• EAC Correspondence To ES&S - DS200 Tabulators With Modems VOIDS EAC CERTIFICATION FOR ENTIRE SYSTEM

    August 26, 2023
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    How do you certify elections on voting systems that are VOID?

    ES&S M100 precinct-count ballot scanner
    Image by Douglas W. Jones

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    What is going on across America? What happened in the lead up to the 2020 election?


    What did they send out to the municipalities?

    We conducted Public Records Requests across America. What has the election administrators across the nation responded with?

    Are modems attached?

    What are they trying to hide?

    Look in the “Audit Logs” for the answer…

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    1 Comment
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    Robert Travis
    Robert Travis
    9 months ago

    I'm missing something: Why is the EAC addressing ES&S advertising, rather than forcing them to sell compliant systems? Is the EAC simply a powerless rubber stamp in a show process that can be ignored at will?

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