• Dade RINOs Declare War On MAGA

    July 6, 2023
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    As warned by promoters of the precinct committeeman strategy, establishment Republicans do not welcome patriots to their elitist clubs with open arms. Just the opposite.

    The inhospitable treatment by RINOs of MAGA in the Miami Dade REC (Republican Executive Committee) is just the latest example of the depths that the elites descend to cling onto power: by-laws are flaunted, Robert’s Rules of Order are ignored, and promises are broken.

    Members who do not show up for three REC meetings in a row are supposed to be kicked out. But since most of them are RINOs, more placeholders than activists, the by-law was flaunted continuously, until a year ago when patriots put up sufficient fuss for the REC to start following its own rules. (Now, the only piece of business allowed to come up at meetings is a blanket pardon of 3rd absences, voted quickly through after a few sob stories are shared.)

    After the 2020 steal, patriots set up and dominated the Election Integrity (EI) Subcommittee, whose chairman Henry Zarb has become a thorn in the RINOs’ side.

    In the second to last REC meeting (in March), Zarb was able to get a motion for common sense transparency – simply sharing the full list of REC members, their email addresses, as well as vacancies – on the table. How else can members coordinate efforts for campaign support, election integrity, or fill any vacancies?

    This was viewed by the RINOs as an attack on their power, as exemplified by reports they spread false rumors that the motion called for publishing the cell phone numbers of all members. Instead of letting the motion be clarified or come to a vote, Vice Chair Kevin Cooper lead a walk out, thereby denying a quorum.

    During a subsequent tumult outside the meeting room with tempers flaring, an altercation occurred between Cooper and the EI Subcommittee’s second in command, Ed Vidal. No one was hurt, but in snowflake fashion Cooper decided to press charges against Vidal.

    According to Robert’s Rules of Order (RRO), a motion on the floor which is unvoted on remains open and the first item of business.

    As reported in a June article, at the last month’s regular meeting (which is almost always closed: RINOs dislike any public involvement lest they get booed), the Tentative Agenda included no Old or New Business items. (Chairman Rizo reportedly claimed he wished to “lower the temperature” after the quorum-denying stunt of the prior meeting.) But denying Old or New Business to be discussed is outside the boundaries of a meeting run under RRO.

    Accordingly, Zarb stood up several times to make a point of order, asking if the REC operates or not under RRO? Chair Alex Rizo – again flaunting precedent and RRO procedure – would not recognize Zarb or allow his point of order to be discussed.

    Technically, only full members may vote or be recognized (unless the district’s full member is absent), but the REC for several years has recognized Zarb despite his “alternate” status. No longer.

    Rizo told him he could not recognize Zarb and brushed him off by saying he would discuss Zarb’s concern after the meeting with him.

    The patriots stormed the ramparts one more time – before being totally silenced. A full member, Betty del Portillo, stood to make the same point of order. Rizo had no choice other than recognizing her, but continued to flaunt rules by not allowing the point of order to be discussed, once again saying he would only address her concern with her after the meeting.

    From there the meeting spun deeper into ethical lapses and rule-breaking. Without any point of order possible, members were forced to follow at the Chair’s whim.

    As usual, contested open member seats went to a vote after the candidates were given several minutes to make a “campaign” speech before the full membership. Becoming a candidate is a lengthy and obscure process (which helps RINO self-preservation), involving the approval of the county’s Election Department.

    As the RINO leadership is fully aware whose candidacy is approved and can call REC meetings at any time to its liking, only giving membership ten days notice, they went to extraordinary lengths to defeat MAGA candidates running for open Committeewoman seats in the county.

    How did they do this?

    When the votes were counted, the fix was in. (See the unethical voting-guide brochure handed out by leadership to all RINOs here.)

    How could that be?

    REC leadership had invited as many as 15 legislators from Tallahasee to participate (including former REC chairs) and, as they triumphed out loud, sitting Republican legislators from the county are allowed to vote as if they were full members.

    So by packing the room with RINO legislators, they went to extraordinary efforts to defeat true patriots whose passion, eloquence, and dedication will be sorely missed.

    According to firsthand reports, the new RINO leadership – whose slate was voted in uncontested at the end of last year (uncontested as no ability to organize or put forward an opposing slate was given) – made a number of verbal promises to America Firsters, especially on transparency, since reneged. The parallels with corrupt national RINO leadership are clear.

    The Miami-Dade RINOs have declared war on both patriots and their own best foot soldiers. All because they are drunk on power and willing to use any unethical trick in (or out of) the book.

    As the word gets out on how low Miami-Dade RINOs will sink for self-preservation, will it be surprising if patriot voters abandon the Republican Party and stay on the sidelines – especially for local candidates?

    Only time will tell.

    Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel yarns and became a Contributor to The Miami Indepenent at its inception. Contact him at his author site benbatchelder.com



    Ben Batchelder

    Ben Batchelder was born into leftism and has been a black sheep ever since. A writer now for several decades, he first converted to conservatism after college during a world trip on $10 a day, to Christianity at a later date, and to populist nationalism after Trump. A graduate of two Ivy League schools, he has had to unlearn most of what he learned there.

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    Chris Oldham, Founder

    When no quorum or decorum can be reached, the Right of Assembly thus must prevail and be invoked in a parallel path in justis to the point of making the first establishment null, void and left in the dust of history by it's replacement.
    In other words. If the People are not wanted at the current RNC in Miami. They can take themselves elsewhere and form a RNC2 for the district & take all their support & voting power with them. Not the only game in town if you believe it to be so.

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