• Why NOT Ballot Harvesting?

    March 24, 2024

    It's THE MOST INSECURE Way To Vote

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    “Ballot Harvesting” is the collection and submission of voted paper ballots by a third party. Proponents say that the practice enables more people to vote. Critics rightfully point out the broken chain of custody (between the voter and the actual casting of his vote), without which NO true verification of vote is possible. Combined with Early Voting, it is the recipe for disaster. - because it tells the cheaters how many votes for which candidate(s) it will take to win.

    The system of Ballot Harvesting was first used in a scheme to “fix” local elections in 2001, in Yonkers, NY. This, from one of the most left-leaning organizations out there, Politifact. Ballot harvesting came into more common practice in 2016. Gee, wonder why? As the need to cheat became more pronounced, the use of machines and disrupting chain of custody became more widespread.

    Rona Romney McDaniel supported and even pushed the practice. SHE, as we already know, represents the RINO/Globalists, not those who love America. After leaving the RNC, Rona has taken a job with MSNBC/NBC as a commentator. This should surprise no one. It’s a better fit for her left-wing views.

    But now that Lara Trump has assumed the RNC leadership role, she is mouthing the same swamp gas, and that is concerning. Is she being led by the “powers that be”, or has she not taken the time to comprehend the downside risk? Her father said it in April, 2020: “Get rid of ballot harvesting! It is rampant with fraud,” Once again, Donald Trump was right.

    I’ll say, up front, that ANYONE who supports ballot harvesting is working for the anti-American side.

    The practice of collecting ballots from others is supposed to help the elderly and those unable to get to the polls. THAT is pure BS. There are many ways to accomplish that, honestly. Ballot harvesting has been, since its inception, a tool for fraud.

    We hope to hear soon, that Lara is disavowing the practice.

    Even the most casual observer can see how this system of “voting” is designed for cheating. Someone gathers multiple ballots and submits them for counting. The true identity of those doing the collecting is not proven, unless it is a family member. Whether or not the ballots collected are even filled out is never known. Whether or not the ballots reach the counting center is also unknown; some, possibly from traditionally Republican areas, are thrown away before they can be opened. Certain drop boxes are also set afire. Where the surviving ballots are taken, how they are handled, and how many MORE are added for the “candidates of choice” are just a few of the unknowns..

    Remember that TRUCK full of 228k ballots from NY, transported to a PA counting center?? That was harvesting a real bumper crop of fraud!

    Military ballots have become a large source of fake votes, also. The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) became law in 1986, guaranteeing those stationed overseas for military service or work, the right to vote securely in any US election. But, those desperate to steal elections, have distributed (and voted) phantom military ballots here in the states as well. In 2020, if you recall, nearly every military vote went to Biden. MI, GA, and AZ were proven to have been a part of this.

    Recently, a Democrat election worker in Wisconsin, Kimberly Zapata, was found guilty on all counts, for the military ballot fraud scheme she had been running since before 2020, believed to be tied in to a nationwide plot. This was discovered because three military ballots, in the name of “Holly” were sent to the home of WI Rep., Janel Brandtjen, chair of the WI Assembly on Campaigns and Elections. Oops.

    The key issue is that the CHAIN OF CUSTODY is broken. When a ballot leaves the hands of the original voter - unless it goes directly to the count via hand or machine - the veracity of the vote cannot be verified. In AZ, although ballot harvesting is technically disallowed, in 2022, ballots were gathered in open cartons in the warehouse of the voting machine company before they were taken to the voting centers for counting. Who knows how many were removed, remarked, or discarded? That was a chain-of-custody nightmare.

    With the nearly universal use of voting machines. all of which are proven to connect to the internet, the truth of the vote totals are not verifiable anyway, so you may ask, “Why worry”?

    We who want free and fair elections worry because this loose handling of our votes is one of the causes of the illegitimate governance that we face today. Ballot Harvesting is one of the primary ways legitimate vote tallies can be altered.

    Since the overt election rigging in 2020, we have lost our Constitutional Republic. We ALL need to worry about that, and help to correct it.

    As nationally recognized expert on election integrity, Kris Jurski, VP Election Integrity of the Florida Republican assembly, says, “You can’t outcheat the ‘Establishment’”. Ballot harvesting does nothing but help them.

    Early voting, ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots give the opposition the opportunity to see how many phantom voters they need to activate in any one area. Jurski found that happening all over Florida in 2022. NPA (non-party affiliated) voters were registered as needed, and voter addresses - even whole street names - were altered to create more mail-in ballots. States that are or were members of the ERIC club, where phantoms are created, have an enormous data base of all voters’ personal information to utilize.

    No one has the need to vote early. In about 95% of the cases, it is just a matter of convenience. Honest election results are, in my book, a lot more important than someone’s daily schedule. Absentee ballots must be applied for well in advance of the election.

    Be a VIP voter - Vote In Person - on election day. Hand-counting paper ballots is the method we need; the only method we can trust for accuracy. If you have not already, tell YOUR state election officials that you want hand counts/parallel hand counts with the machines; when they refuse, and plead cost or security, remind them that neither is a valid reason, then ask them what they are afraid of.

    Kris Jurski reminds us of something else All elections were once on a single day, and were counted by handThe results were known, in most cases, by late evening of election day. Now that computers are able speed up the process, why are the results not known within a few hours? Any increase in the number of voters is surely counteracted by the speed of machine counts.

    I join many others who believe that ballot harvesting should be illegal. Yet, some version of it is allowed in nearly half the United States. Check here to see your state’s allowance for a third party to transport ballots. If you disagree after reading this, PLEASE tell your state officials immediately. Make a noise, the volume of which matches the brevity of time we have to combat fraud for the looming general election in 2024!


    BE A VIP VOTER. Do not allow your vote to be stolen. Arrange to drive house-bound or handicapped friends and neighbors to the polls on election day. Organize a carpool for shut-ins. Do whatever it takes to eliminate the known causes of election fraud. Help to restore integrity to our elections.

    WE CANNOT afford another stolen election to wake people up. This issue of election fraud is NOT a partisan one. Everybody’s freedom is at stake.



    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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    Maritsa Meg Skinitis
    Maritsa Meg Skinitis
    3 months ago

    Hello Kat, Hoping you are well. You probably don't remember me... I am the Medical Freedom Activist regarding DeSantis's participation in 87k Dead Floridians during the COVID Crisis. I keep a sharp eye out and reshare your articles on social media. You emailed me at one time. Meg Skinitis

    3 months ago

    Thank you, Meg! Thank you for helping us to get "reacquainted"! I do recall your name, and have huge respect for your work.

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