• Multi-National Football League Divides America

    February 18, 2024
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    Doral, Florida - The National Football League owns and operates the most popular programs on American television, cable and streaming video combined. An overwhelming majority of the last 100 most popular programs thereon at any time are always produced by the NFL. Accordingly, even if they went woke, it would take a long time before they went broke. Well, they have gone woke again at the Super Bowl this last weekend, by having the singing of two national anthems, but they remain a long way from going broke.

    Origins and Foundations

    The NFL plays what is called around the world American football. This game is distinguished from Association football (soccer), Rugby football and even Australian-rules football. All these games have their origins in games that started being played by the students in English boarding schools, like Eton, Harrow and Rugby, approximately during the period from the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 to London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851.

    During this period, the Industrial Revolution resulted in an increase of the prosperity of middle-class families in England, who invested a portion of their new earnings in the human capital of their sons, and sent them off to boarding schools. The headmasters of these schools had to find ways to keep all the students busy and tire them out, so all types of games were employed. The games that prevailed evolved over time into soccer, rugby and football.

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    The game came to America, and in 1869 Princeton and Rutgers played the first football game here. Thereafter, the game became very popular for inter-collegiate competition, and in 1905 the forward pass was introduced to break up the formations. This innovation served to distinguish American football from the others, and with the coming of television and the founding of the American Football League in 1960, the NFL prospered tremendously. Today watching football is considered America’s national pastime, replacing baseball in media attention. The NFL advertises that it plays American football, but does it?

    E Pluribus Unum

    America is a nation of immigrants, lawful and voluntary. American nationality is defined not by ethnicity or skin color, but by ideology and political culture. Our motto is not only “in God We Trust,” but also “E Pluribus Unum,” which in Latin means: “Out of Many, One.” God also deals with us without regard to our ethnicity, having commanded us to make disciples of all nations. In America many peoples, ethnicities and failed political cultures assimilate into one American national identity, believing in the American creed.

    That is the American ideal, but especially since the Presidential election and re-election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, the woke progressive mob, including victimology shakedown racketeers and racist grievance-mongers, has been hard at work attempting to divide America along the lines of ethnicity and skin-color. As President Lincoln warned, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Then in the spring of 2020, just in time for the Presidential election campaign, a career criminal and habitual drug addict, named George Floyd, died in police custody from a massive overdose. This event set off an orgy of rioting, looting and murder.

    In order to atone for their perceived sin of racism, many gullible corporations, including the NFL, took steps to appease the woke progressive mob and to highlight the separate cultural identity of black Americans. One of these steps was to sing before football games not only the American national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” but also a song called the black national anthem, “Rise Up and Sing.” Apparently, this black nation lives in the United States, but apart from the American nation.

    In 1968 George Foreman, a black young man from Houston, won the Olympic gold medal in boxing and proudly waved the American flag. He did not hold up a black fist on the medal stand when the American national anthem was played. Foreman is still active as an entrepreneur and lay preacher, and he is a man of courage, a work ethic, and self-discipline.

    Conservative educator Bruce Prager has written a column condemning this singing of two national anthems. He observed that Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs hit a home run and ran around the bases waving a small American flag following the attack on 9/11. He noted that Sosa is black, but that is only his skin color. As Reverend King proclaimed, we must judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Sosa is a Latino from the Dominican Republic who volunteered to come to America in order to practice his profession. He is also a man of courage, a work ethic, and self-discipline.

    Most blacks in America, however, are the descendants of people who did not volunteer to come here. Instead, they were brought involuntarily from Sub-Saharan Africa and had the value of their labor stolen from them. These people, together with American Indians, are the only two groups who did not volunteer to come to America. Accordingly, they may choose to form a separate nation, apart from the American nation, with its own national anthem. American Indians form separate nations and sometimes use that status to engage in otherwise prohibited activities, such as casino gaming. The NFL is merely acknowledging this choice to form a separate nation within the United States.

    This woke progressive view is intended to divide and undermine America, thereby destroying a nation that provides opportunities for people of all ethnicities and nations around the world. Commentators like Coleman Hughes, however, have come forward to defend the American principle of color-blindness. The NFL should be aware that they are promoting an ideology opposed to the American creed, and that will eventually threaten to drive them broke. Don’t bet against America!



    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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