• Florida's Lee County Sends Letter To Speaker Johnson Demanding Action On Machine Fraud

    November 29, 2023

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    Lee County Republicans wrote, "We are trying to start a movement for the voting public to call the Speaker and get this issue on their agenda to hear the facts about our States do not really run our elections. The machines and the programming is all done by private companies. Private companies really control and run our elections.

    "Congress has heard before some of the ease to manipulate the vote using computerized machines, however we now have a new Speaker that may have been chosen to take on the Election Mob in Washington DC . We definitely need more publicity about the machines and why hand counting is Secure Transparent Accurate and Fast.

    "The question is…who really runs our elections? The States or Private Companies that exclusively program the machines .

    "Our goal is for the voting public to become informed about what is really happening when they cast their vote. They don’t know if their vote was accurately counted when placed into a computerized voting machine. We are asking them to call the Speaker and request Congressional hearings."

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    6 months ago

    Since the states are supposed to run their elections, why aren't you pushing the FL Sec of State to do something about this? The FL uniparty allowed the latest election law SB7050 to basically be written by the Sup's of Election.

    Maritsa Meg Skinitis
    Maritsa Meg Skinitis
    6 months ago

    The FL Sec of state has been notified as of a report in 2020 of the 50+ corrupt precints in Florida... De-GOV hasn't cleaned up a thing. Lee County's letter is a help but YOU HAVE TO SCREAM LOUDER!

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