• GOP Rep. Mayra Flores Defends Visa Giveaway Vote As ‘Not Amnesty’

    July 30, 2022
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    The GOP’s newest legislator, Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), is defending her Thursday vote to help get green cards to the adult children of the Fortune 500’s foreign contract workers and managers, who take jobs and career opportunities from Americans.

    “Amnesty was not passed last week!” Flores said in a July 17 tweet. “An amendment in the NDAA bill gave legally documented children of LEGAL VISA workers the ability to remain in the United States with their parents. Stop the misinformation and stay focused on taking back the house this November!!”

    The amendment to the Pentagon bill counts as an amnesty because it exempts the adult children of Indian visa workers from laws that protect Americans from excessive migration, countered Rosemary Jenks, policy director of NumbersUSA. Those laws only allow visa workers to get green cards for their minor children but not for their adult children aged 21 and above...

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