• BREAKING REPORT: Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) May Not Be Doing Its Job - 98k Possible Invalid Voters Discovered On Miami-Dade Rolls

    September 7, 2022

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    The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is associated with progressive attorney David Becker that CDMedia reported on last year.

    The organization is supposed to work with other states to make sure a jurisdiction's voter rolls are clean with regard to change of address information. In other words, if someone moves from a county, ERIC is supposed to remove the individual quickly from the voter rolls in that county with the use of voter information provided from other states and local agencies.

    The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of assisting states to improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls and increase access to voter registration for all eligible citizens. ERIC is governed and managed by states who choose to join, and was formed in 2012 with assistance from The Pew Charitable Trusts, declares the organization on its website.

    A private citizen, Henry Zarb, a member of the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee, and Head of the group's Election Integrity Committee, paid for a National Change of Address (NCOA) report to be run on Miami-Dade voter rolls by a third party, independent provider.

    The results are nothing short of astonishing.

    The analysis done by TrueNCOA showed approximately 98,000 voters on the rolls in Miami-Dade with invalid addresses. This is over 5% of the 1.5M total voters in the county, more than enough to flip an election.

    There is a possibility that Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections simply didn't use the information provided by ERIC properly, and update the rolls, but that seems unlikely.

    What is needed is a state-wide, even nation-wide check of ERIC's work to assure Florida voters they are getting their money's worth from ERIC, and that Florida's elections are not tainted by voters who have no right to vote in the state.

    ERIC is paid tens of thousands of dollars by the Florida taxpayer for their services.

    When coupled with reports of a large number of non-deliverable ballots being returned to USPS and then used to cast votes in Florida, the possibility of massive voter fraud is disturbing.

    Zarb also told The Miami Independent that DMV data should not be given to ERIC.

    "Only the county SOE should received voter registrations. There is no reason this should be happening at the DMV. It is an invitation to fraud," he declared.

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    1 year ago

    Stop the fraud

    Gary Wynne
    Gary Wynne
    1 year ago

    Here in Escambia County, our Election Integrity Committee. Has found out many of the things that you mention. Our research has also uncovered this guy Becker is still the main driving force behind ERIC, leaving Shane Hamlin answering phones and going for coffee. Becker is also behind CEIR an organization similar to ERIC. Between the two of these Communist Organizations they have put together a proposed rollout of a system known as 'REVERE', which is basically an organization targeting the free speech of the political enemies of the Marxist regime, currently trespassing in our White House. This information and much more is available for download @ Verity Vote.us.
    As far as Miami-Dade and Escambia County goes. I think we should collaborate, sharing our research and strenuous contacts with our Governor and Secretary of State, urging them to read what we find and take action like the Secretary of State and the Governor of Louisiana did.
    The information from Verity Vote.us is from patriots based in Pennsylvania. I know for a fact, that we here in the Florida Panhandle are willing to share research and strategy with anyone that shares our target goal of squashing ERIC and associates and eventually outlawing computerized voting throughout the country. RETURN TO PAPER VOTES and a TRUSTED ELECTION!

    1 year ago

    Agree with returning to paper votes. Limited Mail in ballots for
    People with disability and/or handicapped
    active military or others out of the country
    Seniors citizens

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