Florida Primaries Marred By Suspicious 'Vote By Mail' Ballots In Large Quantities, Sowing Distrust In State Elections

August 24, 2022

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Yesterday's Florida primary election was marred with reports of a large number of 'vote by mail' ballots that were returned as 'undeliverable' and then used to vote in tight elections in large numbers, changing the outcome of those elections.

According to those involved in investigating the phenomenon, the problem is state-wide.

Below is a letter submitted yesterday on the issue to Florida officials. A file with associated data is also attached below the letter.

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24 comments on “Florida Primaries Marred By Suspicious 'Vote By Mail' Ballots In Large Quantities, Sowing Distrust In State Elections”

  1. Please follow through with all the means at your disposal to make this infraction in voting procedure know to the public and confront the violators with every remedy the law provides.

  2. Florida, I am 76, is still mired in the past when it comes to voting. I grew up in Florida when it was a predominantly democrat state where winning was the only goal and to win was more important than just the means to an end. We called it the "good old boy" system. Looks like it is still alive and well. God-fearing people are usually people who believe in love and fair play and they trust their neighbors sight unseen. I got news for you guys, you can't trust your neighbors anymore without knowing who they are. Remember Reagan's advice when dealing with the Evil Empire,trust but verify. Good advice for the voting process.

  3. Bet its our simian sidekicks in broward county at it again.

    Arrest and JAIL precinct supervisors, county supervisors, ANY supervisor who is involved in this. If they screech, beat them with a bat first to shut them up.

  4. The micro example of the Federal sewer. The men at the top can enact and order anything they want...the unelected minion at the local level will do as they please unless the local population holds them to task or the state government
    holds them accountable with fines and jail times.. The Federal bureaucracy is beyond management ...both the military and civil service. Apparently FL is not so far behind.

  5. I was uneasy from the beginning with so many mail-in ballots. It is a recipe for voter fraud. I expect that yesterday's election results will be decertified and proper cautions taken in November. This is of great concern and I express gratitude to Florida First Freedom Alliance for all you are doing.

  6. Biden and his cronies are buying votes by paying peoples tuition. They know every way in the book how to cheat

  7. Needed: Follow-up report(s) of action/inaction by FL Gov agencies responsible for adherence to voting laws!

  8. This is EXACTLY how Laura Loomer lost. She was running neck and neck with Webster until the 70% vote count mark, then they dumped the last 30% at one time, all "mail-in" ballots.

  9. Without a doubt, the Dems will do anything to keep Trump out of the WH! They are crooked & evil people! I definitely feel there was corruption last night in the Congressional race in Pinellas County. it’s impossible for a candidate to
    have the support that Kevin Hayslett had & get beat by 8,000 votes!i

  10. Make no mistake there are corrupt persons in each of the parties. Election fraud is an attempt to overthrow the Republic. It is not in the best interest of the Nation. It is in the best interest of the globalists and their agenda to take out this sovereign government so that no citizens govern themselves.

  11. This happened I believe in February-March of this year. I received an application from Miami dade elections to request a mail in ballot addressed to current resident. I am located in Palm Beach county (Boynton beach). I tried finding out who to contact but couldn't find out. I do not have the application anymore. It was obviously illegitimate.

  12. This explains how Laura Loomer “lost” to the incumbent Republican. She was ahead until 6000 votes magically appeared at the last minute. Ron Desantis needs to get serious about vote fraud and call for an audit. Laura Loomer is the legitimate winner of the primary.

  13. Simple answer…. VOTE IN PERSON! I do not trust the USPS at all. Most people that asked for Mail-In Ballots during this Primary in my district, delivered them directly to the Precinct. The problem, people need to make sure to keep their addresses up to date. This error by the Elections offices seems suspicious. Almost like they were all using the same service to print. That is who I would investigate. Who are they connected with?

  14. I did check our County and it definitely stated Return Service Requested. Before anyone goes ape on it, it should be investigated and find out who is behind the Printing of the ballots or who directed each Supervisor on what needed to be on the envelopes? This needs to be investigated. I still don’t see it as being as much fraud as it was ignorance. It needs to be fixed before November! Great catch!!! The best solution, eliminate them altogether and only send absentee ballots to Military and those who are unable to leave home. Period. Regardless, fix the Return message.

  15. In very liberal Alachua County, the Conservative outlying areas were under supplied with Republican ballots. Alachua, High Springs, Newberry and Archer all had people waiting in line over an hour for ballots to be delivered. There was a very important school board election here that the Dems were afraid to lose. Seems like they took matters into their own hands. SMDH! Corruption!!

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