• Miami Beach Federated Republican Women Honor Victims Of Communism

    November 11, 2022
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    Guest post by Lynn Su

    On November 6th 2022 at the corner of 13th St and Ocean Dr, an unlikely location to find a gathering to honor Victims of Communism, hosted by the Federated Republican Women of Miami Beach (FRWOMB), the first annual Walk for Victims of Communism event brought inspiring speakers and a freedom loving audience, hoping to do just that.  

    The first speaker was Florida State Representative David Borrero District 111, the sponsor of HB 395 that was signed by Governor Ron Desantis in May of this year to proclaim November 7th as “Victims of Communism Day”.  “Growing up in Miami I heard stories of people from Cuba and Nicaragua,” David continues to speak of the various regimes from Lenin, Marx, Mao in China, Kim in North Korea, regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that cause famine and scarcity of resources.  It is the very reason why it is important for our youth to learn the crimes of communism for generations to come.  

    Zarai Maza, a human rights advocate, shared her experience of being attacked by the Venezuelan government, “it left me paralyzed, with countless problems and the inability to move and feel my body. I was 25 years old. I arrived in this country in a very bad physical condition and thanks to God and this great nation I am still standing and moving forward.”  Today she lives free with unalienable rights and in her words “I love this country, the land of the free and home of the brave.”  She continues to fight for human rights for people around the world with her non-profit organization Guardians of Human Rights (www.gohumanrights.com).

    Ben Batchelder, local author, opinion journalist at The Miami Independent and Faith Division coordinator for CCDF Miami Dade, shared W. Cleon Skousen's 1961 list of Communist goals to destroy America, nearly all completed!

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    Closing out the event was the President of the FRWOMB, Ines Flax, sharing her experience from Nicaragua of how she sees the progressive left is taking us down the path when her country was lost to communism.  Reinforcing what Batchelder shared from Skousen’s prophetic book.

    Statistics of Communism as the most deadly form of government is easily searchable online but never stressed enough and whether it be regimes from the days of Lenin to “modern” day communism, it has never failed to take countless lives.  Since the inception of communism, to date, more than 100 million lives have been sacrificed for the ideal of creating “equity” or equality of outcome.  

    Join FRWOMB for their annual walk to honor the Victims of Communism in November of every year and meetings to help bring awareness and keep our country free.  https://frwomb.org/.


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