• 'Mass Migration Crisis' Hits Florida Keys

    February 20, 2023
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    While the U.S.-Mexico border has been in crisis since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, a new immigration crisis has begun recently in the Florida Keys, where hundreds of illegal migrants have started arriving in small boats over the last month. Immigration has spiked in Cuba and other Caribbean countries over the past year due to food shortages, rising inflation, and economic turmoil.

    The crisis has gotten so bad that Florida officials erected a small tent city in the Upper Florida Keys last week on 8 privately owned vacant lots in the Village of Islamorada.

    The tent city consists of more than a dozen trailers, one large air-conditioned tent, laundry facilities, and portable bathrooms. The tent city was built to act as a "base camp" to house law enforcement officers who have been assigned to the keys to deal with the increase of migrants.

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    The city was erected after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order directing officials to deal with the burgeoning migrant crisis.

    According to a statement from the Islamorada village government, "This Base Camp is for storage of vehicles and a housing/laundry facility for the National Guard and The FHP Officers sent here after the State of Emergency was declared, due to the influx of Migrant Landings in the Keys."

    Monro County's Director of Emergency Management, Shannon Weiner, said, "The base camp belongs to the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Due to a lack of hotel availability in Monroe County, it is being stood up to house state employees in Monroe assigned to the migrant response."

    DeSantis' executive order was issued after a "mass migration crisis" began in the keys early last month. In one instance, more than 500 migrants were discovered over a 3-day period after multiple boats filled with illegal immigrants landed in the Keys.

    In addition to the arrival of State Troopers, the Biden administration has also shifted Coast Guard assets and federal agents to deal with the rising number of migrants arriving daily in the Florida Keys.



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