• Florida Hopeful Energizes Conservatives In Maryland

    June 2, 2023
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    Florida Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini answers questions and comments from Maryland Conservatives

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    The 2024 Election could provide hope for Conservatives that they will win more seats in the House and Senate and will win the office of the President. One bright ray of Hope might be embodied by a candidate from Florida, and his name is not Trump nor DeSantis. His name is Anthony Sabatini.

    Sabatini, candidate for the U.S House in Florida's 11th Congressional District, visited the Eastern Shore Wednesday, May 31 for a meet and greet event with local Conservatives in Salisbury.

    Although born in Smithtown, New York, in 1988, Anthony graduated the University of Florida in 2012 and from the University of Florida Levin College of Law with a J.D. in 2017. In addition to this education, he began serving as an infantry officer in the Florida Army National Guard in 2008 and later became a captain. He has experience as a constitutional lawyer and owner of Sabatini Law Firm. He served in the Florida House of Representatives -District 32, from 2018 to 2022.

    Upon first appearance, one is immediately struck by Sabatini's youth and energy. While his message is clear and polished, he also presents a fresh swagger to the political scene. He shares his experience in the Florida House and describes the various legislation he sponsored or co-sponsored, ranging in topics from the required use of e-verify by employers, to the Vulnerable Child Protection Act. He was also active in supporting bills that removed D.E.I. from college and public-school campuses. promoted school choice and protected parental rights in Florida schools.

    Sabatini is currently running for an open seat in Florida's District 11 U.S. House of Representatives.

    Sabatini spoke to the group citing his strong Conservative values and his mindset of being in an offensive stance rather than constantly being defensive of Conservative positions. He said that in order to save our country from the Progressive onslaught against our traditional American values and our Constitution, people have to "go all in" like 1776. He also encouraged Conservatives to "recruit good candidates all year long, not just in election years."

    When asked about how people define his political persona, he chuckled and said, "People say my caffeinated energy makes DeSantis look like de-caf." And, he admitted that he has helped push DeSantis "to the right." Sabatini expressed excitement at the thought of a true Republican Presidential primary field since that usually yields good, strong, energized candidates as it did with Trump in 2016.

    Using a sports analogy, Sabatini exclaimed " Unlike the Democrats, when it comes to Republican candidates, we have a great bench!"

    With his bold ideas, Sabatini could find himself winning the Congressional "game" in 2024.

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