. Here is what the Federalist thinks…

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    Citizens have also been ignored in their appeals to Tallahassee to straighten out the home insurance crisis, as companies pull out of the state, and rates akyrocket. The latest piece of legislation from DeGov and De Gang, was to strengthen the position of insurance companies as frustrated homeowners were forced to sue them for promised coverage. The insurers claimed that a large part of increasing costs to the homeowner came from defending all those suits brought against them. Hoo, boy.

    Other troubles his citizens are having - which he is also ignoring - include skyrocketing crime and illegal border crossers (related?); drug and human trafficking (FL is third worst in the nation)'; sharp increases in property taxes. All are WELL back on Ron’s burner. He has more important stuff cooking, I guess. If he actually came home, he might have to FACE all this stuff and more.

    In closing, I draw your attention to something DeGov said in his book, The Courage To Be Free. “One of my first orders of business after getting elected (to the governorship was to have my transitiion team amass an exhaustive list of all the constitutional, statutory and customary powers of the governor. I want to be sure to use every lever available to advance our priorities.” He DID NOT say that those priorities would be the same as the peoples’. At this point, we must assume that they are NOT.

    One last thought…Maybe Mr. DeSantis is afraid to come home, as he would have to fly. Just this morning, in the middle of the busiest air-travel period of the year, the director of the US Air Marshalls national Council announced publically that comercial flights were no longer being protected by the air marshalls. Over the last two years, the Cabal has been quietly reassigning them to take care of border crossers, and and to track anyone associated with J6, regardless of behavior. Ms Lobosco esentially has just granted carte blance to violent terrorists, assuring them that no one will be watching. Shocked? Frankly I was nauseous when I read this this morning. Guess we shouldn’t be at this point in our country’s deterioration, but you’d think SOMEONE in DC still has some sense. I have yet to find too many.

    What America needs to turn it around, to get the Ship of State off the rocks, is to have our elected officials listen to patriots instead of loud and well-publicized splinter groups. With the DeAf ear that DeGov has turned on those who love this country and their freedoms, I suggest he is NOT one who will help with this.



    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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    6 months ago

    This is an outstanding post and review, Kat. The Globalist Bush wing of the 'republican' party now has DeGov and Haley as their paid activists.

    Are there any other 'republicans' that are literally putting their freedom and lives on the line other than Trump? Geezus...

    Erin Aktas
    Erin Aktas
    6 months ago

    Kat, do you have an inside scoop...this is all true come to a meeting Florida Republican Assembly in Palm Beach ⛱️
    [email protected]

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