• By Watering Down Anti-CCP Property Law, Citadel's Ken Griffin Shows True Allegiance

    August 17, 2023
    Southeast Financial Center, Downtown Miami
    Image by Jedi94

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    It is no secret that the Chinese Communist Party, or affiliated entities have been buying large tracts of land near American military installations.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the GOP-controlled legislature developed a legislative response to this issue in Florida, proposing to restrict Chinese nationals from buying property within 20 miles of a U.S. military facility. This would have likely restricted most of south Florida due to the high number of DoD locations.

    Citadel's Ken Griffin, unhappy with the impact on his new headquarters at the Southeast Financial Center in Downtown Miami, successfully lobbied to water down the legislation.

    Griffin did not mention concerns for American national security in any of his comments to the press. The lack of consideration to a serious threat to the nation's defenses, shows an allegiance not to America, but to the globalist agenda.

    “Florida is defined by its promise of freedom and economic opportunity, and our State government must continue to reflect and uphold these ideals.” Griffin, 54, said in an emailed statement. “We support the freedom of individuals who are lawfully working in the US to purchase homes and we will continue to advocate for those rights.”

    Citadel’s lobbyists persuaded lawmakers to carve out an exception for lawful workers and others, according to people familiar with the process. So in the final version of the law, those with US visas — excluding tourists — are free to purchase a single property in the Miami enclaves, with restrictions only within a 5-mile radius of military bases, reported Bloomberg.

    “Citadel and Citadel Securities hire exceptional talent from all over the world, including for our Miami headquarters,” Griffin said, declining to provide figures of how many workers would have been impacted or name specific employees.

    A wife of a senior partner at Citadel Securities even went so far as to play the race card, a typical canard for those enabling Chinese tyranny, in an email to a Florida legislature, reported Bloomberg.

    “This bill will incentivize hate and crime against our daily life, our community, and our children at school,” she said. “Racism and hate crime have already been a problem in the society and this bill will worsen the situation.”

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    9 months ago

    Griffin and DeSantis are on the same side. Note: DeSantis and his legislators "developed a legislative response to this issue." It never became law, of course.

    9 months ago
    Reply to  PatKat


    Trace Middleton
    Trace Middleton
    9 months ago

    WE SHOULD NEVER allow Foreigners to OWN American Land!

    Dernon Ruton
    Dernon Ruton
    9 months ago

    Well, certainly not those foreigners, and certainly not that land!!!

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