• BREAKING: USAID Promoting Radical Left Indoctrination, Funding Coups In Guatemala

    January 3, 2024
    Congresswoman Salazar(Miami) and Congressman Diaz-Balart with Socialist President Elect Bernardo Arevalo of Guatemala
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    This latest edition of the Magic City political machine update is going international. The recent Guatemalan election of a socialist government has gained support from local congressional Republicans, as seen in this photo taken recently at the capital in Washington, DC. We are seriously curious and wonder why Republicans who have supposedly stood against socialism and for conservatism are standing in a welcoming pose with a socialist or perhaps even communist elected in a very questionable ballot.

    The facts of the matter stand that only two million people voted for this man, with 9 million registered voters, and 50% of the electorate did not even go to the polls. Questions regarding the validity of this gentleman's political party and the party's standing in Guatemala remain. Very dirty political infighting has pitted investigators and prosecutors against the legitimacy of this election. We hear similar complaints to the American 2020 election of vote manipulation and data manipulation in the outcome of this election.

    And now the fact of the matter is the Biden administration's State Department is intervening on behalf of this socialist pseudo-communist government. We hear echoes of labeling truth seekers as election deniers when investigators merely want to determine the validity of an election.

    We wonder who our representatives are who we thought were Republicans standing for freedom, liberty, and democracy that they would stand with someone who's accused of stealing an election. Only time will tell as Bernardo Arevalo will be inaugurated this month. The question remains: Will justice prevail, and will the truth be told?

    The US State Department and the US NGO USAID have made great efforts to legitimize the August 2023 Guatemalan election, and we should wonder why. Florida representative Matt Gaetz has made it clear that NGOs such as USAID should be defunded by the American Congress and not be allowed to intervene in foreign government elections as they have in Guatemala. The US State Department has much to answer for and how they handle the US stance in this election. Stay tuned as the potential for a civil war exists in Guatemala at present, and this adds to the equation as to why so many Guatemalan men have left to enter the United states through the southern border illegally.

    Congressional candidate Frank Polo, opposing Congresswoman Salazar in the upcoming 2024 election, has repeatedly called out the inequity in the Guatemalan election as well as the political positions of the Congresswoman, for example, her stance on amnesty for illegal immigrants and repeated trips to the communist island of Cuba. Standing up in a photo says a lot about what you stand for.

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    Douglass Ross

    Douglas J. Ross is originally from Wisconsin and is a long-time resident of Miami, Florida. He is a veteran Navy pilot from the Cold War period, having graduated from the US Naval Academy. After retiring as an international airline Captain, he now works as an Investment Advisor and also volunteers with Patriotic groups like the Convention of States and the Association of Mature American Citizens. In his free time, he enjoys writing.

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    5 months ago

    Remember, the "class of '68"? (billary, holder, W, cheney, Kerry-Kohn, et. al. )
    They "bought the world a Coke, and kept it company..."

    NOW what?

    5 months ago

    Where USAID is the USINTELL Agencies usually are also.
    Doubt it? Do a little digging.

    How did they attempt to get OBL confirmation??

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