Miami Cuban, Hispanic Community Erupts In Rage Over FBI Raid On Trump Home As Dark Memories Return

August 9, 2022

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The Cuban and Hispanic community in Miami is outraged over the raid on former President Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago last evening, as it brings back dark memories of Latin American communist takeovers of the past -- including lost family, stolen wealth, and death.

The city is made up of millions of first-generation Americans who fled totalitarianism in Cuba, Venezuela, and elsewhere.

"My family brought me to the USA from Cuba when I was nine years old, but now the rule of law has eroded here and the USA is turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America!" declared Ed Vidal, a Cuban-American lawyer, political activist, and Vice Chairman of the Election Integrity Subcommittee of the Republican Executive Committee of Miami-Dade County.

"The raid of president Trump's home is a terrifying action. As a first generation American from Latin America, I have felt safe from government abuse in this country because the Bill of Rights protects me from "unreasonable searches and seizures," said Camilo Riano, a Colombian-American.

"If the FBI can call me a domestic terrorist if I speak at my town's Board of Education meetings, and can raid the home of a former president of the United States for political reasons, I am not in a democracy anymore. I am living in a totalitarian, tyrannical system," he added.

"President Trump’s FBI raid was a diversion from President Biden's corrupt crime family investigation. More importantly the raid serves to affect the presidential poles and mid term elections that show the democrats are sunk!! Our socialist/ communist Government Will lie cheat and steal to stay in power!! Our country unfortunately is being run by the true globalist and new world order. Do you know who they are? Wake up America or lose our country forever!!!", said Carlos Silva, a prominent Cuban-American attorney in Miami.

“What the FBI did to Trump’s home is what third world country governments do. We Hispanics know that once the government invades a citizen private home and in this case also a former President, socialism, tyranny and totalitarian regime like actions have arrived to the USA and its the beginning of the end of our Republic. We are in deep trouble and must wake up now as it's the last chance to avoid the fall of our rights and lives as we know it!" declared Araceli Villanueva, a Mexican-American and former head of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Miami-Dade.

“These are dark times for the country, and every American, regardless of your party affiliation, should be concerned and alarmed by the politización of the FBI and the DOJ by this administration to be used to go after your political opponent. Political persecution is what we have criticized from third world countries and we have just seeing this White House and this Department of Justice using the same tactics as the Ortega Regime in Nicaragua, Maduro in Venezuela and the Castros in Cuba. We are seeing Democracy erode in front of our eyes and my hope is that the American people fully reject this administration’s assault on the constitution and the rule of law," stated Willie Lora of Miami, architect of CNN Espanol.

"It is pretty obvious to American-Cuban whose parents immigrated from a police state on island of Cuba that America is becoming the statist capitalist country like China instead of a Republic of free individual states united against enemies foreign and domestic. It commenced slowly with passage of 16&17 Amendment ratified unconstitutionally in 1913. Then galvanized dependence on the government in 1933 and furthered the welfare state in 1964 and Expanding Treasury audits in AFA and Inflation Reduction Act of the ObamabinBiden Administration. This is statist product of one political party ‘s legislative dominance with DNC 11 filibuster proof Senates since 1911. I called it “losers for losing while teaching poverty," stated Manuel Cambo, owner of WSQF 94.5 FM in Key Biscayne.

Political analysts are expecting a massive move by Hispanic voters away from the Democrat Party and towards the America First agenda in the mid-term elections, with some estimates showing the GOP picking up 60% of the Latin vote.

After the raid last evening, Cuban-Americans began to gather outside Mar-a-Lago in support of the former President.


L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDMedia and editor-in-chief of For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit


25 comments on “Miami Cuban, Hispanic Community Erupts In Rage Over FBI Raid On Trump Home As Dark Memories Return”

  1. Dems don't care what it looks like; they're desperately trying to stay out of prison, and if Trump becomes President again they WILL go to prison. They are busily consolidating their power to become our Rulers For Life--who in turn will be controlled by China.

    1. Trump may become President again, that is possible, although the Dems will stop at nothing to prevent it , but the Dems will never go to jail, if they haven't had anyone go to jail at this point none will ever go. The Republicans do not have the spine to do anything to them.

  2. They are not the only ones who are outraged I am sick of this dem/communists bullshit.Good thing Trump was out of town or they would probably have killed him. The FBI has become nothing but the gestapo doing just what the gestapo did for Hitler the dem/communists claim that Hitler was the devil yet they are doing the very same things that he did.The two tiered justice system one for them and one for the rest of us I have had enough the FBI needs to be disbanded and done away with completely they are out of control look what that bastard Wray does gets up in front of the senate and lies through his teeth they do nothing.

  3. Biden's Administration agenda includes public military intimidation to refrain support for Trump. Display of Military force is the symbol of Narcoguerrilla Communist death machinery against peaceful opposition, in Cubs, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Big mistake! USA is our Last Stand against those Communist Criminals. The Abuse OF Power and this military shocking replay has NO support in our communities. We have n excellent opportunity to show our disdain to Radicals Agenda. No more RHINOS. God Bless USA. God Bless President Trump and our Gov DeSantiis. God bless all Veterans who gave us the Right to Freedom and Peace! Land of the Free because of the Brave, we love USA.

  4. Going out and buying more ammo niw before they shut down the factories. Suggest you all do the same. Conserve it!

  5. The election theft and everything since, has been so in our faces that only the willfully ignorant could miss it. How any American could sit back and think the ObamaBinBiden administration is doing anything but trying to destroy the USA for the masters' benefit (the few filthy rich globalist elite oligarchs like Soros, Gates, the Bushes, Gore/Heinz, etc.) and think that is just fine, is beyond rational explanation.

  6. What better way to win re-election than to put your political opponent in jail? I mean, we all know that's the goal here. The DemComs can't win so they'll lock up the guy who will beat them. Nothing Soviet about that! They don't even hide it. Going after Trump for Russia collusion was a blatant failure, going after him on taxes was a blatant failure, the preposterous Jan 6 committee is a blatant failure, so now they move to secret documents!? LOL! Once Trump beats this it will be something else. He'd better be careful because if they can't lock him up they'll move to more extreme measures.

  7. It would be great if Florida Cubans and Hispanics formed a Trump defense militia and ran 24/7 armed guards around Mar de Lago. Very openly and very conspicuous. Well armed, full tactical. At least 20 on duty all the time. Back up plans from the Florida State Police and standby for the Florida National Guard. Raid every home in Florida belonging to Dem politicians and mega-rich types looking for drugs, large amounts of cash, and election fraud docs. Other states should prepare to do the same. Would love to see the progressive-fascist Dems attack these Cuban and Hispanic Trump guardians. Would end all such support for them in elections.

    We also need raids on the homes of Hunter Biden and Hillary (lots of cocaine to be found there), and the leftist judge who approved this attack. We need the medical records seized for "Michele" (really Michael) Obama. Prove "she" is really a "he". Then find out who the birth mother of the two daughters really was.

  8. Doing all they can to lose Hispanic voters. Way to go dems. All those illegals flowing across the wide-open southern border aren't going to do you folks much good if they all vote republican after you've given them the ability to vote illegally. And of course this is the same thing that goes on in all totalitarian dictatorships. Just look at what Zelensky is doing in his totalitarian dictatorship.

  9. If there is one good thing about this, it is that it shows the desperation of the ruling establishment. They would never have done such a thing 20 years ago because there was no need to do so. But things are different today with the collapse of the ruling ideology. The ruling establishment is in deep trouble, and it knows it.

  10. I keep wondering how much more oif the crap the American people are going to put up with before there are millions marching on Washington with torches and pitchforks in hand

  11. I find reading the comments on how many Hispanic ppl that came here legally know we are a republic. Much love folks. Enjoy the fruits because the are rotting on the vine. Welcome and thank you.

  12. The elections are rigged permanently now. The neo-bolshevik propaganda choir is tuning up to sing in 12-part harmony
    "There is no evidence" again. The sheep made angry noises last time but crawled away and "took it". The ungodly "globalists" are counting on this pattern of behavior.

  13. I was in Miami for the Bitcoin Conference. EVERY SINGLE CUBAN I met was a Trump supporter. It was quite remarkable. If it were not for our ridiculous voting "systems", DJT would've won 47 states.

  14. You know Trump has the full contents of Hunters laptop. Matt Gaetz had it on a thumb drive so you know Trump probably has a copy. He, Desantis, and every Republican set to rout a Democrat opponent in November should copy the contents of Hunters laptop onto every computer, phone and device they own. So when the FBI comes calling all they'll keep finding is Hunters laptop over and over. So they can’t use these raids as distractions nor deny having Hunters data and knowing what it contains. Best insurance policy ever

  15. I watched this happen in Venezuela-same playbook in every Communist takeover.
    Castro held annual meetings with future communist leaders- Chavez was the Gloden Boy. AMLO was a low level mayor and attended every year.
    The Globalists want the Communist authoritarian rule and have merged their Facism with the Communism.
    They have 7 Billion people they must dispose of within the next 8 years to get the Utopia and place themselves as god.
    Free people do not have much time to fix this.
    We have no where to go now. So we must stand and fight in our respective countries.


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