• CDM Contributor Chris Gleason Appears On Loomer Unleashed - Election Crime Investigator Found Dead In DeSantis Office

    November 29, 2023
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    On Episode 12 of Loomer Unleashed, Laura discusses the media’s renewed bloodlust surrounding the possible assassination of President Trump before the 2024 presidential election. We also delve into the mysterious death of Peter Antonacci, the DeSantis appointed election crime chief, who was found dead outside of Ron DeSantis’ door after a contentious meeting with the Governor. In an Epstein-like episode, the newly released and heavily redacted law enforcement report states that the security cameras just happened to malfunction.

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    1 Comment
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    Polluted River
    Polluted River
    7 months ago

    RFK Jr. - He's a plant a global warming climate change advocate...it's a sham

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