• Demonstration At Representative Carlos Gimenez's office

    January 9, 2024
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    As time marches forward in the new year, we rapidly approach the expiration of the Continuing Resolution to keep the American government going. January 19th marks the date when Congress must agree to a real and complete budget with the Senate and signed by the President.

    Today, constituents from the widely spread district of Carlos Gimenez met to demonstrate in favor of his taking actions to secure the border as part of the budget negotiations process. Approximately one dozen people traveled from afar, as far away as the Middle Keys, to make their voices heard and their signs read. Streets running along the office complex where the congressman's staff work locally resounded with words and horn beeps of support while people were on the scene. We would estimate that the favorable support ran at a 95% rate.

    Some of the nearly one dozen Gimenez constituents demonstrated on January 6th, 2024

    Dale Schumacher from the Middle Keys helped organize the rally. Dale told us some of his concerns about border security and why he had driven hours to his representatives' offices.

    "We're in a situation where we're so many people crossing the border, and as the Inspector General for Health and Human Services told Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona, you know, we don't know where three-quarters of the 10 million people that have come across our (border) they have no idea where they are. They have some names. But we don't even know if the names are correct. So because these people drop their passports and their money before they cross the border, so it's a terrible security risk."

    Dale had the following comments regarding the upcoming expiration of the continuing resolution on January 19th.

    "We're spending money that we're having to borrow. They run out of money. Not having to print any in, like, August or September, and the rest of this money they're just printing and (they are) paying four or 5% interest. It's basically a security issue, but there's also money; it's always about the show. Yes, sir. We don't have anymore. Yes sir. Well, we do if you want to pay 5%, But that 5% you know, adding to the national debt. Well, next year, $8 trillion of the 34 trillion that's there now has to be refinanced. And that debt is going to be refinanced at 5%, that 5% represents $400 billion more right off the bat. So before we breathe in January, February this year, we're going to add another $400 billion."

    Dale continues elaborating on some of the financial implications of the Biden Border Disaster as he sees it.

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    "Well, HR 2 is the solution, but we're very unlikely to get (the bill through Congress), closing the government to get anything done(will be needed). Obviously, the border situation has been well thought out. And it's operating according to their plan. So they're going to be very reluctant to do anything. So the only way at this point that we're going to be able to do anything is to shut down the government. Now, the good news is that it only represents 13% of government spending, but it is an important 13% Because we're basically paying all the NGOs, all Catholic Charities, and everybody else that's literally bringing the people in shipping them everywhere across the United States, and in some cases, reportedly giving these people $2,200 a month on debit cards for probably six months. And in San Diego, some of the radio stations are advising people, Hey, come across, get your first debit card, then go back across the border and come back again and get another one. So if they do that three or four times, you're getting six or $8,000 a month for the next six months. (This is) money that we don't have."

    Dale also prognosticated what he thought would happen next as part of the budget negotiations.

    "Every Republican member of Congress across the country that hasn't already committed to shutting down the border if they can't get (HR 2) to pass and implemented, their constituents have got to go to their offices. I don't think calling or emailing works. Because then you're just interacting with a staff member that may or may not pass that message along, to go to their office, let other people know you're going to their office. Then, they cannot deny your position. (Tell them) Hey, this isn't working. It's time to shut down the government. Leave it closed because the Democrats are going to cave. They're gonna have to be reasonable, and the correct thing to do is to shut this border down."

    Dale Schumacher(r) Gina Bostick(l) and Jay(c)

    Another patriotic constituent of Mr. Giminez, Gina Bostick, was happy to tell us why she spent hours in a car to demonstrate on a cloudy, windy Saturday in January.

    "Yeah, it's about the border. Mostly. You know, it's a little late, but we're here to express our First Amendment right. The border should be closed, and absolutely deporting these illegal immigrants. There's a way to come to the United States legally. This is not(the right way), this is an invasion and it's destroying our country and if they (the ruling class) didn't want to destroy our country, this wouldn't be happening."

    We asked Gina what she thought would be necessary in order to secure the border.

    "I'm all for defunding the government completely. We need a complete overhaul of the government. There, they're not working with us. They're working against us as the uni-party. There is no D, there is no R, it's all a uni-party. They're all working together for their own benefit."

    We also received input from another Middle Keys Constituent by the first name of Jay. Jay made it clear that it was time for Congressman Giminez to listen to his MAGA, Trump-supporting constituents and stop supporting the mild-mannered uni-party elements of the Republican Party or suffer the consequences in the upcoming general election. Kevin McCarthy has left Congress, and so should his policies and practices.

    Dorcas Piegari with the Election Integrity Brigade

    Dorcas Piegari was present as part of the local Miami-Dade County contingent that has repeatedly been protesting at Congressman Gimenez' Offices for his poor voting record as a supposed conservative Republican. We asked her why she was present.

    "Because we need to close the border. There's an invasion happening. We are demonstrating letting people know that there's a lot of us that feel the same way that we do, that we need to shut down the border. They're just afraid to speak up. You should see all the people here honking the horn, but they're in support of what we're doing. We are 34 trillion in debt. We cannot sustain this. We have to shut the government down. That's what you would do if you were a family and you cannot pay your bills. You have to start making cuts somewhere. We have to shut it down. And we have the border, which is a big part of this problem."

    Today's demonstration represents the tip of the iceberg or perhaps the pointy tip of the spear. Congressmen, particularly republican members of Congress such as Carlos Gimenez, need to be aware that their constituents are not only watching, but they are ready and willing to act in hopes that they will be listened to. It is essential that our country is protected and saved from the abyss in front of it.



    Douglass Ross

    Douglas J. Ross is originally from Wisconsin and is a long-time resident of Miami, Florida. He is a veteran Navy pilot from the Cold War period, having graduated from the US Naval Academy. After retiring as an international airline Captain, he now works as an Investment Advisor and also volunteers with Patriotic groups like the Convention of States and the Association of Mature American Citizens. In his free time, he enjoys writing.

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    Gina Bosic
    Gina Bosic
    6 months ago

    Thank you Douglas Ross. First, thank you for your service to our once great country. Second thank you for your action in organizations such as COS and AMAC. Thank you for accurately recording and reporting. It was lovely to be considered a constituent and not a domestic terrorist. As a participant at the January 6 demonstration three years ago in DC. Along with 2 million other constituents. I will continue to fight for this country with my prayers and my constitutional rights. MAGA, Gina

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