• Miami's Christi Tasker Runs Again For City Commission In Fight Against Corruption Machine

    June 23, 2023
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    Miami's Christi Tasker, a successful businesswoman and political activist, is running for City Commission District Two in a fight against corruption in local government.

    The campaign put out a press release yesterday. You can read below.

    Award-Winning Technology Exec Christi Tasker Runs for Miami Commission To Stop Flooding, Gerrymandering & Lawsuits

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    Christi Tasker is the "Common Sense Leader" for City of Miami District 2 Commissioner

    Long-time Brickell residents Boyd & Christi Tasker live across from the Una Residences development where they are forced to call the city for basic services or contact officers almost daily. They want their poodles, Bentley & Aston Martin to walk in a litter-free Miami.

    At the first District 2 town hall, Christi Tasker informs the audience "we are being overrun by Government Gangsters". The town hall was hosted by the Women's Club of Coconut Grove for the February 2023 Special Election.

    An off-duty officer directing downtown Miami event traffic was almost hit while directing traffic. Christi Tasker approaches him to make sure he's okay and to discuss recommend resolutions to prevent traffic jams and maintain safety.

    Christi's mother, Pamela Davis Reeves and neighbor Margie Prieto, a Retired Miami-Dade School Teacher were the first volunteers in the February Special Election VOTE FOR CHRISTI TASKER campaign.

    As Commissioner, Tasker will rip off the City's legal bandaid protecting Miami City officials and stop the City's long time flooding problems

    While the Mayor seems more focused on his Botox and brows than he does Miami, I am focused on fixing our third-world-style problems currently being run by politicians who fled third-world countries.”

    — Christi Tasker

    MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Anti-corruption advocate, and Cox Communications' first award-winning female Tech Exec, Christi Tasker, is re-running for Miami City Commission in District 2, which currently encompasses the coastline of Biscayne Bay from Morningside to Coconut Grove.

    Tasker vows to bring Common Sense Leadership to Miami City Hall. In her first town hall, she told the public Miami was surrounded by Government Gangsters. Christi committed to investigating Mayor Frances Saurez’s and the Commission's approved MiamiCoin, FTX, and other Cryptocurrency policies. She will monitor any politicians and any other employees taking Bitcoin salaries and make outside employment disclosure policies to hold politicians accountable.

    Mayor Suarez's U.S. Presidential Running advertisement contained his reflection in a flooded Miami street. As commissioner, Christi Tasker's infrastructure repair plan will stop most of the Miami flooding altogether. District 2, under Tasker's Common Sense Leadership Agenda, will give citizens back their civil rights, and free speech, hold politicians and developers accountable, protect HOAs and residential property owners' rights, and ensure citizens get the services they are already paying for on time, every time. Employees will also have a secure, corruption-free hotline to call when they suspect corruption.

    During the February 2023 Special Election for the suddenly vacated District 2 Commission seat, Tasker entered the race last but won the most votes per dollar spent during her campaign. Citizens quickly took notice of Christi's knowledge, and they liked that she called out the politicians as "Government Gangsters." Tasker was the only candidate to ask what the $15 million technology budget line item in the City’s proposed budget included. As a Silicon Valley venture capital consultant and angel investor, Christi is concerned about Miami's overall future and lacks infrastructure and politicians' abuse of powers.

    Even though the City is a government body, Christi plans to run the District 2 Commission office like a business. First, she will hire a staff to tackle the issues citizens report on the City’s 311 phone application. Christi is hands-on and will personally see that some of the long outstanding issues are resolved. Her communications experience, hiring the right people, and creating a project management plan will deliver the services citizens expect.

    At recent City Commission meetings, Christi listens to citizens and often uses her limited two minutes to provide recommendations and solutions to the elected Commissioners. Some of her public comments include:

    1. The City should consistently deliver Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Documents to citizens. Tasker requested City's Covid-19 advertising proposals and planning documents for the Mask Up Miami ads campaign. To date, the City Manager's office only closed the records request without fulfillment, stating there were no documents. See Tasker's Request 21-1228 on Miami City Records Request. (https://miami.nextrequest.com/requests/21-1228)

    2. After a jury in held Commissioner Joe Carollo liable for $63.5 Million for disenfranchising small business owners, Tasker was the only candidate or commissioner to make an on-record comment during the June 15, 2023 commission meeting to publicly request Joe Carollo's resign from Miami City Commission. Read the full case filling including accusations of Joe Carollo weaponizing government and violating first amendment rights in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA Case No.: 1:18-cv-24190 Citizens have created an online Change.org petition advocating for Joe Carollo's removal from office: https://www.change.org/p/joe-carollo-tell-joe-carollo-to-resign-from-the-city-of-miami-commission-for-his-unrepentant-racism

    3. At the June 15, 2023 meeting Christi asked the Commission to immediately remove Joe Carollo from Bay Front Park Trust and entrust the elected member of the Commission of the District in which the park is located to Chair the Trust. Tasker also requested that Commissioners listen to the public comments and include BayCitizens' online petition for his removal is located at Change.org: https://www.change.org/p/remove-commissioner-joe-carollo-as-chairman-of-the-bayfront-park-management-trust?source_location=search

    3. On June 15, Tasker asked the Commissioners to stop the Miami district map gerrymandering and have a conversation with the ACLU instead of putting their political agenda above the best interest of the citizens of Miami. The City is accused of violating the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, which guarantees citizenship, just treatment, and voting protection for Black people and minorities. IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA MIAMI DIVISION Case No. 1:22-cv-24066

    4. On April 4, 2023, Christi asked the Commission to place an immediate stop-work on an Indian burial that is thousands of years old. The property is owned by the Related Group. The Commission voted to move forward with the development.

    In 2015, when Christi and her husband Boyd Tasker first moved to Wynwood Arts District, they stated the bribery requests started. They moved to the area to open Wynwood Lab and CASA Wynwood, a private club that was sponsored by New York-based publications and other notable brands. At first, much like developer Rishi Kapoor, they were asked for a payoff in exchange for normal city services like a Certificate of Occupancy. Via their contractor, the Taskers warned the City that bribes were a third-world tactic. The business opened but kept experiencing frequent city inspections, much like Ball and Chain, a club that sued the City for overreach.

    When Christi and her husband moved to Brickell in 2018, they began experiencing developers taking over their HOA’s property without proper notices or plans. Surprisingly, the Taskers discovered that Francis Suarez's father, Xavier Suarez, lives in their neighboring building. When OKO Group contractors breached an aquifer, surrounding property owners reported foundational cracks. The City fined surrounding property owners and never completed a physical geological inspection of the site.

    Christi knew running for Commission was the only way to stop citizens and Miami businesses from disenfranchising by their local City government.

    On her 120-day agenda, Tasker is committed to using her extensive knowledge of the city's problems and her project management skills to ensure all services, property, and repairs submitted on 311 are documented with a timeline of completion and deliverable. At the top of her list, Christi will:

    1. Meet with the police chief and recommend cultural changes to help fulfill the 50-officer shortage.

    2. Create a team of citizen volunteers from the financial sector to audit all City Budgets and Finances, including the FTX and Miami Coin schemes.

    3. Stop retaliation against City employees by setting up a whistleblower hotline for City employees to report any issues that need to be investigated within their departments.

    4. Meet with the Fire Chief to discuss safety equipment and expedite procurement.

    5. Audit developers' infrastructure promises to ensure fulfillment before their Certificates of Occupancy are issued.

    6. Procure app developers for trolleys and other transportation services to alleviate traffic.

    7. Audit Homeless non-government agencies to ensure homeless people can access an app showing available beds; this can all be done with transparency and updating the citizens through online and in-person town halls.

    In the February 2023 special election, Tasker was the only experienced business and technology professional among the other 15 candidates that initially entered the race. Tasker self-funded her February campaign for $5,000 and rolled more than $3,700 over to the November 7, 2023 campaign. Responsibly and without annoying citizens, Tasker successfully obtained more votes per dollar than all 13 other candidates on the ballot, proving that she was the most economically responsible of all other candidates.

    To restore trust and transparency and serve each distinctive District 2 community, Christi is committed to hiring knowledgeable staff without criminal histories or ties to past politicians. Tasker runs a grassroots Miami Citizens First Campaign versus seeking major donors to keep citizens and Miami City services first. Christi Tasker Campaigns is declining donations from communist-tied developers, PAC funds, and non-government organizations that are directly against American values. Individual citizens, micro-donations, and small local business owners will fund her campaign. Many donors with ties to communist countries have already supported Tasker's District 2 race competitors in past races and in the November race.

    Find more about at Christi Tasker | Christi4Miami.com| @Christi4Miami

    Christi Tasker is a Public Relations Society of America social media pioneer, international business consultant, entrepreneur, brand creator, podcaster, angel investor, and owner of numerous businesses, including Christi Tasker Miami, Tasker Agency, PuTTin' OuT, Design Rockstars, Casa Wynwood, Wynwood Lab, among others.

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    Christi Tasker Asks For Joe Carollo To Immediately Step Down After $63.5 Million Liable Suit Plus Return Miami's Most Profitable Bay Front Park Trust


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    Mario Casas
    11 months ago

    Christi Tasker is awesome! She knows what we need to get District 2 services. Please check out her website to see her video of what happened to her building.

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