• Florida Rallies For Trump 

    April 27, 2024
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    Rally in support of Trump, Mara Lago, August 13, 2022 

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    The Biden Administration was communicating with the National Archives against President Trump to build a classified documents case currently in Federal Court in Miami.     On Monday, Judge Aileen Cannon ordered vital evidence in Jack Smith's classified documents case to be unredacted.1  It appears that the FBI is directly involved. 

    Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, who leads the investigation into former President Trump's handling of classified documents, has faced criticism and controversy due to his past work as a prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. 

    During his time at the ICC, Smith was involved in several high-profile cases, including the prosecution of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. However, Smith's tenure at the ICC was marked by allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, bias, and questionable investigative tactics. 

    Some of the concerns surrounding Smith's work at the ICC include: 

    Allegations of cherry-picking evidence: Critics have accused Smith of selectively presenting evidence to support his cases while ignoring or downplaying exculpatory evidence that could have benefited the defendants. 

    Lack of transparency: Smith's investigative methods and decision-making processes have been criticized for lacking transparency, making it difficult for defendants and their lawyers to understand the basis for the charges against them. 

    Biased prosecutions: Some have accused Smith of pursuing politically motivated prosecutions, targeting specific individuals or groups based on their political affiliations or ideologies rather than their guilt. 

    Overreach and abuse of power: Smith's aggressive prosecutorial style has led to accusations that he overstepped his authority and abused his power, potentially violating the rights of defendants and undermining the integrity of the judicial process. 

    Given these concerns, some have questioned Smith's fitness to lead the investigation into Trump's handling of classified documents. Trump's supporters and allies have been quick to point out Smith's controversial past, arguing that his appointment as special prosecutor is a partisan move designed to discredit and undermine the former president.

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    However, it's worth noting that Smith's supporters argue that his experience and expertise in prosecuting complex international crimes make him well-suited to lead the investigation into Trump's actions. They also point out that the allegations against Smith are based mainly on anecdotal evidence and have not been proven in a court of law. Par for the course with Swamp Sophists. 

    According to recent reports and court filings, the Biden Administration's National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has been accused of working with the Justice Department to build a case against former President Donald Trump regarding classified documents. The case is currently being heard in federal court in Miami. 

    It is alleged that NARA(National Archives and Records Administration), responsible for preserving and maintaining presidential records, collaborated with the Justice Department to identify and retrieve classified documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. The FBI was involved in the investigation, with agents raiding Trump's property in August 2022 to seize the documents. 

    Reports suggest that NARA's General Counsel, Gary Stern, communicated with the Justice Department and the FBI to facilitate the investigation. Stern allegedly informed the Justice Department about the classified documents in Trump's possession, which led to the FBI's involvement. 

    The FBI's role in the investigation included executing the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, seizing the documents, and conducting interviews with Trump's aides and staff. The agency reportedly worked closely with NARA and the Justice Department to build a case against Trump, alleging that he mishandled classified information and violated the Presidential Records Act. 

    It is worth noting that Trump's legal team has argued that the former president had declassified the documents before leaving office and that the investigation is politically motivated. However, the Justice Department and NARA have maintained that Trump's actions violated federal law and posed a risk to national security. 

    The FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago was a slap in the face to Florida's values of freedom and limited government intervention. As a state that prides itself on being a haven for retirees, snowbirds, and entrepreneurs, we Floridians know that our homes are our castles. The idea that the federal government can barge in and seize property without due process is an affront to our way of life. 

    Moreover, the raid reeks of political motivation, and we Floridians are not naive to the fact that the Biden Administration has been trying to take down our former president, who just so happens to call Palm Beach home. It's a clear example of the Swamp in Washington, D.C., trying to exert power over the people. 

    As a candidate for state office, I stood with our former president and the people of Florida in condemning this overreach of power. We must stand up to the federal government's encroachment on our state's autonomy and protect our citizens' rights to privacy and property. 

    Rally for Trump Miami Fed Courthouse, June 13, 2023 

    This raid is not just about Trump; it's about the erosion of our civil liberties and the rule of law. As Floridians, we must send Washington a strong message that we won't stand for this abuse of power. We need to defend our state's sovereignty and the rights of our citizens, and I'm proud to have taken a stand against this injustice. 

    Given Florida's strong conservative leanings and Governor DeSantis's reputation for being a staunch Trump ally, it's not hard to imagine the Governor offering the Florida State Guard as an alternative security detail for President Trump. Here's how this scenario could play out: 

    Governor DeSantis, capitalizing on his state's reputation for being tough on crime and supportive of law enforcement, could argue that the Florida State Guard can provide top-notch security for President Trump. By offering this alternative, DeSantis would strongly message that Florida stands with Trump and will not let partisan politics compromise the former president's safety. 

    With the classified documents case unfolding in Miami, having the Florida State Guard provide security for Trump could be seen as a strategic move to ensure the former president's protection while in the state. This security force would also allow Trump to remain in Florida until after the November election without relying on the federal government for security. 

    The Florida State Guard, established by Governor DeSantis in 2021, is a volunteer force that can be deployed in support of state and local authorities. While it's not a substitute for the Secret Service, the Guard could provide an additional layer of security for Trump, particularly in a state where he has a solid support base. 

    This move would likely be seen as a bold statement by DeSantis, demonstrating his commitment to Trump and his willingness to push back against what he might view as partisan attacks from the Democratic Party. It could also be a shrewd political move, as it would allow DeSantis to position himself as a champion of law and order while solidifying his relationship with Trump and the Republican base. 

    However, it's worth noting that this proposal could raise questions about the legality and feasibility of having a state-level security force provide protection for a former president. It may also spark concerns about the politicization of security and the potential for conflicts of interest. Nevertheless, this proposal could be seen as a viable option that would resonate with many conservative voters in the context of Florida's political landscape. 




    Douglass Ross

    Douglas J. Ross is originally from Wisconsin and is a long-time resident of Miami, Florida. He is a veteran Navy pilot from the Cold War period, having graduated from the US Naval Academy. After retiring as an international airline Captain, he now works as an Investment Advisor and also volunteers with Patriotic groups like the Convention of States and the Association of Mature American Citizens. In his free time, he enjoys writing.

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